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Super school not so super? Or – West Belconnen gets the hose again. Community

johnboy 10 December 2008 13
The Canberra Times has an explanation of the unfolding disaster occurring at the Kingsford Smith School in Holt (aka "The West Belconnen Super School", aka "Ginninderra High"). It was going to be a preschool-year 10 facility. On that basis foolish parents enrolled their children and bought school uniforms for the...

The fastest law in the west goes on a splurge Business

johnboy 9 December 2008 30
Treasurer Katy Gallagher has announced a spending spree under the name "The 2008-09 Supplementary Appropriation Bill". It's $16.2 million of extra spending with a recurring impact of $4 million a year. It appears to be the cost of election promises. Katy's media release promises the following funding: -- $9.7 million...

Police Wrap – 3 December News

johnboy 3 December 2008
1. Police would like some help with a fire in Holt: ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to a suspicious fire in an apartment block in Holt which occurred yesterday (December 2). Around 5.45pm police were called to the Parkview Apartments on Hardwick Crescent following reports of a fire. When police...

State of the Riot – November 2008

johnboy 1 December 2008 31
So that was November Here's our monthly review of where the site's going and what people are coming here for. A four day weekend at the start of the month did us no favours and there was a lack of elections, murders, retail outlet openings, or building collapses. Well you...

Support the Cranleigh – Capital Chemist Art Show 2008 Lifestyle

Granny 22 September 2008 1
Cranleigh School - Capital Chemist Art Show 17, 18 & 19 October Official Opening Friday Oct 17, 7-9 pm $10 entry fee Food & Wine served Saturday Oct 18, 10am - 4pm Entry by Gold Coin donation Sunday Oct 19, 10am - 1pm Entry by Gold Coin donation Artwork Raffle...

Another mass hoon bust in Belco News

johnboy 5 September 2008 67
The AFP report that another idiotic mass gathering of car hoons, this time in Holt was broken up last night. More than 80 drivers were stopped by ACT Policing in Holt last night, just seven days after a police crackdown on more than 60 drivers in Tharwa last Thursday, August...

Katy announces what the closed schools will be used for. Community

johnboy 1 September 2008 37
I nearly missed this one. With the headline "Community input determines future uses" I'll admit it didn't leap out at me. But as it's the announcement by Katy Gallagher of all the community groups that will get to take up residence in the closed schools, it's rather important. The whole...

What do we have to do ? News

Maelinar 17 August 2008 43
I cannot believe some people. I have witnessed this on a number of occasions recently on the roads, but the trend of biffing your half smoked ticket to lung cancer ouf of the car window is definetly back in fashion. Is it because people think that its too cold for...

Mad hoax bomber in the dock News

johnboy 12 August 2008 12
The ABC brings word of Tamara Batterham, 32, who has plead guilty to a string of bomb hoaxes late last year and earlier this year. The court heard on the first occasion, guests had to be evacuated from Government House while police conducted an extensive search of the property. A...

Idiots driving dangerously past accidents (Southern Cross Drive and Chave Street) News

Jonathon Reynolds 24 July 2008 27
I was heading Eastbound on Southern Cross Drive just before 6pm this evening (23rd July) and saw the aftermath of what appeared to be a single car accident on the other side of the road (Westbound) - this was the intersection of Southern Cross Drive and Chave Street (Holt) What...

Development of former school sites across ACT Community

mattcross 8 June 2008 49
The ACT Government has got GHD (a consultancy) doing online consultation on the Bang the Table site to ask people what they think about recommended uses of former schools.  Some have development of houses, others commercial and others community uses.  This is a chance to speak up and to stop...

Taxi debate – Round 4 million News

S4anta 17 March 2008 5
The Canberra Times late last week, had this interesting commentary from Prof. Allan Fels, (remember those Super adverts?) in regards to the need for de-regulation in the Taxi industry. He raises some very salient points in reagrds to de-regulaation and service delivery techniques that would probably ne of benfit to...

Road Planning, or lack thereof News

papadoc 11 March 2008 19
In the spirit of town planning gone haywire WTF is up with Belconnen Way in the morning? A seemingly basic trip from Holt to Civic see's me leaving work almost an hour early because of the super intersection courtesy of the new GDE (Which reminds me, are the governmen gonna...

ACT Policing’s (Occasional) Wrap-Up News

Skidbladnir 4 February 2008 4
ACT Policing's Media Unit needs to embrace the 21st Century and either update their website more often (such as when relevant information should go public, or would make them look good in the public eye), or cut back their staff numbers and only police on the busy days (Mondays, Wednesdays,...

