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Outrage at poor sports screening decision

By toriness - 18 June 2008 48

Does anyone know where the Carlton v Essendon game is being shown LIVE on a big screen at a pub or club this Sunday at 2pm?

It is a pay per view Foxtel game and it was with serious outrage that I read the reply I received from my usual footy viewing haunt, the Ainslie Football Club this morning – telling me that they were only showing the REPLAY at 7:30pm! What are they showing at the time Carlton v Essendon (2 of the best supported and fervently followed clubs in the AFL) in on – Swans v Melbourne *yawn fall over dead from boredom*!!!! A game which is being played at Manuka Oval so anyone remotely interested in watching it (and I guarantee this dull game will be undersold) will actually be going to!!! Shame on you AFC.

Please please please can someone tell me where I can go to see the almighty Blues crush the skanky Bombers – LIVE.

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48 Responses to
Outrage at poor sports screening decision
toriness 8:55 am 19 Jun 08

Select the correct region ie NSW – Canberra & Far South Coast

LIVE ME Ch 518

Growling Ferret 8:51 am 19 Jun 08


I have checked the broadcast schedule, and notice that its claimed the game will be on 518 Main Event – this has not happened for any other Sunday games in 2008, so I’d assumed it wasn’t going to happen here either.

Most pubs and clubs claim they can’t show games on 518 anyway

Growling Ferret 8:48 am 19 Jun 08

Sad news for you – the match won’t be live on any channel in the ACT. No 518, nowhere.

In theory it is the Channel 7 match and should be on Prime, but the Swans get priority in Canberra so the game won’t be shown here until the replay on Fox, probably at 7:30 or so.

Prime and Fox 1 will both show the Swans game (it happens every time the Swans play at 1pm), and the twilight game is Collingwood vs the Bulldogs on Fox Sports.

The only place you will hear the game is live on the net listening to the streamed commentary linked off

TimmyS 2:20 am 19 Jun 08

You can come watch it with me….I’ll be at the game….. HA HA HA

ant 11:51 pm 18 Jun 08

Deadmandrinking said :

F-k Carlton. F-k Essendon.

What DMD said! Who gives a bugger? I mean, really. Carlton poofs (named after horrible beer) vs those fashion victims Essendon? Blah.

Collingwood for the cup this year. Flog those pretenders from Geelong.

Whatsup 11:09 pm 18 Jun 08

Woody: Tell us what you really think ! Nice come back by the way.

astrojax 9:54 pm 18 Jun 08

like anyone cares! c’arna cats! ; ) [and just as long as fukcing crows lose…

ainslie footyclub not showing it? i thought all games were televised somewhere… they’ve got a trillion screens and i bet they’ll have it on if its on. or eastlakes, as realityskin astutely mentions.

what i find sux is realfooty’s purportedly ‘live’ score updates stay fixed at 4th quarter 21 mins for fukcing hours after the game, even when the age has a report about the game’s outcome. ‘live’ schmive! sux.

anyway, s’all good ’cause the cats will go back to back this year, so look away now…

Woody Mann-Caruso 7:26 pm 18 Jun 08

Please please please can someone tell me where I can go to see the almighty Blues

Melbourne. Please stay there, and take all your aerial ping-pong p00fta mates with you. 😛

toriness 6:19 pm 18 Jun 08

IT’S ALL GOOD PEOPLE!! join me at the AFC on sunday – AFC has come round to my way of thinking and have changed their big screen scheduling. they are showing the pay per view live game!! HOORAY!

holden – surely you jest re: foxtel not actually showing it on 518!??! there is no way in hell a game at the G is not being shown by any media outlet. and yes i nearly had stroke watching the game on sunday – how awesome was it!!!! take it pies!!

Holden Caulfield 6:03 pm 18 Jun 08

Oh, and how bug was the smile on your face when you walked into work this Monday? I’ve hardly stopped grinning, haha!

Holden Caulfield 6:02 pm 18 Jun 08

toriness, sorry to disappoint you even further, but my understanding is that the game will not be shown live on Foxtel at all. The AFL website lists the game as being on Foxtel’s Channel 518, but I believe if you use Foxtel’s EPG the game is not listed for Sunday afternoon.

Pardon the Kangaroos pun, but join in the chorus and vent your spleen:

To make matters worse, FoxSports1 and Prime will be showing the same game live on Sunday afternoon. Yes, that’s right, two stations in Canberra will be showing the same game at the same time. Which game you ask? Well, naturally that would be the game that is actually being played in Canberra this weekend — Melbourne v Sydney.


Ava 5:27 pm 18 Jun 08

ACT and NSW get the Sydney matches whenever they are on. Sucks pretty bad when Swans are on free to air and foxtel yet my team isn’t even being shown on any.

RuffnReady 5:08 pm 18 Jun 08

This happens all the time and I bet no-one in the ACT is showing it. It’s a TV rights issue.

Fark it, I’m just going to drive down for the game!

Deadmandrinking 4:47 pm 18 Jun 08

F-k Carlton. F-k Essendon.

realityskin 4:36 pm 18 Jun 08


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