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Pictures from the killing fields

By johnboy 19 June 2010 52

dead roos

With the renewed kangaroo cull underway Greg Tarlington has sent in some pictures of the body disposal from 2008.

It seems like a collossal waste.

funeral pits

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52 Responses to
Pictures from the killing fields
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Davo111 2:07 am 27 Jun 10

they should be wearing a harness if they’re going to lean over a large hole like that

Genie 12:36 pm 25 Jun 10

Hmmmm sorry johnboy I have no intentions of going near Queanbeyan for at least another week. No where near the area.. I did try to pull over last night to get a shot, failed miserably.

Anyone out there working in Quangers willing to take a shot ?

Genie 11:33 am 25 Jun 10

Has anyone noticed that the Australian Capital Territory sign coming from Queanbeyan into Canberra on Canberra Ave now reads Australia CULLING Territory ? Seriously get a life.

Who cares they are kangaroos, we kill hundreds of unwanted cats and dogs each year at the many pounds and rspcas Australia wide.

Personally I think they should be killed – with a bullet. Then other poor starving animals/humans can get a good feed on Roo meat.

I’d rather them kill a few thousand roo’s each year than have me kill one with my car !

westyonline 9:25 pm 23 Jun 10

this is natural selection at work,Evolve or die!….if you live in a house,drive a car,use electricity,wear clothes,eat food,watch tv,type sensless dribble on forums,you are contributing to skippys ultimate demise in someone or another…..DEAL WITH IT!

fgzk 8:12 pm 22 Jun 10

crappicker Stanhope has already blatantly lied about Kangaroo numbers. He has lied about the science. Would you trust what he has to say?

crappicker 6:53 pm 22 Jun 10

Kangaroo cullings have been going on for a few years now. It is now up to the Stanhope government to show (a) that threatened species numbers were going done when kangaroo numbers were going up, and (b) that threatened species numbers are going up now that kangaroos are being culled. If the Stanhope government cannot produce convincing evidence for such links than they fail their own justification for their culling program.

Funky1 1:45 pm 22 Jun 10

I guess those people opposed to the culling of the local kangaroos are also opposed to the culling of the camels in the outback. Or maybe not given thay are not in our backyard, but someone else’s problem.

As for kangaroos being talented and having their own personalities, I’m sure people who keep rats or mice as pets would say the same thing about their rodents. It doesn’t mean I won’t set traps or bait if I get an infestation of them on my property.

Pork Hunt 5:55 pm 21 Jun 10

yellowsnow said :

This is a slippery slope, people! In ten years’ time our beneveolent dictator Stanhope will be proposing a cull of derros and bogans in the overpopulated ghettoes of gungahlin, outer tuggers and elsewhere….

I don’t see what your problem is…

Dougal 4:25 pm 21 Jun 10

fgzk said :

Take a close look at the photo above and see if you can see a starving roo.

You have xray vision? You can see inside these kangaroos?

AngryHenry 4:21 pm 21 Jun 10

Greg Tarlinton said :

That’s what people used to say about koalas, Tasmanian devils, earless dragons, grey nurse sharks, thylacines or any other species that is now threatened or extinct..

You can say whatever you want to earless dragons.

They can’t hear you.

I don’t hate roos or anything but if you’ve ever been attacked by one then you’ll know that people and roos don’t necessarily share space all that well, same goes for if you hit one with your car and have to finish them off with a tyre iron. It’s traumatic. I would rather see a cull than have to go through that again.

I do think it is a huge waste of resources. I know that there would be associated costs but surely there are better things to do with all of those dead roos then just chuck them in a hole. What about their hyde and meat? Wouldn’t a single roo go a long way for a family that may be starving and need to be clothed?

fgzk 3:19 pm 21 Jun 10

Niftydog Where are these starving Kangaroos. I’m yet to see a starving Kangaroo in the ACT. I have seen thousands of burnt Kangaroos not so long ago. Hard to imagine that the population has exploded to the point of starving since then. What I do see are farmers having to feed their livestock. That would be the same livestock along our river corridors that are causing degradation to the grass lands and erosion. Or is it that the plague of starving roos doing that. Its so hard to tell amongst the mountains of bull shit.

Take a close look at the photo above and see if you can see a starving roo.

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