Parking Fee increase in Woden?

veg 4 September 2012 5

Last week there were signs in several Woden carparks stating that the all day parking price was increasing from $8 to $9 on 3 September so I dutifully fished out an extra dollar coin from the jar and when I arrived at the machine on Monday the sticker had been removed and $8 got me an all day ticket.

A token search of the net leaves me none the wiser so does anyone have the skinny on what happened to this increase?

I’m certainly not complaining but am intrigued


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5 Responses to Parking Fee increase in Woden?
DJ Mac DJ Mac 11:53 am 05 Sep 12

I thought that they hadn’t got around to all the machines yet – especially as a lot of the stickers – which were supposed to be the “notification of change in fees” had been ripped down from most of them….

Would love to get the monthly pass – but as a part timer working 3 days a week – isn’t actually any cheaper. Wonder if they would consider issuing passes for particular days only? ….. nah that would be nice, considerate and logical.

watto23 watto23 11:01 am 05 Sep 12

When I used to have to park in pay parking, I used to get the mothly pass from the shopfront. Yet when an increase was occuring, i’d go get a 3 or 6 month pass (whatever I could afford) because quite often they didn’t increase the tickets accordingly until the day the price increase occurred.

RB78 RB78 10:10 pm 04 Sep 12

They had stickers on the $8 machines over near the pool (Irving/Spoering St carpark) saying it would be $9 from 3 Sept – not sure if they have taken them down or not.

sarahsarah sarahsarah 3:03 pm 04 Sep 12

Duffbowl said :

Which carparks?

Not the OP but the ones next to Aviation House and the Tradies. I don’t often park there but I noticed them last week as well. There weren’t any stickers where I usually park (cheaper rate but further to walk) so I thought it was odd they would be raising one section and not the rest.

I figured they must have remembered it is an election year and changed their minds about raising the fees!

Duffbowl Duffbowl 2:48 pm 04 Sep 12

Which carparks?

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