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Phenomenon Gaming Convention 2008

jennybel75 6 June 2008 49

Phenomenon 2008 is a gaming convention held in Canberra at Daramalan College over the June 2008 long weekend.

Pheno provides role-playing, RPGA , Living Arcarnis and miniatures games (Warhammer 40K, Flames of War, etc) as well as special events such as the Tryptich, Mission Improv, the World Wide 4th Ed D&D games day on the Saturday and a banquet on the Sunday night. There are also a number of vendors who’ll be selling gaming supplies and books.

The Pheno website has details of our special events, role-playing and miniatures games. Chariman Morph invites you to come and have a look around, choose the games you want to play and join the Phenomenon collective for the fun! 🙂 Registration is from 6pm this evening and we’d love to see you there!

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49 Responses to Phenomenon Gaming Convention 2008
el el 9:24 pm 08 Jun 08

He’s not gay, but his boyfriend is.

Snarky Snarky 9:13 pm 08 Jun 08

Ant @#38 Oooh! He’s not GAY! He’s CATHOLIC!

ant ant 8:24 pm 08 Jun 08

@ Snarky and his gay St Isidore… The Blood Giant is WAAAY tougher than that character, and he’s too tough for paint, too. And if he had a mouse (and a computer) it’d be a bluetooth one, so there.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 8:19 pm 08 Jun 08

WMC: Did you ever play silkworm on amiga? Pinnacle of gaming, i swear it.

Yeah, loved it in the arcade too. There was a bowling alley near our place that had Silkworm, Shinobi, Double Dragon and Black Tiger next to each other – needless to say we didn’t do much bowling. Easy enough to fire up on MAME, but not the same as using a rickety old joystick on your Commodore monitor, waiting for the floppy to finish grinding…

Just had a look to see if I could find the original Silkworm box for a quick pic but could only find a backup – must be in one of the other 70 litre plastic tubs full of Amiga stuff. Found boxes for just about everything else though – Elite, Elite 2, Cannon Fodder, Chaos Engine, Micro Machines, It Came From The Desert, Syndicate…might have to go fire up Moonstone :>

Snarky Snarky 5:39 pm 08 Jun 08

Ant @#25 He’s looking for a fight too…

Hah! Pathetic – now here’e a REAL Statue of Power, St. Isidore, Patron Saint of teh Internets, as beatified by Himself and the BVM, via the Pope. Also handpainted.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 4:59 pm 08 Jun 08

And I’m a nerd and proud.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 4:48 pm 08 Jun 08

Note VG, I’m 6″4, 90kg’s, not Tap.

ant ant 4:21 pm 08 Jun 08

Heh. vg desperately clearing egg out of his eyes, poking people on stools wanting a fight.

I’ve never read Lord of the Rings, was not (and still aren’t) quite sure what Warhammer is, played Galaxions on our first computer (but preferred the bazooka game) and bought The Blood Giant becuase I was dragged into this shop, and he’s a taking little fellow. Unlike vg, who as tap said, is a parody of himself.

tap tap 4:05 pm 08 Jun 08

Strange.I thought we were having a nerd off. You know all those comments about who was a bigger nerd? And which nerd hobby was best? Just before your sherlock holmes style deduction skills lead you to the genious conclusion that we are nerds? Back there. Oh did you mean we should go and fight? Sorry man, nerds we are, but so lame that we would resort to threats of violence of the internet? That we are not.

You know what else is a stereotypically nerdish behaviour? Spending time on internet forums. Take a look at yourself.

vg vg 3:56 pm 08 Jun 08

Keep trying.

But then again you are around 6’4″ and 90kgs and can ‘handle yourself’. Is that in the real or virtual world though?

In fact from what I read here you do a lot of ‘handling yourself’. Perhaps yourself, DMD and ant could have a ‘nerd off’?

tap tap 3:52 pm 08 Jun 08

I swear sometimes you are a parody of yourself vg.

vg vg 3:51 pm 08 Jun 08

If living in reality is foolishness then yes I am.

FYI, Lord of the Rings was a work of fiction.

Blood Giant………..oh my hat!

tap tap 3:50 pm 08 Jun 08

WMC: Did you ever play silkworm on amiga? Pinnacle of gaming, i swear it.

ant ant 3:42 pm 08 Jun 08

@vg: Oh dear, you are quite a fool, aren’t you?!

vg vg 3:41 pm 08 Jun 08

“As you can see, vg, I know all about gaming”

This comes as no surprise to me. You fit the stereotype perfectly

ant ant 3:38 pm 08 Jun 08

Here’s The Blood Giant:
He’s looking for a fight too…

(the things you do on a boring Sunday…)

ant ant 3:30 pm 08 Jun 08

As you can see, vg, I know all about gaming…. Still wandering around the bar room, trying to find someone to fight you?

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 3:25 pm 08 Jun 08

Carders killed gaming. OK, to be fair, Vampire mortally wounded gaming (ooh, look at me, I don’t game for fun, I’m so full of tortured angst and I pretend I’m The Crow when nobody is looking), and MtG finished it off.

Real nerds roll dice, cast Magic Missile at the darkness and drink Mountain Dew. Wanna play D&D? Couple pieces of paper, a bag of dice, beer and chips, off you go. You MtG freaks, with your endless shuffling and tapping – you’re like meth addicts.

Now, I’m off to play IK+ on one of my Amigas.

vg vg 3:21 pm 08 Jun 08

What a surprise to see Tap, DMD and Ant on a gaming thread. Maybe they forgot to wear their cloaks of invisibility

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 2:10 pm 08 Jun 08

I’m Kano. Watch your step mofo!

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