Outrageous Corkage.

Pandy 1 August 2007 42

Well WIN news reported that there is an email campaign going around hitting back on the corkage price @ Cipriani Restaurant in Kennedy St, Kingston


Chef Alex Tinelli claims to be a two star Michelin rated, offering fine dining.

I was unable to check on their online menu prices since their web site is down.

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42 Responses to Outrageous Corkage.
KandyA KandyA 2:27 pm 03 Aug 07

Canberra region – Braidwood – Cardamon
Ive only been once, for a birthday, and the whole group were overwhelmed with how great everything was. It was a bit of a OMG is THIS what good food tastes like! moment.
As to Cipriani’s $20 corkage – well they are in a pretty competitive little spot, so if they can carry it off I guess they must be good (Id walk around up to Santa Lucia or something tho)

Sasha Sasha 11:46 am 03 Aug 07

Danman, nothing to apologise for. The negative stuff on this thread ain’t coming from you, mate. And if that is you being a “prick”, hell, let’s just say that you make some of the guys I have to deal with look like Atila the Hun on a bender! Thanks for your advice and I hope your dog recovers.

Danman Danman 8:53 pm 02 Aug 07

Bellucis do a great panfried gnocci with wild mushrooms and pancetta special.

Horses for courses.

Sahsa – Sorry for the misunderstanding – Like I said I can be a real prick some days – but Im just on the down from getting mu dog back minus the cancer we thought it may have.

el el 8:50 pm 02 Aug 07

PS – I’m glad to hear about crap restaurants such as those that have been mentioned attempting to rip all and sundry off. Makes it a lot easier to avoid such overpriced (and generally overrated) places.

el el 8:44 pm 02 Aug 07

I’ll bear that in mind next time I’ve ‘brung’ along a bottle of wine and some arsehole wants me to pay the same again just to open the bloody thing.

pjp pjp 6:21 pm 02 Aug 07

belluci’s in dickson is in my opinion the worst resterant in canberra. It is zefferrs at 2 1/2 times the price. Its always full of wankers thinking they are big time. I will never be back

the-toper the-toper 6:16 pm 02 Aug 07

Corkage ! Its all relative, $20 for a decent bottle of wine that you have brung along aint that steep. I dont think that you should ever take along a cheap wine to a restaurant. You should only bring special occassion wines This is all basic BYO corkage manners that every wine drinker should know. Anyone who doesn’t abide by the rules makes wine drinkers look bad. Try rocking up to Aria with a bottle of Crouchen Riesling!
As for the best eating venues in Canberra, the Belluci group, well I never.

Sasha Sasha 5:11 pm 02 Aug 07

Danman, don’t listen to this rabble. They’re just jealous that you can cook. I alas cannot but appreciate good food and an all-round diner’s opinion is good enough for me. Never been to Rocksalt. It’s on the other side of town and usually there’s issues about being too pissed to drive. I like Courgette because the chef there really knows how to cook a scallop – something I’ve never managed to do properly and I love scallops big time, so I bow down to those who can big time! Never been to Belluci’s in Woden or Dickson but Manuka Belluci’s sucks big time. I can cook better than that and, as I indicated above, I can’t cook. I don’t think I’ll head to Kingston’s Steak & Crabhouse – only because I can’t see the point in going out and cooking your own food – particularly when burning food is one’s specialty. Never tried laksa at the Thai Gardens but love the Dickson Noodle House’s version. Love Flower Drum in Melbourne but never been to Tetsuya’s – you have to book months in advance or something & I don’t have the self discipline to do so. Other than that, am dying to go to Claridges to check out Gordon Ramsey (and his food too)! He’s right up my alley! Thanks again for your help, Danman!


dalryk dalryk 4:59 pm 02 Aug 07

Recommendations for other good restaurants aside, this article is about Cipriani and how much it sux, and I’d like to get back on topic.

My friends and I have had Cipriani on our blacklist for a long time now. Firstly, cause it was originally just a Zefferelis with a couple of extra bucks tacked on to the price. But more importantly, every time we went there it was trouble – plastic in our food, aluminium in the food, poor to non-existent service, faulty lights, bills completely stuffed up (on multiple occasions, and multiple times in the same night).

Now it’s tried to re-brand itself as some hoity toity restaurant with a fancy chef and all, but I’m not biting.

This ridiculous corkage issue just takes the cake. I encourage all and sundry to boycott the stupid place, run it out of business, and let some decent operation take it’s place. Kingston’s got plenty of fine places to eat without succumbing to this sort of rubbish.

Danman Danman 4:11 pm 02 Aug 07

fuck i cant be chirpy dan everyday.

I could come up with some lame excuse – but some days im just an oversensitive prick

Im sure the regulars will deal with it.

Thumper Thumper 3:27 pm 02 Aug 07

Man, it’s RiotACT, why the grief?

paperboy paperboy 3:17 pm 02 Aug 07

Have to agree with the others Danman. I was about to ask your best half dozen, but after seeing the response to Sasha’s request..I’ll just shut up!!

LlamaFrog LlamaFrog 2:47 pm 02 Aug 07

Danman you are just a git and obviously oversensitive with a lack of perception.

Danman Danman 2:46 pm 02 Aug 07

whats a blog/forum/website without opinions ?

Probably not a good day for me to be on the Riot anyway……Bring on that workplace next to the bottle-o

toriness toriness 2:28 pm 02 Aug 07

rocksalt is bloody awesome – it’s up there in my top 5 for the berra.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 2:20 pm 02 Aug 07

Nope thats it danman I am going to rocksalt and if it aint the best restaraunt in canberra then you are going to cop it :p

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 2:15 pm 02 Aug 07

Danman – why do you care about what others think of your opinions? I sure as shit don’t!

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 2:03 pm 02 Aug 07

I think Sasha was really asking for your expert opinion, Danman, not taking the piss. I’d be interested to know your thoughts as well. Don’t let the nitpickers get you down.

Danman Danman 1:51 pm 02 Aug 07

additionally – i have poor powers of grammar and 12wpm typing speed but i sure can drive a tractor (and take the piss out of myself too)

Lighten up RiotACT – this place is getting anal.

Would not have happened a year ago…

Danman Danman 1:48 pm 02 Aug 07

G’day Sasha –

As I do not know you I am not qualified to comment.
As I know myself and know what I like and what I define as a good wholly rounded dining experience I can comment on what I think.

As I do not knwo you I can not comment.

I was merely saying that me being a qualified chef entitled me to know what a fairly well rounded dining experience should entail..

I like Rocksalt – and have been there several times – to the point of calling it (IN MY OPINION) the best restaraunt in canberra.

Please let it be noted at this point that peopel who are not Qualified Chefs are entitled to opinions as well. For me to deny them that would be a serious shorcoming on my behalf.

People do not agree with me and thats fine.

This is why I will not

Oh Sashy – by the way – I work in a government department – and left hospitality in 2001 – I habve no affiliation with Rocksalt whatsoever except for being a return customer.

Som eother good choicces of retaraunts in canberra include (In no certain order AND ONLY MY OPINION) Mezzalira on London, Dickson Bellucis (Woden sux IN MY OPINION), Green Herring, Artespresso, I have heard bad things about ALTO, the old FIG (food in griffith) Cafe was good, courgette is ok, Charcoal restaraunt is good (they should be worried as Kingsleys Steak and Crabhouse is now open – and a very good contender) and (once again IN MY OPINION only) the best laksa can be found at Thai Gardens in Dickson.

If anyone disagrees with my opinion then thats fine, try chilling out before posting a reply though.

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