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Places for after-work coffee, snacks, etc?

By Dacquiri - 12 February 2008 23

I’m often (like now) looking for a place to meet a friend or two after work over a coffee or two and pre-dinner snacks.  Not a restaurant or cafe where you’re expected to buy a meal, not a bar (although being able to get a beer would be OK) and not a grotty take-away.  Most of the coffee shops seem to close by 5.30pm, which sort of leaves Starbucks & the odd place like Edgar’s. Where can you go for a couple of hours in the early evening that has accessible parking, decent coffee, a bit of atmosphere and something other than weight-inducing stuff like garlic bread, potato wedges & nachos.  Suggestions please?

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23 Responses to
Places for after-work coffee, snacks, etc?
Proud Local 11:09 pm 14 Feb 08

Who’s bagging out Carlos? I have only been there twice, once for breakfast and once for dinner and thought it was fantastic. Great menu, good value and good service. Most people I know love the place. Has it changed hands recently or something?

I-filed 10:14 pm 14 Feb 08

The Kurrajong is a known Liberal hangout.
Have to trot out Tilleys as a suggestion for Dacquiri, because the parking is easy and while they do have nachos, they have some lighter stuff. Too pricey though. Main gripe with Tilleys these days is that (surprisingly ) the owner is too mean to pay APRA fees, and insists on playing nothing but out-of-copyright music. If you’re a Sarah Vaughn or Glenn Miller or Piaf fan, or don’t mind endless repeats from the Naxos cheap classics label great.

Davo111 12:07 pm 14 Feb 08

I like the place next to PJs called “The Blue Olive”.
They make nice milkshakes and burgers. I don’t drink coffee so i dont know, but i do see many public service people hanging around the place.

Sikkukkut 3:11 pm 13 Feb 08

Yeah, the Kurrajong was always a good spot when I worked in Barton.

Not sure where you are with caffs closing at 5:30, but around Civic there are at least a couple open until half-ten or eleven most nights: Gus’ and Essen, plus some in North Quarter and Pancakes (although they’ve gone dramatically downhill in recent years IMO).

If you’re prepared to go a little outside Civic the Delissio (formerly Coggans, up at the roundabout on the northern half of Mort Street is pretty good. Parking is OK once the working day is over, and although they do do the full restaurant thing they have some nice tapas so you don’t have to order anything big and heavy.

neanderthalsis 10:24 am 13 Feb 08

I’ve always found the Kurrajong at Barton to be ideal. A small selection of snacks available, drinks, coffee etc and a jazz band on friday evenings.

wishuwell 9:48 am 13 Feb 08

Chill is closed but a new joint is supposed to open up there this month. Been good having chill closed, able to get a car spot to do me local shopping.

RandomGit 9:16 am 13 Feb 08

I swear to god these sorts of posts are viral marketing.

Dacquiri 10:27 pm 12 Feb 08

Many thanks for those helpful suggestions. (I’m avoiding Carlo’s due to their well-deserved bagging (confirmed by personal experience), & Chill has regrettably closed.)

Mess 9:07 pm 12 Feb 08

Oh yeah I always liked Das Kapital in Narrabundah

Mess 9:05 pm 12 Feb 08

Maybe a place like Milk and Honey or Cream? I always like relaxing at Valentinos in the warmer months as well.

sepi 8:33 pm 12 Feb 08

Carlos at Watson? You can park anyway.

Trinity at Dickson.

All Bar Nun at O’connor.

Chill at campbell.

needlenose 8:33 pm 12 Feb 08

My Southside biases will be evident here, but “A Bite To Eat” at Chifley is a bit of a favourite. You can have a meal, a coffee, a variety of boutique beers, or indeed, all of the above.

Also, some clubs are better that others. The Mawson Club has quite a civilised area away from the pokies where you can have a coffee or a drink, it’s open til 4am, and there’s a reasonable menu of bar snacks (not sure how late that’s available; suspect not the whole night).

The Hellenic Club is much bigger, but still has some quite nice areas to have a drink or a coffee and I’m pretty sure you can also get something to eat. Ditto the Southern Cross Yacht Club.

Also I think the places under the Dendy are probably open a bit later than others, for movie-goers, as is Babar’s at Woden (not fabulous, but MUCH better than the travesty that is Babars under the Dendy).

eggman 6:43 pm 12 Feb 08

a hotel like the hyatt?

Pickle 6:04 pm 12 Feb 08


Mike Crowther 5:42 pm 12 Feb 08

Call me Mr. Unadventurous but Ive always found the Pancake parlor good for a hot-choc and some gut filler to tide me over till dinner time.

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