Over 200 parking tickets issued at GIO Stadium during Raiders match

Lachlan Roberts 27 August 2019 211

Over 200 parking tickets were handed out during the Raiders clash with Manly on Sunday afternoon (25 August). File photo.

Over 200 footy fans have been hit with parking tickets during the Canberra Raiders loss at GIO Stadium on Sunday afternoon (25 August) with inspectors targeting vehicles parking on nature strips and the streets of Bruce.

An ACT Government spokesperson said due to the significant amount of illegal and unsafe parking observed at previous events across the ACT, Access Canberra issued 207 infringements around GIO Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

The spokesperson said parking inspectors targeted illegal parking in the surrounding streets of Bruce, with the majority of infringements issued to vehicles parked on nature strips around the stadium.

“Access Canberra is committed to ensuring the safety of all road users as well as the public,” the spokesperson said.

“Traffic and parking management is put in place at every game at GIO for the safety of all attendees. Access Canberra also attends all major sporting and community events in Canberra to ensure safe and compliant parking.”

Raiders fan Sean Rogers said finding the yellow envelope on his windscreen after the Green Machine’s disappointing loss left a bad taste in his mouth.

“I normally park where you have to pay $10 but it was chockers when I arrived at 3:30 pm so the traffic controllers directed me up to CIT,” Mr Rogers said.

“People were just parking wherever they could because there were cars everywhere.

“I went down a sidestreet on CIT campus and pulled up onto the gutter. There was a sign that said no parking there but I thought it was a Sunday afternoon at an empty CIT campus.

“Coming back to my car after the game, it looked like the parking inspectors had had a field day. There were cars with tickets everywhere. I could see the envelopes all the way up the street.”

Mr Rogers said he does not understand why restrictions on parking are not relaxed around GIO Stadium during the Raiders’ home games.

“They want people to go to the game but when the stadium has 20,000 people turning up, there is not enough parking for everyone to park legally,” he said. “It is not possible. It leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths because they want people to pay $35 for a ticket and then they turn around and do that.”

The ACT Government spokesperson said there are around 3,000 car parks available for public use at GIO Stadium with an early bird parking offer of $7 for attendees arriving within 45 minutes after gates open, with price upping to $10 after that time.

Up to 400 overflow parking spots are available at the University of Canberra, which is a 20-minute walk to/from GIO Stadium. Public transport buses also have some capacity to pick patrons up on College Street.

GIO Stadium issues the below information and advice about getting to and from the stadium for each game or event including:

  • to park legally as parking officers are active in the precinct during the event
  • overflow parking is available at the University of Canberra
  • carpool to help alleviate traffic congestion
  • catch a free bus directly to the game from major bus stations including Belconnen, Gungahlin, City, Woden, Tuggeranong and Queanbeyan.
  • GIO Stadium social media accounts where parking updates are also published in real-time to keep attendees informed as the carpark is reaching capacity.

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211 Responses to Over 200 parking tickets issued at GIO Stadium during Raiders match
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Josh Eppelstun Josh Eppelstun 8:27 pm 01 Sep 19

Riley Eppelstun lucky hhahah

Sam Shields-Chatelain Sam Shields-Chatelain 3:03 pm 01 Sep 19

Lol this is only being brought up now. They were doing this back 20yrs ago. We got one and so did many people around us at the time. Looks like not much has changed.

    Wendy Apostoloff Wendy Apostoloff 6:41 pm 01 Sep 19

    Sam Shields-Chatelain of course not Sam

    Our chief minister needs all the revenue he can get his hands on ..

Andrew Gus Collins Andrew Gus Collins 10:32 am 01 Sep 19

Catch the light rail fail... oh wait you! It does not go to sports venues does it? ACT your so smart, no wonder the whole country laughs at us..

