Oy! Where’s me bloody wave pool??

johnboy 16 May 2007 10

The NT News has an alarming report on Darwin pressing ahead with plans for a wave pool.

Which begs the question of why Darwin is getting a neat piece of kit while we don’t even have a decent water slide?

Sure we can only use it for half the year but that hardly seems like the point.

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10 Responses to Oy! Where’s me bloody wave pool??
auntiesocial auntiesocial 8:54 pm 16 May 07

or the constRuction bill.

auntiesocial auntiesocial 8:52 pm 16 May 07

but if they can put a ski field in the middle east, why not an indoor lagoon in Canberra

No black gold under Canberra….. helps when it comes to paying the constuction bill.

Pandy Pandy 8:39 pm 16 May 07

The new pool closed them down effectively.

Stage 5 = no pools.

ant ant 3:27 pm 16 May 07

Whatever happened to that water slide in Jamieson?

Unbeliever Unbeliever 1:53 pm 16 May 07

Ocean Dome is great, but not exactly what I imagined for Canberra. OD sounds like another biosphere type concept. But it’s in the right direction.

KandyA KandyA 12:41 pm 16 May 07

thats it! Im getting the No Wave pool in 2008 = No ALP 2009 stickers printed

apehammer apehammer 11:32 am 16 May 07

This is what Canberra needs http://www.seagaia.co.jp/english/od/od.html – get busy Stanhope!

Unbeliever Unbeliever 10:45 am 16 May 07

JB you may have only been 1/2 serious, but it’s not a bad idea really. A ‘waterfront’ lagoon on the lakeside, particularly where they’re proposing to develop that area on the cnr of King’s Av and the Parkway. There’s a really great example of this on the Cairns Esplanade and the large lagoon (that’s free to use) is a big attraction for tourists/locals and businesses.

Ours would have to be indoors, but if they can put a ski field in the middle east, why not an indoor lagoon in Canberra.. And will year round sunshine we may even be able to make it energy self-sustaining. Now it’s just a matter of the $$$. Anyone care to convince the Feds that we could use this (if we promise to return Humphries to the Senate)?

Absent Diane Absent Diane 9:42 am 16 May 07

When I was a wee fella going to some primary school in tuggers I remember our teacher showing us plans for the hippiedrome and lake tuggers. I distinctly remember there being plans for some kind of wave pool there. i have always wondered why that idea was can’d.

bonfire bonfire 9:13 am 16 May 07

you used to be able to use darwins beaches.

then they banned croc shooting.

its common to sit on the end of one of the piers eating your camel burger and see salties swimming around. big buggers.

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