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Passover Pets – a call for regulation of pet sales

By weeziepops 6 April 2009 46

I was disappointed to see a pet shop in the Hyperdome selling baby chickens, presumably in an attempt to cash in on the traditional links between Easter and hen’s eggs.  Baby chickens are very cute.  So are baby rabbits.  But they don’t stay babies forever. 

I wonder how many people who buy a baby chicken plan ahead for the chicken run they will need to erect in their garden to accommodate the adult bird?  If the bird turns out to be a rooster, have they pondered how they will manage that situation given regulations around keeping these in urban and suburban settings?   Check out and you will see a number of rabbits already awaiting new homes – how many of these, I wonder, were impulse buys which were later regretted and have now been farmed off to the RSPCA to deal with? 

Ban the sale of live animals in pet shops in Canberra!

What’s Your opinion?

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Passover Pets – a call for regulation of pet sales
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boganvilla 9:28 pm 02 Jul 10

I bought three baby chickens from the pet shop 4 months ago.They were cute at the time and now are beautiful girl hens who will soon be laying eggs for the family. I’m glad the pet shop was selling the chicks, they are a great addition to our family and are very well looked after!!

SheepGroper 7:42 am 07 Apr 09

ebony57 said :

Sadly, when the lawful conditions for keeping breeding animals such as dogs turn them into nothing more than battery hens, there seems to be little that any animal welfare organisation can do to stop these monsters.

Except campaign for better conditions for battery hens, and all intensively farmed animals.

ant 1:28 am 07 Apr 09

The SMH has a story on this topic:
People being “forced” to surrendur their pets. Yep, forced. yet I bet they still find the money for takeaway… when will they be forced to “surrendur” their kids, or their elderly parents?

People can be absolute rubbish.

Holden Caulfield 10:55 pm 06 Apr 09

Beautiful plumage, the Norwegian blue.

Enny 10:54 pm 06 Apr 09

We’ve had a few rescue dogs, and they’ve all been lovely but they’ve all been products of their environment. One of our current dogs was from a puppy mill, had three litters before she was two years old – she’s a mixed breed, so no doubt her puppies were sold at close to a grand each. The other one seems to have escaped from a similar situation – he has separation anxiety, had never been for a walk, is obsessive compulsive (he spends hours watching ants and bugs) and has been difficult to toilet train as he would only ‘go’ when he was under cover.

Buying puppies from petshops puts money in the pockets of the breeders. Why not put the money in the pocket of the rescuers and carers who are left to pick up the pieces after these impulse buys are discarded or mistreated?

Bundybear 10:47 pm 06 Apr 09

Indeed, CK, Norwegian blue.

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