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Parton boned from 106???

By AngryHenry 9 July 2008 53

The Canberra media community is abuzz with controversy after the quick departure of Mark Parton from the Mix106 breakfast slot… Only to be replaced by FM104.7 personality (I use the term ‘personality’ extremely loosely) Cam Sullings as if we would never notice.

I guess Mix 106 are presenting more than one ‘Cheap Trick’ to the people of Canberra at the moment.

If you think that all reports of things being amicable regading his departure are fact, think again. These sort of affairs are ususally pretty messy. I have heard runmours of a suspension that lead to a massive row between hosts, of which Parton was on the losing end.

Due to the fact that Canberra FM Radio Pty. Ltd (owners of both 104.7 and 106.3) will not shell out any decent cash for a proper breakfast show – thus giving no incentive for decent or fresh entertainers to apply – listeners are yet again stuck with a second-rate program. It’s all about making those advertising dollars though right guys?

– Right!

Here’s a quaestion to those who think they’re in the know, what do you think happens when those ads come on anyway?

I can tell you right now we don’t pull over, or turn the radio up or stop what we’re doing to hear that important message from your sponsor, WE SWITCH OFF!!!

Any clarification or fuel to this little fire is of course, much appreciated.

What’s Your opinion?

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Parton boned from 106???
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AngryHenry 4:58 pm 21 Jul 08

BigDave said :

If anyone thinks that 106 is in anyway good, it just proves what a Canberran you are.

Whaaaaaat? How do I prove what kind of Canberran I is?

BigDave 5:48 pm 15 Jul 08

If anyone thinks that 106 is in anyway good, it just proves what a Canberran you are.

AngryHenry 12:30 pm 11 Jul 08


Don’t you know assumption is the mother of all f**k-ups?

I beleive you said ‘people are entitled to their opinions’.

Regardless of wether or not you like my opinion, if making assumptions about who I am helps you better justify what I’ve written in your mind, then knock yourself out!

nyssa76 12:21 pm 11 Jul 08

Woody (Newbie)

Can’t we get a ‘I’m sorry – another user already has that name’ thing for The RA? Two Woodys, two nyssas – maybe it’s time for me to create a rálph sock puppet account.

Woody, it’s just because we’re special and everyone wants to be us, or didn’t you know that? 😉

Overheard 11:05 am 11 Jul 08

Overheard said :

Artsound FM have two hours of music from 10am to midday, interrupted only by news on the hour and the odd station ident or tasteful sponsor’s announcement.

Ah, spit. That should have included ‘Monday to Friday’ in there.

Overheard 11:00 am 11 Jul 08

Didn’t realise this thread was still going. Since everyone else is having their two cents’ worth on what’s on, this is something I just put somewhere else, so at the risk of repeating myself:

Artsound FM have two hours of music from 10am to midday, interrupted only by news on the hour and the odd station ident or tasteful sponsor’s announcement. It will be a bit elevator-y for some, but worthwhile checking out if you like uninterrupted music. 92.7FM and 90.3FM in the Tuggeranong Valley.
Disclaimer: I’m an (unpaid) volunteer announcer on Artsound FM.

Maybe something for those who (like me) just want to put the stereo through the wall when some presenters open their mouths. (Won’t say which since I’ve now joined the ranks of the on-air bozos!)

Danman 10:29 am 11 Jul 08

Danman do you really think he is “allowing” her to accept a posting in her position? He never came across as a domineering person.

Hearing and believing are 2 different things.
In his statement he tendered on air that its what I heard.

Belief is up to the individual – in any case I dont give a toss, got tired of listening to him winge about his kids not walking the dog…..

Roadrage77 9:46 am 11 Jul 08

Holden Caulfield said :

Colin_Dixon said :

Is there any other? Again, everybody in this town thinks they’re media experts. At least Jones and Laws do it, and do it well.

I don’t claim to be a media expert, but I know a couple of trumped up self indulgent wankers when I hear them. The only thing those clowns do well is whip up a bunch of mindless morons into a frenzy. Their succcess is a horrible indictment on our society.

Very well put.

zanzibar01 9:40 am 11 Jul 08


It sounds like you’re speaking from experience. How was your time at 104?

AngryHenry 9:28 am 11 Jul 08

Fair go indeed.

I do recall though Parton’s replacement has already had a go at breakfast radio once before on 104 and was beaten in ratings.

Woody you say that he was more real than most of the radio announcers on Canberra radio.

I don’t think there is anything ‘real’ about trying to win a popularity contest on FM radio. If you want real go to the community stations like 2XX.

zanzibar01 8:38 am 11 Jul 08

I heard them say this morning thay had reached their target of $10,000, which is pretty good. Just proves Canberrans are generous.

But what does sadden me is that you guys get the knives out on the new Mix team. I thought another good qulity of Canberrans is we give people a fair go. They’ve only been n air 1 week (i think), so give them a chance. Yeah, the show sounds different, but its like everything in life. It takes a while to get used to. Considering it the first week, I think they sound good.

Woody, I’m sure management at 106 were put in a tough spot when Mark resigned, but I think they made the right idea in Cam. Friends of mine say he has been on 104 for a while so he knows Canberra really well.

Anyway, people are entitled to their opinions. But I will always stick with 106 because since I moved to canberra 7 years ago, i feel they do alot for the community.

Woody 10:37 pm 10 Jul 08

Danman said :

I heard that after years of marriage, he is finally allowing his wife to accept a posting in her position (as whatever she does) and that they are moving abroad…

Danman do you really think he is “allowing” her to accept a posting in her position? He never came across as a domineering person.

I used to listen to Mix 106.3 as my station of choice and don’t think he talked about his kids too much. Sure he used to talk about them, but it wasn’t everyday.

Mark always had something to say about local stories and national issues, covering the topics that were important to locals and Australians. I found him to be very intelligent, although sometimes opinionated but not overbearing, and he was witty. He made you laugh and cry.

He was a lot more real than many of the other radio announcers on Canberra radio which is a real shame to have lsot someone that was so switched on and seemed to actually care.

And after listening to the new breakfast program this week can’t help but think things have turned sour for Lisa. Look at the woeful fundraising attempt on Monday morning…..not one call!

And the “Who’s on First” segment where a listener wins a prize and they didn’t get a call for that either!

Guess the management must be happy with their decision. LOL.

ant 10:41 pm 09 Jul 08

@ Pesty, the clothes peg analogy is spot on! He just sounds vile, it’s difficult to listen to him. And they’re not funny, so thank god for Hack.

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