Public school site may go private Community

GnT 23 August 2007 36
So, the government closed a whole lot of schools because there weren't enough enrolments to keep them open. But the Emmaus Christian School thinks there would be enough for them. They are hoping to take over the site of the closed Holt or Higgins school to expand into a second...

A Win for Parkview Lifestyle

lemaChet 21 May 2007 1
In a win for the Parkview Development in Holt, the Bodies Corporate recently passed motions allowing for the upgrade of security within the complex. All motions passed with overwhelming majority support, although the issue did come up several times as to why this the Body Corporate needs to spend this...

State of the Riot – April 2007

johnboy 2 May 2007 10
As a short month with three public holidays April was always going to see our numbers down a bit. But thanks to Steve Pratt (amongst other things) the trend was just up up up as the month progressed. Here's the comparison with March. Visits: 58,855, down from 61,686 Pageviews: 169,640,...

Images of Canberra – Shepards Lookout Lifestyle

lemaChet 15 April 2007 4
I took this over the Easter long weekend, from Shepards lookout at the back of Holt. I've done some Post-Production on it, which is why it looks so dark and red. Original image as below... I had to doctor it, as it looked crap.

State of the Riot – March 2007

johnboy 2 April 2007 31
March was a good month for the Riot with our first paid advertisers taking advantage of a strong performance to reach a lot of Canberran eyeballs. Here's the comparison from February: Absolute unique visitors: 20,221, up from 18,710. Visits: 61,686, up from 57,059 Pageviews: 176,945, down from 180,623 Very loyal...

Hostage Negotiators attend troubled “Parkview” Development News

lemaChet 20 March 2007 43
In yet another blow for the residents of the Parkview complex in Holt, AFP officers attended again on Sunday, this time for a domestic disturbance. Another occupant has moved in to an apartment with a history of bad behaviour, and on Sunday afternoon, was heard to be assaulting his female...

More trouble at Parkview News

lemaChet 6 March 2007 20
There was another disturbance at the troubled 'Parkview' development in Holt, West Belconnen last night. Residents were again evacuated (see previous story) from the building by the fire alarm at around 11:40pm. There was no damage to property, and the alarm appeared to be false this time. the ACT Fire...

fire hits the fan Lifestyle

smokey4 30 January 2007 22
Fire melts sewerage pipe A small fire in Holt tonight led residents to find alternative accommodation after a sewerage pipe melted. The ACT Fire Brigade was called to the Parkview Apartments in Hardwick Crescent at 9:15pm. Fire fighters arrived to find a fire in a garbage disposal area of...

West Belconnen fire forces evacuations Lifestyle

Kerces 24 September 2006 2
Yesterday afternoon driving home I noticed smoke rising from somewhere in West Belconnen. Due to the nature of smoke, I couldn't pinpoint where it was coming from, but today the ABC tells me it was caused by a fire at a wrecker's near Holt. A number of houses were evacuated...

ACT Budget 06: schools shakeup News

Kerces 6 June 2006 81
Major reforms have been planned to the school structure by new education minister Andrew Barr. He was loudly touting what the government plans to spend on its schools, of course, and keeping very silent about planed school closures. So, the good news first. $90 million will be spent over the...

West Belco makes the news again. [Suburban income figures] Community

S4anta 28 April 2006 1
Thankfully the world is coming back to it's senses, and has yet again felt the need to talk about Kippax, Charny, Dunlop and Holt. Even the Canberra Times in their Anzac day pinger letheragy has come to the party here. Unfortunately yet again, it is due to the fact that...

Cheap Chinese, Copious quantities of beer, A sunset to die for and the odd bit of golf if you’re inspired Lifestyle

Maelinar 24 February 2006 3
Not too sure how widely the advertising has gone for this, but recently in the Holt area I had an advertisment dropped into my letterbox saying that a new chinese restraunt has opened up at my local, Magpies Golf Club - Holt. The wife and I went up last night,...

No Super School after all? Community

johnboy 5 December 2005 5
The Canberra Times brings news that the planned Holt mega school now looks unlikely to happen as it turns out there aren't the students to fill it. The new plan seems to involve demountable classrooms and relies on the Molonglo Valley development to feed in the numbers. Looks like a...

Super School Report Favours Government Plan Community

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 14 September 2005 6
The government commissioned report into building locations for the West Belconnen Super School has recommended the Ginnendera District High site be used for the new school citing planning and design problems with other sites. Would the report have said the same thing if it hadn't been government commissioned? ABC story...

Big G go Boom? Community

Mick 21 July 2005 25
I heard a rumour this morning that the ACT Government is closing down Ginninderra (District) High School, demolishing it, and building a new 'super-school'. According to my source, the layout of the school is the cause behind the pupils behavioural problems (what the? I behaved fine!) The new school would...
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