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Pix of the Erindale Dominos Blaggers

By johnboy 23 September 2011 24

cctv shotcctv footage

ACT Policing has released CCTV images of two offenders following the aggravated robbery of the Erindale Shops Domino Pizza store earlier this week (Monday, September 19).

The first offender is described as Caucasian, wearing a light grey ‘hoodie’, black gloves, dark coloured pants and shoes.

The second offender is described as Caucasian, wearing a black ‘hoodie’, white or light grey gloves, black pants and shoes.

At the time of the incident, both offenders were armed with large kitchen knives.

Anyone who may be able to assist police with the investigation is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, or via the Crime Stoppers website on Information can be provided anonymously

[Courtesy ACT Policing]

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Pix of the Erindale Dominos Blaggers
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obamabinladen 2:18 am 26 Sep 11

@ Violet my comment wasn’t aimed at all drug users just the ones who commit violent crimes to support their habit, if people want to get high and they use their own money to do so who cares good on them its none of my business.

obamabinladen 2:11 am 26 Sep 11

Violet I think I get where your coming from, this world we live in should be paradise but us humans seem to find ways to ruin it with things like greed, racism, violence, corruption etc in my opinion and I know my views may seem extreme but when your home gets invaded with insects you call the exterminator. My views have been formed over life experiences and thats all I can go on my life I’d say would be far different to yours however I dare say less scum in the streets would improve not only mine but yours and the greater community, wouldn’t it be great if we could go back to the days of not having to lock your doors at night? Im a supporter of a fair trial and the presumption of innocence but once guilt is established beyond a reasonable doubt violent criminals need to be exterminated or at the very least locked up for life and have their organs on standby if someone in the public needs them lol

INFP 10:14 pm 25 Sep 11

Violet68 said :

Again, a myopic view of a much bigger social problem. Just throw all the “human excrement” in jail or better still give them the death penalty or just exterminate them. Then you’ll be able to order your pizza in peace.

And No I don’t struggle to live in society. I struggle with my disgust in narrowminded biggots.

I find you’re strong views on it being society’s fault that people can’t keep their hands to themselves amusing, I find it comical that if someone doesn’t share your view that they must be a bigot.

While I understand that you think that every thing wrong in the world that we see it today is either; a) a mental health issue, b) society’s fault for punishing criminals or c) society’s fault for punishing criminals who have a mental illness. I don’t agree with your assertions, because you have not argued your case very well.

I can honestly say that I agree with you on some points, mental illness is not very well managed in Canberra, it is getting better, but it is not where it should be. How do we deal with the problem? That is not something that can be solved on a forum such as this.

I can also say that I definitely, definitely disagree with you on a number of your points. You are trying to say that it is alright for people to walk into a business, a business that is employing our teenagers and giving them a sense of responsibility and allowing them to contribute to the society, with kitchen knives and threaten these person’s for a few dollars, because Domino’s sell’s unhealthy food?

Like me, you have no idea why these people committed the crime. There is a worrying trend, specially on the south side where people are committing these crimes for the fun of it, this is not due to a mental illness or some underlying problem with society, the people committing the crimes are bad, not mad. They do it for fun, they do it for the power, they do it because they can.

Is that society’s fault? How else can society punish these people, yes I did say punish, think about the mental stress they have caused the young workers at the place, is it now alright for them to go out and rape, kill or rob someone?

Rehabilitation can not work without consequences, you do it once, you get a suspended sentence and attend cognitive self change courses etc. You do it twice, that is not society’s fault, you need to be locked up and punished for your actions, there is nothing else to it.

I do agree with you Buzz and appreciate your comments. However, it was not the disagreement with my point of view that caused me to use the word bigot. It was the use of the words “death penalty” and the assumption that the robbery was about drug use…..and the usual wish they’d give themselves a “lethal dose” comment.

I don’t wish the young staff at Domino’s any trauma either. Of course they should be able to work safely without fear. My comments were about the broader issues that lead to crime in the first place. If there is such a division in the community that creates an “us and them” mentality, then it will only continue to escalate. Yes, there should be deterrents and punishments in place for offenders. However, this is a short term solution for many, so we also need to look at the underlying issues that perpetuate the disconnection of people from our community in the first place – and you are right, this is definitely not the forum to create that type of action. Sometimes the comments on here remind me of Dr Seuss and his Sneetches.

in all seriousness, i love you. and am grateful that someone with a broader perspective on society is willing and able to post such articulate thoughts.

punishment is not always a solution when the causes arent even known, investigated or understood.

Watson 7:30 pm 25 Sep 11

Large kitchen knives are not machetes, people! Machetes are useless for cutting up steak. Similarly, you don’t want to find yourself trekking through dense jungle with only a large kitchen knife.

Err.. not that it matters though. As you were.

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