UPDATED: More restrictions to go as ACT hits 80% vaccination target

Ian Bushnell 18 October 2021 43
chief minister Andrew Barr at a press conference

Chief Minister Andrew Barr said the milestone would result in a further easing of lockdown restrictions. Photo: Lottie Twyford.

UPDATED 5:40 pm: More COVID-19 restrictions are set to be eased after the ACT reached the crucial 80 per cent fully vaccinated mark for its 12-plus population this afternoon.

Chief Minister Andrew Barr said this would trigger the next step in the government’s pathway forward, with details to be announced tomorrow.

The reaching of the milestone means that the Commonwealth hotspot declaration in the ACT will cease at 11.59 pm tonight.

The Commonwealth’s Chief Medical Officer Professor Paul Kelly said that under the National Plan agreed to by all First Ministers, hotspot-related support would cease two weeks later.

He said targeted and specific funding from the Australian Government to support the management of COVID-19 in the ACT would continue to be provided through the National Partnership Agreement on COVID-19 Response with all states and territories.

Under the National Partnership, the Australian Government pays for 50 per cent of costs incurred by hospitals and state public health authorities in managing the impacts of COVID-19 on the health system.

Professor Kelly congratulated the residents of the ACT for so wholeheartedly embracing the need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and for the contribution this has made to helping our country safely reopen.

The ACT was declared a hotspot for the purpose of receiving Commonwealth support on 12 August 2021.

A school and childcare centre have been listed as two close contact exposure locations on the ACT COVID-19 website – a construction site only at Campbell Primary from last Friday and Saturday, and Grass Parrot Room and Kangaroo Room at Narrabundah Early Childhood School from last Wednesday and Thursday.

Libraries ACT will reopen its Belconnen, Gungahlin and Tuggeranong branches with reduced hours from Wednesday. More branches will open their doors from 1 November.

Maddie Williams received the first vaccine dose on 22 February. Today, 80 per cent of the Territory’s 12-plus population are fully vaccinated. Photo: Michelle Kroll.

UPDATED 11 am: The ACT has recorded 17 new cases of COVID-19 to 8 pm last night.

Yesterday the ACT had 33 new cases.

Of the new cases, 11 are linked to known or ongoing clusters.

There are 17 people in hospital with COVID, including nine in intensive care.

There are currently 441 active cases in the Territory. ACT Health has also reported that 79.5 per cent of the Territory’s 12-plus population is now fully vaccinated.

NSW has recorded 265 new cases and four deaths.

Victoria has recorded 1903 new cases and seven deaths.

Speed van

Mobile speed vans will step up operations from today. Photo: File.

9:50 am: Paid parking in ACT Government car parks will return on 1 November and mobile speed vans will step up operations as the ACT heads back into the first working week after the end of the COVID-19 lockdown on Friday.

The government says that with the amount of traffic increasing and more students returning to school, mobile speed vans will be back on residential streets today, especially in higher-risk zones such as near schools.

During lockdown, mobile speed detection vans primarily monitored main arterial roads, but the community can expect to see them more often and police regularly patrolling school zones.

Paid parking in ACT Government car parks was paused to support essential workers, but with the return of business and other activities, paid parking and parking enforcement will return on 1 November.

Acting Chief Police Officer for the ACT, Assistant Commissioner Peter Crozier said ACT Policing would still be conducting anytime, anywhere COVID-19 compliance checks throughout Canberra, as well as monitoring road safety as traffic increases.

“Already this year, nine people have died on the ACT’s roads, and many more people have been injured. This means dozens of families grieving or coping with major changes to their lives,” he said.

“Speeding is the most common poor driver behaviour, and it is completely avoidable. I urge everyone to observe the speed limits and to drive to the conditions to stay safe on our roads.”

Only two casual contact exposure locations are listed on the ACT COVID-19 website this morning.

The foyer of the Kippax Uniting Community Centre in Holt is named from Friday, 15 October, between 10:55 am and noon.

The Kingston Foreshore Medical Centre is listed from Wednesday, 13 October, between 10:25 am and 11:20 am.

Testing numbers have fallen – only 1366 tests were conducted in the 24 hours to 1:30 pm yesterday. The double-dose vaccination rate will cross the important 80 per cent threshold this week. Yesterday it was sitting at 78.5 per cent.

On the weekend, the ACT Government backflipped on border travel, expanding the bubble and allowing fully vaccinated Canberrans to travel into NSW and down the coast.

It then came under pressure from the Canberra Liberals and business groups to ease trading restrictions on businesses in line with NSW. The government may make further announcements ahead of the next checkpoint on 29 October.

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43 Responses to UPDATED: More restrictions to go as ACT hits 80% vaccination target
Adrian Patton Adrian Patton 10:13 am 18 Oct 21

😂😂😂 they didn't stop

Sarelle Woodward Sarelle Woodward 10:15 am 18 Oct 21

I would love to see the statistics bc I don’t believe that they weren’t in the suburbs.

    Garrie Irons Garrie Irons 7:59 am 19 Oct 21

    Sarelle there has certainly been one outside my house at about the same interval as forever.

