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Pay Parking increase in Woden

By dave78 - 4 October 2005 19

Can someone explain, that during a time when the ACT Government should be doing what it can to help motorists (particularly in the case of petrol prices), why they’ve just whacked a 50c increase on the top of all day pay parking in Woden?

And why there was no warning about this increase (ie. signage on the boxes over the last week)?

It now costs $50 a fortnight to park your car, what a joke.

What’s Your opinion?

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19 Responses to
Pay Parking increase in Woden
tallian 7:30 pm 04 Oct 05

the main problem i had with using buses is that it works reasonably well for 8.30/9.00 to 5.00, but if you can’t escape work right on 5.00 the 30 min trip home becomes much longer.

threeze 5:40 pm 04 Oct 05

i need to be out and about for part of the day to see clients, and the buses are of no use to me then.

Thumper 3:15 pm 04 Oct 05

yeah, the bus changes my options from 10-15 minute drive in and home, to an hour plus both ways.

Not much of an option.

el 3:06 pm 04 Oct 05

Totally. Hell, the bus is actually looking like a viable option to get there – aside from turning a 12-15 minute drive into a 45 minute trip.

Thumper 2:49 pm 04 Oct 05

Much better than 0600….

el 2:39 pm 04 Oct 05

Used to. Just scored my first 9-5:30 job (never thought that’d happen in my line of work).

Thumper 2:10 pm 04 Oct 05

Do you start before 0600 el?

Zero dark o’clock…..

el 1:58 pm 04 Oct 05

Too bad if you start work before 6AM.

bonfire 12:59 pm 04 Oct 05

city parking should be a minimum of $20 a day.

Use the public transport alternative, even if it is a bus.

Indi 12:23 pm 04 Oct 05

…the day you get any politician to directly commit any given revenue stream to a specific project/program (hesitates, can’t find diplomatic words to finish).

kimba 12:19 pm 04 Oct 05

I see that moron Hargreaves is telling us to walk, bus and bike more. When was the last time this idiot walked, bussed or rode his bike anywhere?

jr 12:05 pm 04 Oct 05

I would be nice if the parking increases were actually hypothecated to providing a better public transport infrastructure…. I think you will find that all the money simply goes straight in to consolidated revenue.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 11:46 am 04 Oct 05

I have no doubt it’s a money grab, I used the word “apparently” because thats what I heard the official line was…not that I believe a word of it.

It is funny the way they reinvented the “3 for free” thing.

Thumper 11:36 am 04 Oct 05

No, its a money grab in guise of getting us to use an antiquated, unplanned, unprofitable bus service.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 11:09 am 04 Oct 05

I believe this became a news story yesterday…the government appear to have increased parking in numerous town centres including Woden and Dickson. From memory I think Civic and Gungahlin also have the increase.

Apparently this is all a push by the government to get us all on the bus…I did hear something about the government reinventing the wheel and painting it orange by reintroducing that “3 or more people and park for free” thing…dunno how they regulate that!

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