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Parking at Russell

By newUser - 21 January 2010 22

I live quite far from the airport and occassionally I like to fly back to Brisbane for a couple of days.

It costs me quite a lot either in taxi charges or if it’s a short stay, car parking charges at the airport. However, I’ve noticed that there are free car parks in Russell. There is no signage which suggests to me, that they are available 24 hours a day, no time limit and for the general public.

There’s also the airport shuttle that stops at the offices.

Does anyone know if it is okay to just leave my car at Russell for a couple of nights? I mean, legally, I can’t see it as a problem as there’s no way saying I can’t do this. And I think the car will be quite safe parked in a patrolled defence site.

Has anyone actually done it? It just seems like such a easy and simple solution, that there’s something I’ve missed, cause if so, why would anyone park at the airport?

What’s Your opinion?

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22 Responses to
Parking at Russell
Spam Box 8:41 pm 22 Jan 10

Christ on a stick how cheap are you?

JessP 8:17 pm 22 Jan 10

Suck it up big boy and pay for the airport parking. How much is your insurance excess? Damn sight more than $30 per day I am guessing.

Prospector 6:21 pm 22 Jan 10

If you find the Deane’s airport bus a bit pricey, you can save by taking one of the many, frequent ACTION services to Brindabella Park and take the short walk to the civil terminal from there. ACTION has a number of peak period Xpresso services to and from Brindabella Park as well as fairly frequent off peak services which go through Civic Interchange…but no weekend services.

bd84 4:12 pm 22 Jan 10

Personally, I wouldn’t be leaving my car overnight in most open air carparks in Canberra. I have known quite a few people who have done something similar, only to return the next day to find their car absolutely trashed or at least ransacked for anything of value.

Grail 2:30 pm 22 Jan 10

Secret Squirrels hey?

Leave your car parked in Russel, head off to Melbourne for a business trip for the week, come back to find your car has been tagged with every tracking and surveillance device known to the Western world…

But my original comment still stands – if you’re going to go to the lengths of catching a bus from Russell, why not catch the bus all the way from home? Or get a taxi right to the airport?

rosebud 1:10 pm 22 Jan 10

What about parking at Brand Depot?

Mia80 12:52 pm 22 Jan 10

Legally… you’re fine to park there.

However, you could come up against the agression of the Defence Staff, as they’re fighting for car parks as it is.
The car parks are not so much patrolled and just keep an eye on.
Thieves do run wild in those car parks… and if you were lucky enough to escape those then you might find your car dismantled or missing via the Bomb Squad.

It’s not just Defence up in Russell.. there are a couple of Secret Squirrels in there too.

You might just end up causing yourself more heartache and expenditure for the sake of “convienience”.

Grail 11:34 am 22 Jan 10

How long can you leave the car there until the bomb squad dispose of it?

And as troll-sniffer has stated, if you’re going to go to the lengths of parking in Russel to catch the airport shuttle, why not just take the bus all the way in, and not risk your car to the punks and vandals?

youami 11:24 am 22 Jan 10

My suggestion is to use the short-term if over a weekend. After all, it only costs $30 flat rate and I just checked and cheapest return flights cost ~$300 on a Friday night. What are the costs of your flights usually? I bet the cost of parking is probably going to be less than 10% of the cost of a return flight to Brisbane. But if you are seriously worried about money then don’t fly! There are cheaper alternatives (may not be as convenient but you seem to be the person who likes to save money over convenience). What about get a train or get a bus! C’mon newuser put it into perspective. And besides, short-term parking (even long-term) at the airport offers security, convenience, and is cheaper comparatively speaking than many other airports. But if you seriously want to skimp out and park at Russell, then why not leave your car at home and get an ACTION bus into Civic (or direct to Russell if you can) and then get the shuttle? Or better still, ask a friend to drop you off? You have friends don’t you?

Mike Bessenger 11:17 am 22 Jan 10

I’d rather pay to catch a cab then risk leaving a car over night in any carpark.
Surly you have family or friends that could drop you off at the airport.

troll-sniffer 10:54 am 22 Jan 10

Plan your trip to catch a bus to the city and then the airport service from there. Car is safe, you’ve had a relaxing trip to the airport and can even feel less guilty about your carbon footprint.

spinact 10:13 am 22 Jan 10

Would be perfectly legal, although I wouldn’t want to leave my car their over night, especially now that you’ve broadcast it on the net.

And yes, Defence pubes will whinge even if there is a hint that any non-defence people are parking in their carparks.

captainwhorebags 9:04 am 22 Jan 10

The public is 100% entitled to use the parking at Russell. Some spots are reserved, but these are clearly signposted.

Be warned that thieves operate in those carparks, day and night. Try and park close to the buildings or under the gaze of a security camera.

wishuwell 8:43 am 22 Jan 10

It used to happen all the time NEWUSER till someone posted it on here.

planeguy 7:47 am 22 Jan 10

Perfectly legal to park at Russell. Though the Russell public servants will whinge and moan that someone is stealing their parking, and it shoul be banned, and the department should pay to install boom gates, and give them free secure parking, and….

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