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Pasquale Barbaro goes down

By johnboy 16 October 2006 17

The ABC has the intriguing news that Pasquale Timothy Barbaro (one supposes of the infamous Barbaro clan) has been sentenced to five years in prison for his part in robbing the Helenic Club in 2001.

“During the course of the robbery a security guard was bashed with a steel pipe.

The wheels of justice grind slow.

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Pasquale Barbaro goes down
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Anna Key 2:24 pm 02 Mar 11
Fugby 8:32 pm 28 Oct 06

Oh also….. Guess where the Barbaro’s celebrated Pasquale’s last night of freedom ??
Yep, the Hellenic Club.
It ended in a brawl.

Fugby 8:29 pm 28 Oct 06

FYI …. the police were tipped off and waiting for the two thieves. Pasquale was the “mastermind” behind them. Phone taps implicated him.

Special G 5:05 pm 17 Oct 06

In the ACT you will go to the new holiday resort prison, as opposed to Goulburn pound me in the arse prison.

andy 3:21 pm 17 Oct 06

i love that he’s sent to jail for 5 years, yet it says “will be out in october, 2008”
cause thats a full 5 years, huh.

FC 11:06 am 17 Oct 06

Most normal (not criminal scum) don’t seriously consider committing crimes because it is basically just god damn embarrassing. Just having to go to the police station in hand cuffs and loss of self respect (let alone any fine/gaol time etc), is a big enough deterrant for most people I think.

VYBerlinaV8 11:00 am 17 Oct 06

I don’t think too many people SERIOUSLY consider it. I don’t.

Mr Evil 10:44 am 17 Oct 06

I wouldn’t want to spend 5 minutes in prison, let alone five years; but that’s not to say that some criminal arseholes wouldn’t think that five years was a good score for a serious and violent armed robbery.

FC 10:33 am 17 Oct 06

There are many things I only don’t do because of the fear of concequences. For example my car is insured for heaps and the only thing that stops me from doing and “insurance job” is the fact that it is against the law and therefore there are consequences.
When people do crimes and are caught – of course they are bloody remorceful (usually only becuase they got caught!!))

Absent Diane 10:29 am 17 Oct 06

crime is only fun when it is illegal.

caf 10:28 am 17 Oct 06

And anyway, are you two really saying that the only thing that stops you committing crimes is the threat of going to prison? What happened to not doing the wrong thing just because ITS THE WRONG GODDAMN THING???

caf 10:26 am 17 Oct 06

Your lives must be pretty empty if you can be so glib about throwing away “only” five years of them…

Mr Evil 10:17 am 17 Oct 06

No doubt he also felt remorse for what he’d done – thereby cutting ten years off his sentence!

VYBerlinaV8 10:02 am 17 Oct 06

I have had the discussion with colleagues a number of times… If I could spirit an amount (say 5 or 10 million dollars) out of the country, then let myself be caught and plead poor upbringing and gambling addiction and I’m so, so sorry, odds are I would only serve a couple of years.

I would then retire to South America or some such and live a luxurious life without ever working again.


Mr Evil 9:35 am 17 Oct 06

Five years almost makes crime worth it, doesn’t it.

FC 9:17 am 17 Oct 06

I am surprised that he didn’t just claim “drug addiction” as the reason and then get sent to rehab as a punishment.

darkladywolf 6:39 am 17 Oct 06

I do wish they’d report just a little more detail. It says nothing about whether Pasquale was directly involved in attacking the security guard.

Though even without that 5 years seems a tad…lenient.

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