Petition calls for Yerrabi Pond clean-up and new facilities

Ian Bushnell 16 February 2021 11
Yerrabi Pond

Yerrabi Pond is looking tired and in need of a refresh, says Gungahlin resident John Beagle. Photos: Supplied.

Gungahlin’s main water feature and surrounds are looking shabby and its ageing facilities not up to scratch, says local resident John Beagle.

Still active at 89, Mr Beagle and his wife live at the Grove Retirement Village in Ngunnawal, and they have noticed how the condition of Yerrabi Pond has deteriorated.

He has launched a Legislative Assembly petition calling on the government to fix the Yerrabi Pond Recreation Area, used by thousands of Gungahlin residents.

He also wants to establish a Friends of Yerrabi Pond organisation, based on other ‘Friends’ models, to drive the process and draw support from the community.

”Unlike Lake Burley Griffin, and Lake Ginninderra, which are well maintained and improved on a continuing basis, Yerrabi Pond has languished,” the petition says.

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Mr Beagle said areas are overgrown with weeds, the water quality of the pond is poor and toilet facilities are inadequate for the growing numbers of people the government acknowledges are using the area.

Yerrabi Pond was established in 1999 and since then there has been explosive population growth in Gungahlin, where 80,000 now reside. Mr Beagle said this would soon increase to 90,000.

The petition calls for the government to aid and support the establishment of ‘The Friends of Yerrabi Pond Association’, upgrade the areas around the Pond that are overgrown with weeds and bushes, and provide more toilet and handwashing facilities, particularly at the children’s playground on the western side.

It also wants more signs, particularly on shared pathways concerning rights of pedestrians, and instructions for people to dispose of dog droppings responsibly.

It says these improvements would allow many more older users to walk around the Pond because of a western toilet.

Mr Beagle said many families shunned the playground because there were no toilets, and the only toilets on the other side of the Pond were often out of order.

He said people were leaving dog droppings on the path and surrounds, and even if they have bags there were not enough bins.

“People have seen swans and other birdlife caught up with bags of dog droppings,” he said.

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Mr Beagle said Yerrabi Pond was vital to the thousands of people living in apartments who did not have gardens.

He said the site needed a master plan so the work was not piecemeal, and he hoped community groups and businesses would get on board, not just government

”Within two years we should have meaningful change at Yerrabi Pond with or without support from government,” Mr Beagle said.

”There are a lot of pro bono groups, retired people with skills, and businesses that can see the advantage of making this place more attractive.”

Mr Beagle said he was working with the Gungahlin Community Council, Rotary and other groups on the project.

Labor MLA Michael Pettersson has sponsored the petition but it has cross-party support, with fellow Gungahlin MLAs Liberal Leanne Castley and Green Andrew Braddock also backing it.

A spokesperson for City Services Minister Chris Steel said all of the ACT’s lakes were cleaned at least four times a year but did not address the issue of toilet facilities.

The spokesperson said that at Yerrabi Pond ribbon weed was commonly mistaken as overgrown vegetation but was in fact an advantageous water plant which filters nutrients from the water and catches sediment flowing past it, as well as providing fish habitat and food for many water bird species.

In 2020 a new nature play space was constructed complemented by a colourful mural painted on the toilet block wall which tells a story about the wildlife found in the nearby waterways.

“The Government will consider the feedback provided by the community from the petition to inform any future improvements to Yerrabi Pond foreshore and recreation areas,” the spokesperson said.

For more information about the Fix Yerrabi Pond Recreation Area petition, visit the ACT Legislative Assembly website.

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11 Responses to Petition calls for Yerrabi Pond clean-up and new facilities
keek keek 2:22 pm 18 Feb 21

The complete lack of rubbish bins in ANY of the recreational areas like this is largely the problem. There is no excuse for just leaving your rubbish behind, but people are much more inclined to do it if they have to bring a bag of rubbish home with them.

Every other state in the country manages to put bins in their recreational areas and camp grounds. I don’t understand why the ACT Government decided to remove them here.

