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Petition against changing Canberra Airport flightpaths

By toriness - 21 June 2007 43

I got this email the other day from Canberra Airport. If you live in one of the suburbs which will be effected by changes to flightpaths, I urge you to register your outrage.

Good afternoon

Thank you for your feedback in relation to the proposed development of homes under flight paths at Tralee.

Canberra International Airport has set up an online petition in relation to this issue, and we encourage you to sign up to show your opposition to this planning madness!

Go to the Canberra Airport website at:

You will also find additional information on aircraft noise around Canberra International Airport on the website, or otherwise feel free to contact the airport on 6275 2222.

Yours sincerely

The Canberra International Airport team

What’s Your opinion?

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43 Responses to
Petition against changing Canberra Airport flightpaths
Growling Ferret 9:26 pm 21 Jun 07

I’ve said it before – the only thing Tralee is good for is the speedway!

jellen 9:24 pm 21 Jun 07

Good work jr…this post smacks of Airport propaganda to me. Funny one Maelinar – ‘cept you assume anyone who might buy in Tralee is a bogan. What about if you’re not a baby boomer/lucky enough to have gotten in early and you can’t afford to pay 1/2 mil for a half decent house?
It is REALLY hard to pick a side on this issue – a drag down fight between developers, both of whom are principally interested in their own bottom lines.

ant 8:36 pm 21 Jun 07

It’s interesting who works for that airport. Noel McCann used to be the Head Valuer in the ACT. Did the valuations on which rates (and land rent) were based.

The airport doesn’t want noise sharing and flight paths over Canberra, because then they would lose the ability to bring jumbos in from Singapore at 2am.

the lack of a curfew was the biggie in buying the airport. the ability to build a new CBD out there was a nice bonus, apparently, as the national capital mob are in charge of planning out there, not ACTPLA.

If there’s ever a nasty aeroplane incident though, it will be very ugly. Notice Sydney airport aren’t boxing in their runways with office blocks and retail malls.

jr 8:19 pm 21 Jun 07

I wonder if the “Tori” that posted this news article is the same “Tori” that works at Canberra Airport…

tommy 8:16 pm 21 Jun 07

like the airport can comment on planning madness with thousands of office works and those tiny roads (within the airport’s confines).

I’m not sure why the airport is petitioning Canberra residents – the airport isn’t in their electorate nor are we marginal.

Also – if the airport is so steamed about Tralee, why aren’t they doing anything about existing aircraft noise in Campbell? The last comment to the community in Campbell from Noel McCann was that they could “do nothing about it”.

Make up your mind.

Vic Bitterman 8:02 pm 21 Jun 07

Whinging about aircraft noise = whinging nimby. LOL

groonsnout 7:26 pm 21 Jun 07

Deal with it or move, or even more.. get a job! Then you wont be home all day complaining about the noise..

Special G 7:00 pm 21 Jun 07

I’m thinking Tralee would be a good place to invest. Get cheap housing while under filght path then get a big increase in capital value when said flightpath gets shared around.

Swaggie 6:49 pm 21 Jun 07

I’ve read everything there is to read Skaboy and I’m still voting against Winnell and his greedy development company.

skaboy12 5:55 pm 21 Jun 07

Geez, Why do people believe the crap that comes out of Snowtown Airport.

The noise sharing argument is crap, just like the added turbulence because of housing myth. I have never experience excessive turbulence while flying into sydney and that means flying over a whole city.

Before you sign the petition, try reading both sides of the story and actually consider the facts, not the fallacy. Then make your decision.

I vote for houses at Tralee.

Maelinar 5:52 pm 21 Jun 07

Just tell them to get phucked. Stupid NSW idiots.

I’d be surprised if they could hear the aircraft noise over the remainder of their bogan activities anyway.

Al 5:13 pm 21 Jun 07

The airport is being mischievous with their ads. No plane can turn left (west) before Mt Majura.

toriness 4:35 pm 21 Jun 07

that’s right thumper.

my partner and I only bought our townhouse in one of the areas over which new flightpaths are proposed for 2 years ago, we are certainly not in the financial position to just up and move to escape the noise if it proves unbearable. also a flight path will almost certainly effect the value of our property in a negative way, after we paid a premium to buy in a ‘quiet street in a quiet area’ because we do not like noise – especially not aircraft noise!

if developers want to build under this new NSW development under an existing flight path, then the new owners of those houses will be buying in full knowledge of the environment their house was built in and which they will be living in. if the flight paths are changed, this is a choice that we never had.

Thumper 4:28 pm 21 Jun 07

So, if I remember correctly they are going to build under a flight path and then request the airport to change those flight paths?


Absent Diane 4:10 pm 21 Jun 07

I have the perfect solution solution

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