Old people travel cheap interstate

GnT 28 November 2007 15

Due to the lack of a national “senior’s card” system, the ACT government has struck a deal with Tasmania for reciprocal recognition of each other’s seniors’ cards. This means that if you are a senior and on holiday in Tasmania, you get concessional public transport fares.

I think it’s great that the system is recognised elsewhere, but I don’t understand why you get cheap travel just for being old. If you are still working and earning money, not on a pension and fit and healthy, what’s age got to do with it?

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15 Responses to Old people travel cheap interstate
Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:39 am 29 Nov 07

“A side comment to those discussing younger people with concession cards – please don’t forget that many disabilities are invisible, and more likely to be so among the young (who are less likely to be stricken with arthritis and osteoporosis).”

I was refering to the angry drunk/off their face kind of young retards who think the world owes them everything. I don’t begrudge the deserving ones who have a concession card – just the useless no-hopers.

graemeh graemeh 11:34 am 29 Nov 07

Yes – used the ‘copy’ function too quickly! It didn’t take long for someone to pick up on it and post messages using my profile!
Never mind – hope they didn’t say anything too outlandish anywhere.
Forinfo, my comment about Seniors was the only one I have posted on RiotACT.
And I have now changed my password. 🙂

graemeh graemeh 9:17 am 29 Nov 07


Mike Crowther Mike Crowther 11:13 pm 28 Nov 07

The elderly are an asset, not a liability. The average senior Australian is a walking treasure trove of knowledge, information and experience which should be able to be drawn on by other members of the community. However, this is not going to happen if senior citizens are housebound. Every effort should be made to encourage them to come out and interact with the rest of the community. It is also true that (outside of peak times) there are always empty seats on ACTION buses. The real loss of revenue would be close to zero because without the concession, they wouldn’t travel at anyway.
The benefit to both the Pensioner, and the community is one of those intangibles that economic rationalists and Government bean counters will never be able to comprehend.

deejay deejay 8:00 pm 28 Nov 07

A side comment to those discussing younger people with concession cards – please don’t forget that many disabilities are invisible, and more likely to be so among the young (who are less likely to be stricken with arthritis and osteoporosis).

wonsworld wonsworld 7:20 pm 28 Nov 07


I whole-heartedly agree with you. Older members of the community have already in given to us in so many ways over the years. You should be able to retire safe in the knowledge that the government of the day will provide for you in some manner. Those of us who are still in what we consider to be in the prime of life should not begrudge them the small favours that they receive.

It would seem that some would be in favour of sending them off on the pack ice as polar bear food.

cinimod cinimod 7:10 pm 28 Nov 07

you just posted your password 🙂

graemeh graemeh 5:17 pm 28 Nov 07

Seniors (ie over 60s) in the ACT must be working no more than 20 hours a week to be eligible for a Seniors Card and get any discounts at all, including public transport.
(Those eligible can use them any time now.)
And yes, I suggest there are as many Junior as Seniors with concession cards these days – many appear very able-bodied to me. (Not all, of clurse, and I don’t begrudge a “hand up” to those in genuine need.)

graemeh graemeh 5:14 pm 28 Nov 07


Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:58 pm 28 Nov 07

I think oldies deserve it more than young tossers who’ve never worked a day in their life for whatever reason, but are also eligible for a concession card.

VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 4:45 pm 28 Nov 07

It’s not like it’s a huge cost, and the oldies seem to get off on getting ‘special treatment’.

Thumper Thumper 1:43 pm 28 Nov 07

I don’t have a problem with it, afterall if someone has worked all their life and paid taxes why shouldn’t they get cut some slack later in life.

sepi sepi 1:10 pm 28 Nov 07

I don’t mind if oldies get a bit of cheaper travel.

on Action they aren’t allowed to use their discount cards during peak periods.

GnT GnT 1:01 pm 28 Nov 07

What do you mean? That seniors aren’t earning money? Bull!

Then let’s have a “retiree’s card”, since there are plenty of people still working well into their 60s.

Deano Deano 9:52 am 28 Nov 07

I think the ‘earning money’ bit is the answer to your question.

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