    Finally Relented Finally Relented 4:50 pm 28 Feb 21

    I think you mean no bins anywhere. Full stop.

mattm mattm 11:29 am 18 Feb 21

I live across the road from Yerrabi Pond. 2-3 times a year I get out on my kayak and collect as much as 6 bags of plastic and other waste out of the Pond. I (and other neighbours) now regularly mow a 300m strip of grass near my place because it just gets too shabby and snakes are now being seen where they’ve never bee seen before because the grass is too long. I’m have to regularly reporting things via Fix MY Street, only some of which are ever attended to. In 2016, I even had to get the media involved in stopping 40+ trucks a day pumping water out of the pond for use in mitigating dust in the construction of Throsby!
Given the platinum rates we all now pay, I, and others, shouldn’t have to carry out what are basic municipal services.
The neglect of a such a heavily-used community resource with so much potential is all the more frustrating when you go to other jurisdictions, even just across the border, and see how open space areas are managed far, far better with a much smaller budget and without all the excuses.

    John Beagle John Beagle 10:13 am 21 Feb 21

    Thanks mattm. We tried to contact you and the third member of our team Darron Marks from GCC sent the following message “I am a member of the Gungahlin Community Council and I have been working with John to help set up the Friends of Yerrabi project. If you could provide any assistance we would be very grateful as we only have a few members so far. You can contact John on 0419613705 or Thanks again for your support we really appreciate any assistance. Regards Darron”. My wife Kay and I wholeheartedly endorse what Darron has said and we would welcome any assistance from you or other readers. We see the need for wholesale refurbishment and enhancement of Yerrabi Pond. This will be more articulated when we produce the vision. In time we see the Pond can be an absolute showpiece not only for Gungahlin but for the whole of Canberra. It will encompass the best features of LBG and Lake Ginninderra. We intend to replicate the organisation that produced the Kings Park/Boundless project. Please contact us, together with any other readers, as soon as you have the time. Many thanks. John & Kay Beagle

mattm mattm 11:18 am 18 Feb 21

Great initiative John. I was thinking of doing the same. You’ve beaten me by a few weeks!! I’m juts as exasperated by the neglect of such a gem of a place as you, and many other locals, are. I’d be happy to join you in establishing a Friends of Yerrabi Group, as something definitely needs to be done.

    Darron Marks Darron Marks 11:09 am 20 Feb 21

    Hi Matt,

    I am a member of the Gungahlin Community Council and I have been working with John to help setup the Friends of Yerrabi project. If you could provide any assistance we would be very grateful as we only have a few member so far.

    You can contact John on 0419613705 or at this email

    Thanks again for your support we really appreciate any assistance!

    Regards Darron

Sher Bee Sher Bee 8:46 pm 17 Feb 21

Same goes for our bike/walking paths. Zero cleaning or maintenance 😡

Mark Scarborough Mark Scarborough 7:32 pm 17 Feb 21

Measures need to be taken to improve safety around the shared path including improving visibility and lighting so more people feel comfortable using the space for longer periods of time.

Louise Anne Louise Anne 5:07 pm 17 Feb 21

.....and it would be great to have a coffee or a drink or ice cream to buy after a Sunday stroll.

Gordon Gullock Gordon Gullock 3:37 pm 17 Feb 21

Given up using the facility, filthy unusable toilets, lack of general maintenance and often anti social behavior.

So much potential lost due to cost cutting and neglect.

    John Beagle John Beagle 10:48 am 28 Feb 21

    100% correct Gordon. The toilets are a disgrace. They appear to be the original 1999 edition, and the only illumination is one electric light. If the light is out, as was the case on Friday 26th February, it is like the black hole of Calcutta and the toilet is unusable. Both inadequate toilets need to be urgently retro-fitted with skylights. Why this has not been done in the last 22 years astounds me. These are exactly the type of matters the Friends of Yerrabi Pond will emphasise once the Friends are properly set up. ALL are urged to sign the Petition on the ACT Assembly website.

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