Bridgette Cunningham Bridgette Cunningham 5:33 pm 31 Aug 19

Stephanie Wise where we park

    Stephanie Wise Stephanie Wise 5:46 pm 31 Aug 19

    Bridgette Cunningham 😪 that’s no fun

Jessie May Jessie May 5:26 pm 31 Aug 19

Pete Henry oh no

That Raiders Dad will be so mad

Micheal Myers Micheal Myers 5:13 pm 31 Aug 19

Sucks to be them lmao

James Hutchison James Hutchison 5:13 pm 31 Aug 19

I thought the $10 for parking was a bit steep. Should be a gold coin donation for charity.

Andy Kay Andy Kay 7:30 am 30 Aug 19

Yup I got ticket 🎫 not really fair I wasn’t parked in no parking I actually parked of road in a padock

Jenna Hall Jenna Hall 8:50 pm 29 Aug 19

Mathew Holcombe I hope that angry 4WD man got done!

    Mathew Holcombe Mathew Holcombe 9:17 pm 29 Aug 19

    Jenna Hall totally would have got done - and not been happy about it!

Nick Innes Nick Innes 9:31 am 29 Aug 19

Taylor, Maddison wow! That's a lot of parking infringements in a short period of time 😳

    Taylor Duke Taylor Duke 8:27 am 30 Aug 19

    Nick Innes that’s nuts dude! Lucky we just paid the $10 and avoided this pain hahah

Jo Williams Hayes Jo Williams Hayes 5:39 pm 28 Aug 19

I hate football so no dramas for me.

Liv Ballard Liv Ballard 4:33 pm 28 Aug 19

Kristy lucky you didn’t go

Chrishan Wright Chrishan Wright 3:25 pm 28 Aug 19

This is reason why we Canberra raiders fans need a new stadium

So not as many people have to drive and more emphasis on public transport like the rest of the world and help pubs clubs and other place around the city

Thom Vaan Thom Vaan 3:25 pm 28 Aug 19

If the raiders loosing wasn’t bad enough, have a parking ticket to really rub salt in the wound 😂😂😂

    Jordan Bailey Jordan Bailey 8:02 pm 28 Aug 19

    Thomas van Bockxmeer why would they even fine people who are there to see the game. They’ve presumably already bought tickets so why milk them for more?!!?!

    Thom Vaan Thom Vaan 8:56 pm 28 Aug 19

    I’d personally say they deserve a fine if they support the raiders but that’s just me!!! (Up the tigers!!!)

    Nick Guymer Nick Guymer 9:00 am 29 Aug 19

    Thomas van Bockxmeer i love you thom 😂

Billie Paea Dziah PT Billie Paea Dziah PT 2:24 pm 28 Aug 19

anyone got that ticket guy on camera??

    Victor Croker Victor Croker 11:28 am 29 Aug 19

    I do. https://www.facebook.com/victor.croker.1/videos/10217672095307643/.

    Victor Croker Victor Croker 11:31 am 29 Aug 19

    There was an army of them moving as fast as they could while the fans were busy with the game. They knew there they would be held to account if the fans discovered them in the act. Very COWARDLY I find.

    Victor Croker Victor Croker 11:32 am 29 Aug 19

    I have another video but i might have to remove some language before posting it. My blood was boiling....

    Billie Paea Dziah PT Billie Paea Dziah PT 3:10 pm 29 Aug 19

    Victor Croker yep another revenue scam

Emma Marino Emma Marino 2:08 pm 28 Aug 19

Patrick Marino Nic Darby literally had this conversation!

John Heckenberg John Heckenberg 1:39 pm 28 Aug 19

ummm, so what’s the big deal? are parking restrictions lifted during footy games? do the crime, pay the fine 💴

Derek Blundell Derek Blundell 10:16 am 28 Aug 19

Must suck to be a Canberra Raiders supporter, especially when they lost and then getting a parking ticket for following a losing team, oh well that's life for ya,haha

Karen Cowan Karen Cowan 9:41 am 28 Aug 19

I bet it would've been cheaper to pay the $10 to park at the stadium

Sanyo Peppers Sanyo Peppers 5:22 am 28 Aug 19

David Ahosivi Tsai Tui Unluggy uce🤣🤣🤣

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