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One way or another there are going to be Machinery of Government changes as Kevin pulls the pin

By johnboy 22 February 2012 37

Crikey have got a good take on Kevin Rudd’s dramatic 1am (Washington time) resignation as Foreign Minister and the brutal kicking of a speech he delivered to the Prime Minister.

It’s hard not to see some pretty major reshuffling of cabinet when all this is over and a fair chance of an election in the very near future.

Something for our public service readers to bear in mind.

What’s Your opinion?

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37 Responses to
One way or another there are going to be Machinery of Government changes as Kevin pulls the pin
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Holden Caulfield 11:01 am 27 Feb 12


Sanity has prevailed.

whitelaughter 10:17 pm 26 Feb 12

welkin31 said :

This comment by BLUEPOPPY at Crikey (well down) has me puzzled.
[If Rudd leads the ALP to the next election will there be a historical win for the Liberals in the two ACT electorates.]
What do Rioters think of that ?

Nah, don’t see it. Labor mangled, and reduced to a rump nationwide? Sure. But the ACT is trendy leftie central – most votes hemorrhaging away from Labor here will swing to the Greens: and then back to Labor after preferences are distributed.
Mind you, we might see the Greens take a seat in the ACT on preferences at some point this decade.

BrassRazoo 2:13 pm 24 Feb 12

The two most dangerous egos in Australian politics are the most popular in the polls and yet we are told the people always get it right.

EvanJames 10:17 am 24 Feb 12

I’m seeing on other forums too, people saying how much they “like” Rudd. And as one of his colleagues said, if you know Rudd, it’s hard to like him, especially if you have to try and work with him. Clearly his obsession with media has worked, people are buying the image, and they don’t understand why there was a revolt against him by the people who worked with him. They think he’s the affable roly-poly chap they saw on that breakfast TV show.

dtc 9:19 am 24 Feb 12

2604 said :

Labor is all about narrowing the tax base and increasing the rate – the opposite of good tax policy – and the Greens are even worse in this respect.

But isnt Labour all about the BIG NEW tax. And other big new taxes. And then reducing payments to poor people who can’t afford private health care, while giving all the money to illegal immigrants?

miz 7:38 am 24 Feb 12

The thing is, I like Mr Rudd. I feel comfortable having him represent me as the leader of this country. I suspect there are a fair few of us. I felt personally betrayed when the faceless men did their thing.

I do admire Ms Gillard, but IMO she is the perfect backroom brain – you know, the person that gets voted ‘best team player’ but should not be captain. She just doesn’t have the same leadership appeal as Mr Rudd. (I do get the muppet vibe sometimes, given all those faceless men).

I would be far happier to vote Labor federally with Mr Rudd back at the tiller.

I fully expect Mr Abbott to go once Kev’s back.

2604 10:53 pm 23 Feb 12

EvanJames said :

Thumper said :

The funny thing is that this the exact same issue that may come up after one term of Abbott as PM.

I have a feeling his polularity will plummet and Turnbull will, most probably successfully, challenge.

Turnbull leading the coalition is a scary prospect. I might just be tempted to vote for them…. NO! NO! Stop!

Sadly a vote for the coalition is just as wasted as a vote for Labor.

Abbott is a policy black hole who promises tax cuts and a return to surplus and no cuts in services and no carbon tax, all at the same time. He might as well promise the tooth fairy, as well. The only coalition guys with any fiscal sense are Sinodinos and Turnbull, who (idiotically) are kept well away from the shadow treasurer and finance minister positions.

Labor is all about narrowing the tax base and increasing the rate – the opposite of good tax policy – and the Greens are even worse in this respect.

I-filed 8:22 pm 23 Feb 12

Tanya Plibersek has said she can’t stand the vilification of Rudd and could work under Rudd if he were to win on Monday.
Chris Bowen said he had no problems working with Rudd in the past.

Julia Gillard in her speech this morning was taking the credit for much of Rudd’s heavy policy lifting.

Her complaint about “working herself into the ground to compensate for Rudd’s shortcomings” – well, that’s an account of herself, not an account by others.

I actually think this is mob bullying in action. How unedifying – senior cabinet ministers acting like a pack of vicious dogs.

I don’t think they will ever live it down. And how much free footage are they providing for the Liberals’ next election advertising?

I think Rudd will get around 30 votes – enough to warrant going to the backbench and waiting Gillard out.

cranky 7:17 pm 23 Feb 12

Evan James @ #20.


Apparently many skeletons which would be revealed if made leader. Not universally loved.

caf 4:58 pm 23 Feb 12

JessP said :

As nice as it is to sit back and watch the fireworks, who is running the country?

Surely as a resident of Canberra you know the answer to that: the same people who are always running the country, the public service!

schmeah 3:56 pm 23 Feb 12

Another MoG = another $10 million out of the coffers to reward the precious minions .. meanwhile elsewhere in the Public Service .. voluntary redundancies!

BethiePrice 3:29 pm 23 Feb 12

some departments are already in the middle of a MoG process. It’ll be interesting to see if we get re-MoG’d

madamcholet 2:42 pm 23 Feb 12

Does anyone find it a little bizarre that the MP’s/Ministers are today tweeting their positions on who they will be backing? I’m just a little uncomfortable with this “reality tv” type of thing we have going on as if it’s all just a bit of fun and will end in laugh and a pat on the back for the runner up at the end of the show.

This is the “elected” Government – not sure that Twitter really should be used given the gravity of the situation.

    johnboy 2:49 pm 23 Feb 12

    Yeah but all those re-tweets wil be pushing their klout scores through the roof!

    Gotta keep your eyes on the real prize!

p1 12:04 pm 23 Feb 12

Thumper said :

I forsee Rudd going to the backbench and white anting Gillard for the next 18 months as the government limps towards electoral oblivion.

This is where my money is. And if he plays that right, I could probably even get re-elected as an independent.

NoImRight 12:04 pm 23 Feb 12

JessP said :

As nice as it is to sit back and watch the fireworks, who is running the country?

Election please. This is crazy.

It is possible for a Government to do more than one thing at a time. A few speeches doesnt stop everything else in its tracks.

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