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Pialligo missing cat found.

By Thumper - 23 September 2005 26

My previous post detailed the ineptness of Tara cattery and how they allowed a friends cat to escape.

Usually one would suspect this to end in tears, ie, cat being splattered by a truck or something like that.

However, the fairy tale faeries must have been at work and the said cat turned up in a cat trap set by its owner.

Thanks to all those at Pialligo that kept the updates about the cat’s whereabouts. Thanks to RA readers who contributed. No thanks to Tara who simply wanted the problem to go away as this is not the first time it has happened.

All in all, a good result and the cat, albeit, very skinny, is now reunited with his owner and his other cat mate.

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
Pialligo missing cat found.
bulldog 1:56 pm 23 Sep 05

Meaning that is the correct frame of mind. The “Drink me drink me drink me” is probably coming from beer…

bulldog 1:54 pm 23 Sep 05

That’s the spirit!

Thumper 1:54 pm 23 Sep 05

It is Friday, yep, time to mellow.

What’s that I hear in the distance coming from Kingston way …. “Drink me drink me….”

bulldog 1:46 pm 23 Sep 05

For bloody sh*t f*ck gods fart watermelon vomit wang splugel-metres sake,

Not much to add to this, but I wanted to point out that prefacing your posts with expressions of frustration strike me as funny. Call me an idiot, but it’s Friday. Mellow out; I don’t like cats but I could actually see the humour in Bonfire’s post. It was a joke wasn’t it….

LurkerGal 1:43 pm 23 Sep 05

Don’t bother Thumper. You are wasting your time. bonfire is a narrowminded intolerant selfish ignoramous who cares about nothing but himself.

Thumper 1:29 pm 23 Sep 05

For fuck sake Bonfire.

The cat, at home,is locked in every night. It was put in the cattery so that it couldn’t harm wildlife because they are supposed to look after it.

They let it escape.

The cat, due to some bloody hard work, is now home again and won’t harm wildlife because it will once again be locked in at night.

And I’m not even a cat person. In fact I pretty much agree with you regarding cats. Any cat that is in the bush should be shot, but this was not the case here.

bonfire 1:18 pm 23 Sep 05


who knows how much native wildlife dear puss puss has consumed while wandering the countryside.

ive heard the procat arguments and i reject them out of hand. owning a cat is a an act of gross social and ecological irresponsibility.

Maelinar 12:32 pm 23 Sep 05

Bonfire, if you had a pet and somebody trapped it and threw it in the river, I think you’d have something to say about that, so how about a little bit of ‘pullyourheadin’ ?

I understand you don’t like cats, that’s ok by me, but no need to get extreme.

I think you went a bit too far with that one..

Mr Evil 12:23 pm 23 Sep 05

Yakz, I think the word you’re looking for is “extinguished”?

yakz 12:11 pm 23 Sep 05

all bonfires should be ignited immediately to reduce longterm flame risk

bonfire 10:56 am 23 Sep 05

a cat trap ? excellent idea.

does it automatically wrap them in hessian sacks and fling them into rivers ?

Thumper 10:16 am 23 Sep 05

Cat was trapped at Willow Park nursery at Pialligo so thanks to the staff at Willow Park for their supprt.

che 10:09 am 23 Sep 05

so the cat made its way home by itself?
or was the cat trap set up around Pialligo?

Mr Evil 9:44 am 23 Sep 05

Sorry, I really have to stop saying “Mr Fist”: he sounds like an extra from a German Porn movie!

Mr Evil 9:31 am 23 Sep 05

Yay, a very happy ending! Maybe Tara need to meet “Mr Fist” and “Mr Iron Bar”?

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