Travissi Gilbert Travissi Gilbert 10:24 am 18 Oct 21

Mobile speed vans have been on Parkes Way throughout lockdown

Fortress Epiphany Fortress Epiphany 10:36 am 18 Oct 21

More revenue raising

    Thomas Rowell Thomas Rowell 10:44 am 18 Oct 21

    Fortress Epiphany https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-04-05/act-speed-cameras-as-revenue-raisers/100037994

    Steve Jones Steve Jones 12:27 pm 18 Oct 21

    Fortress Epiphany don’t speed…simples

    Corey Karl Corey Karl 12:44 pm 18 Oct 21

    Steve Jones we can’t all be perfect

    Rusty Baird Rusty Baird 3:38 pm 18 Oct 21

    Fortress Epiphany who better to pay for our schools and hospitals than selfish dangerous drivers

    Fortress Epiphany Fortress Epiphany 4:36 pm 18 Oct 21

    Rusty Baird good point.

    Cain Taylor Cain Taylor 6:26 pm 18 Oct 21

    Albert Jacka same! Got done doing 46 on Northbourne, and 20m away from the 60km! Changing it to 40km in the city is revenue based for sure!

    Tim Brown Tim Brown 6:29 pm 18 Oct 21

    Rusty Baird you mean ‘art’? Pot holes everywhere but plenty of sky whales.

    Rusty Baird Rusty Baird 7:12 pm 18 Oct 21

    Tim Brown sure, art too

    Bob Foster Bob Foster 9:25 pm 18 Oct 21

    "More revenue raising" Fortress Epiphany???

    There's only one way not to contribute....YOUR choice whether you participate or not! ;)

Jon Billows Jon Billows 10:38 am 18 Oct 21

back on gungahlin way first thing this morning

Bennett Wood Bennett Wood 1:21 pm 18 Oct 21

When were mobile spped cameras not being used? ACT Policing can we dispute all fines recieved from mobile cameras during the lockdown?

Bec Richards Bec Richards 1:59 pm 18 Oct 21

Shannon Beckwith Nov 1 is when the parking returns

Phil White Phil White 5:52 pm 18 Oct 21

But there was no signal advising I had to pay for parking

    Phil White Phil White 9:02 pm 18 Oct 21

    Tas Sheather need atleast 6 months notice before changing it

Raina Burke Raina Burke 6:38 pm 18 Oct 21

Why warn people. They shouldn’t be speeding.

    Grahame Watson Grahame Watson 8:51 pm 18 Oct 21

    Raina Burke because they’ll complain like they do when they get nailed for ignoring all the 40 signs on Northbourne and then demand the government waste money on an inquiry to determine if they are revenue raising, which they are.

    IMO they rely to much on camera detection in Canberra and ACT Policing need to maintain a much higher profile. People do the right thing when they think they are being watched.

    Jeremy Nell Jeremy Nell 9:13 pm 18 Oct 21

    Raina Burke https://www.drive.com.au/news/qld-police-hidden-speed-cameras-are-revenue-raisers-dont-save-lives/

Eileen Webster Eileen Webster 8:06 pm 18 Oct 21

Mobile speed vans were on William Hovell Drive throughout Lock down. They were their at 5.45 this afternoon

Grahame Watson Grahame Watson 8:47 pm 18 Oct 21

When are they going to start issuing fines for parking all day in 2 hour spot? Parking to go to work is such a ripoff.

Michael L Carrigg Michael L Carrigg 10:11 pm 18 Oct 21

Motoring persecutions at their most insidious.

Souhair Naoum Souhair Naoum 10:21 pm 18 Oct 21

Not to worry the speed /red camera never were in lockdown

rspg rspg 11:26 pm 18 Oct 21

So wait… from what I’m reading here, the 80% vax rate triggers eased restrictions from tomorrow, which includes that we can visit libraries, which virtually nobody does…
Meanwhile, non-essential retail small businesses, who are going bankrupt because they essentially remain closed (click and collect and 2 ppl by appointment is barely providing an income, if the business bothers opening at all) are… who knows, probably stay the same until two weeks after the fully vaxxed takes effect…? All the while, looking out the window at their restaurant neighbours enjoying having 25 ppl indoors and 50ppl outdoors.
But that’s ok, we are 80% vaxxed so income support for those businesses and their employees will end. Allelujah!
And the clincher is that as we can get our businesses back up and running, the govt will ramp up its ways to fine us!?!?
All this on top of another obscene rate rise while they still charge ratepayers 8% compound interest on late payments?
Sorry, but what planet does Barr live on?

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 12:08 am 19 Oct 21

Mobile speed cameras should be abolished

    Garrie Irons Garrie Irons 7:58 am 19 Oct 21

    Samuel if they replace the one that sets up outside my house with a permanent camera I'll be happy.

    People should drive at the legal speed then the cameras would not matter.

Karen Mclachlan Karen Mclachlan 6:13 am 19 Oct 21

Marlene Linardis government car parks??

Dylan Salafia Dylan Salafia 7:02 am 19 Oct 21

Must be getting low on revenue

Dylan Salafia Dylan Salafia 7:02 am 19 Oct 21

Do you need to be double vaccinated and sign in when you past one

Garrie Irons Garrie Irons 7:56 am 19 Oct 21

The speed camera van which sets up outside my house has not changed its schedule AT ALL the whole time. I notice it even more now because I'm working from home.

Jak Kanard Jak Kanard 8:53 am 19 Oct 21

...and what’s the government doing with the obscene income they are raising...!?

    Markus Bruun Markus Bruun 9:23 pm 19 Oct 21

    Jak Kanard or…. Just don’t speed = no “obscene income”.

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