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Passover Pets – a call for regulation of pet sales

By weeziepops - 6 April 2009 46

I was disappointed to see a pet shop in the Hyperdome selling baby chickens, presumably in an attempt to cash in on the traditional links between Easter and hen’s eggs.  Baby chickens are very cute.  So are baby rabbits.  But they don’t stay babies forever. 

I wonder how many people who buy a baby chicken plan ahead for the chicken run they will need to erect in their garden to accommodate the adult bird?  If the bird turns out to be a rooster, have they pondered how they will manage that situation given regulations around keeping these in urban and suburban settings?   Check out and you will see a number of rabbits already awaiting new homes – how many of these, I wonder, were impulse buys which were later regretted and have now been farmed off to the RSPCA to deal with? 

Ban the sale of live animals in pet shops in Canberra!

What’s Your opinion?

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46 Responses to
Passover Pets – a call for regulation of pet sales
jakez 11:40 am 06 Apr 09

Yeah I’ve gone right off the RSPCA over the last few years.

dvaey, if you haven’t heard of them, check out ACT Rescue & Foster.

Great little organisation. I can’t have a dog at the moment but I plan to join their organisation and help with transport.

dvaey 11:31 am 06 Apr 09

Several years ago after our dog passed away, we decided to goto the RSPCA and get another dog, as for over 20 years theres always been a dog in our family, always a rescue from the RSPCA. We went to weston, found a doc that we connected with and figured we’d just be able to bring him home… not so fast.. the RSPCA required us to sit down for a 30-minute interview, after which they came out to our house to do an inspection. After looking around they found a loose fence pailing and decided our 4′ high fence wasnt tall enough to keep a puppy in, despite the fact it was good enough to keep our last 3 dogs over the last 2 decades. They wouldnt allow us to fix these issues and re-inspect, they simply blacklisted us. (I should point out we have had 3 dogs from RSPCA, which have all been desexed, microchipped, and regularly taken to the vets in the past).

While I understand the requirement for these checks, it seems stupid to discount responsible pet owners, simply beacuse they only 99.9% meet the ‘best pet owner’ criteria.

Sadly, that dog was not given to us, and was destroyed, so our last 2 dogs have been non-RSPCA dogs. While I feel saddened that we cannot ‘rescue’ a dog due to strict policies, I can understand why someone would have to turn to a petshop to buy a pet.

Clown Killer 11:31 am 06 Apr 09

Stupid people can impulse-buy

Judging by the prices of some of the dogs in that pet shop it would be more accurate to say “Rich stupid people can impulse buy”. I’ve seen crposs-breeds in there for $800!

deezagood 11:22 am 06 Apr 09

Our dogs are rescues, but our hermet crabs/stick insects/giant cockroaches came from Exotic Pets In Kambah (now called Reptiles Inc) where all of the animals are treated absolutely beautifully.

I would never buy a pet from a conventional pet store, but I have, on occasion, bought fish food, leads etc… from that place in Tuggers. No more though.

Hells_Bells74 11:16 am 06 Apr 09

I’ve always got my pet mice and fish from pet shops when I want them and my mice always seem relaxed and well cared for. I would never buy much else from there though and find their puppy/kitten boxes heartbreaking although very cute, I always want to take them all home. Control is the key you must remember with pets is that the animal is not always better off with you. Go home and think about it first, not how to get the money!

OHHH! never believe your kids when they say they will take responsibility for the pets.. feeding, washing, walking, training, barking, vet trips and keeping it from escaping will all come down to you for a very long time to come.

Kizzle 11:06 am 06 Apr 09

I can’t stand pet shops.. they treat the animals like s*** and charge a stupid amout of money.

ant 10:59 am 06 Apr 09

It’s been sad to see the proliferation of shops selling live animals over the years. Stupid people can impulse-buy. Having them available from breeders means the person has to go to some effort to find the animal, and by the time they’re in a position to buy, they’ve considered the whole issue.

chewy14 10:47 am 06 Apr 09

Ban the sale of live animals in pet shops in Canberra!

Wouldn’t that make them Butchers?

V twin venom 10:45 am 06 Apr 09

I absolutely agree!

Chickens and other foul are available from quality breeders across the ACT and region. We have 3 different breeds as bumnut providers and pets. All came from reputable places without a hint of cruelty. Again, our dogs and cats came from either breeders or the RSPCA.

There should be better regulation of the animals bought into pet shop or better still a total ban. Puppy farms are an abomination.

jakez 10:45 am 06 Apr 09

Ban the sale of live animals in pet shops in Canberra!

Yeah, dead animals only!

FC 10:41 am 06 Apr 09

Thumper said :

Ban the sale of live animals in pet shops in Canberra!

Yeah, I’m finding that I have to agree with this.

+ 1

AG Canberra 10:30 am 06 Apr 09

There are no rules for keeping roosters in the ACT. There are some vague rules issued by ACT Health about coops and their proximity to houses and neighbours but that’s it.

You are free to keep as many chooks as you want – as long as you aren’t breaking any welfare laws (which are up to the mood of the RSPCA inspector or ACT Ranger).

The issue of buying chicks to turn into layers soon becomes a lesson for the kids on properly killing an animal and eating it for dinner. That’s what we did when we took on the two 3 week old ones from the pre school hatching kit. We knew there was every possibility that they could end up as roosters – and when they started crowing at 5 in the morning and began to “wrestle” our hens it was time for the chop!

deezagood 10:23 am 06 Apr 09

I agree with you weeziepops; although the puppy and kitten farms bother me a lot more than the chickens. That said, I too was absolutely appalled to see those poor chicks in that pet shop and I will no longer be making any purchases from that store (or any other in the franchise).

Thumper 10:22 am 06 Apr 09

Ban the sale of live animals in pet shops in Canberra!

Yeah, I’m finding that I have to agree with this.

Clown Killer 10:19 am 06 Apr 09

I wouldn’t support a ban of rabbit sales in pet shops – they’re presently the only convenient place to get really fresh rabbits!

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