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Parking returns to Monday

Barcham 14 October 2013 13

2. An anonymous Rioter gave us this:

Parked at the Jamieson car park on Sunday. Came back to the car to find a rav 4 “parked” next to me. Well played Sir.



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13 Responses to Parking returns to Monday
Erg0 Erg0 9:49 am 16 Oct 13

I’m thoroughly baffled at how #14 came to be. I can’t see any damage to the rear of the vehicle, is it possible that they just drove straightover the island and into the traffic light?

Earl Earl 10:37 am 15 Oct 13

Solidarity said :

Also the blue Volvo is in two spaces (It’s faint, but look just in front of the rear wheel)

Ok, now I see the barely existent line markings it makes sense.

Solidarity Solidarity 9:10 am 15 Oct 13

Also the blue Volvo is in two spaces (It’s faint, but look just in front of the rear wheel)

Aeek Aeek 12:25 am 15 Oct 13

#10 both cars are obstructing the path access

Earl Earl 5:29 pm 14 Oct 13

What’s the deal with #10? Is it no parking (no signs shown in pic)?

c_c™ c_c™ 5:11 pm 14 Oct 13

#12 – where you see preventing access, I see a minor obstacle. Most of that front body work unclips easy enough.

detached_dingleberry detached_dingleberry 2:46 pm 14 Oct 13

#4 – On Saturday afternoon I parked in the car park next to the Canberra Theatre and went off to have lunch and do some shopping (Including perishables). To my disgust I returned to find this parked behind me making it extremely difficult to get out (Reversing straight out I would have hit their rear passenger door)

“Including perishables”. This made me LOL.

Oh, and LRN2DRV.

watto23 watto23 1:18 pm 14 Oct 13

#2 is just so bad they deserve to get a scratch to their car down the side.
Selfish, lazy, bad parking.

taninaus taninaus 12:59 pm 14 Oct 13

#13 – those clowns look so evil particularly poised over the cars like that. and they have been very aggressive with their advertising. there must be many free tickets being given out as incentive to host the signage on private property (despite this probably breaching your crown lease with the Gov)

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 12:25 pm 14 Oct 13

Thanks for the latest edition of Canberra’s parking woes.

tim_c tim_c 12:24 pm 14 Oct 13

#7 – you should have jumped in his passenger-side door and demand to be taken to the airport?
“Well, this is</I< a taxi isn't it?!"

Queen_of_the_Bun Queen_of_the_Bun 12:23 pm 14 Oct 13

I’m confused by #4. I can’t work out how that illegal park made it impossible for any of the other cars in shot to move off. (And no, I do not drive a blue car.)

My flatmate went to the Press Club the other night to discover that the last two parks in the members’ carpark had been taken up by a single convertible Mercedes. Oh how I wish he had taken photos. Anyway, the said driver got into heated conversations within the club while he defended his right not to get dings in his door because they cost so much more in a “quality car”. Apparently they all started chanting “Mr Two-Space” to him.

Genie Genie 12:03 pm 14 Oct 13

Re: #8

The HaHa / Zambrero’s carpark is so frustrating.

I was there on Friday night and was shocked to see 2 carparks next to each other, I was coming from one direction with another car coming from the other direction and slightly closer to the vacant spots so they beat me to parking in there first… They pulled in, to the middle of both spots and spent the next 5 mins reversing and trying to straighten up. In the end when I walked passed, they still hadn’t quite straighten up enough and no one would have been able to park next to them. I will have to also note that to drive into said carparks, they were almost driving straight in.

The 2 extra long carparks pictured had one car over the white line. Maybe they didn’t realise it was no longer 3 spots and had been turned into 2.

I was too hungry to stop and take a picture.

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