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happygirl 12 August 2011 11

Dear All,

Please support your local supermarket 5Star in Scullin. Next week is the first anniversary for the new owner since taking over but sales has been down so much its really depressing especially after the stabbing incident. The shop owner and his workers are all hardworking nice people and they really would love to continue operating and serving the community. They bought the shop in a high price without an understanding of the security issues around the suburb and they are paying a massive rent. With pizza shop next door recently closed it is very depressing who those who are still trading there. Scullin 5Star is there to provide convenience to the local community, please pay your support. And to all supporters, thank you very much!!

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11 Responses to Please Support Scullin 5Star
miss molly miss molly 2:19 pm 21 Sep 11

I refused to shop there until I learned it is owned by that young guy who works there. I thought “good on you for trying to do something so brave and ambitious for yourself!”

Now I go there when I need the staples like milk and noodles. Booze is also very cheap there! I wish them luck, but I do feel they’ve got a lot to do to turn that place around.

I find their service to always be friendly.

As for the rest of the shop complex- the mechanic there is EXCELLENT. He’s very helpful, and fixed a rattling problem my car has had for 12 months that other mechanics couldn’t even hear.

And we ate at the chinese shop for the first time a few weeks ago. It really was delicious and the service was very friendly and helpful too. The decor is daggy, like the Chinese restaurants of the old days! For that reason, I think that most of their clientele are pick up take aways. We were the only ones there, but the phone didn’t stop ringing with people placing orders.

I’d love to see the Scullin shops become a vibrant, bustling square like Florey is. The shops are due for an upgrade in November to be completed by May, according to signs that have just been placed around the site. I think it’ll take more than an updated car park and a few bike racks to do it though.

happygirl happygirl 12:50 pm 14 Aug 11

thanks a lot for the comments. we will try to improve as best as we can 🙂

lelcat lelcat 5:08 pm 12 Aug 11

Yeah one of the blokes there, youngguy just smokes. They need some new products aswell

Calamity Calamity 3:16 pm 12 Aug 11

Guys, give the shop a good tidy up, make it welcoming & presentable, fully stocked, start taking requests from customers and ensure all the shelves are filled with the right things, then put something on – a sale & a sausage sizzle or something! – Print up a little flyer/invite and do a letter box drop.

You can absolutely ask your community to ‘Come and support your local!’ but you also need to highlight ‘We have improved – Please come and check it out. You won’t be disappointed’.

If you can get a few people to swing by and see the place is looking up – you can EASILY have them returning again solely because of the convenience that you’re their local. You just need to change the perspective of those who have stopped coming because the place looks run down.

And also – maybe don’t have the place always filled with about 5-10 teenage friends of yours. It’s daunting, frankly.

Chop71 Chop71 3:12 pm 12 Aug 11

struggle street

Classified Classified 2:36 pm 12 Aug 11

Perhaps ‘help them out them because they are now paying for their lack of due diligence’…

Kerryhemsley Kerryhemsley 2:28 pm 12 Aug 11

So support them because they have a really good business that is serving the needs of the community?

No support them because they are really nice but depressed and either naive or stupid.

gizmo1 gizmo1 1:41 pm 12 Aug 11


Be nice if they actually had stuff to buy, I knew the old owner, he had most things & would even get stuff in for you. These new people have no stock so why would you even bother going in? Crap all over the floor, nothing on the shelves, staff playing on their mobiles or a lap top. Service is worse than poor. And these people new what they were buying, they just have no talent & have run the business into the ground. Want us to support you? Give us a reason to.

Northwest9 Northwest9 12:31 pm 12 Aug 11

yellowredme said :

the fellow there seems to be outside alot smoking.

im convinced thats all he does. dead set chain smokes.

the shop is also a bit bare on things needed, too many times ive ended up having to drive to another suburb to get something i need, after attempting to support the local business, but them not having anything beyond the very basics

yellowredme yellowredme 11:24 am 12 Aug 11

I feel for the mini-mart owners, but I think they could scrub/do up the front of their shop a little and make it more welcoming (IGA shopfronts look clean and welcoming), the fellow there seems to be outside alot smoking. Maybe he needs to lobby the centre owners to get their act together and get a few decent tenants alongside the mini-mart.

Scullin shops could be lovely, but shopkeepers there seem to have no idea of how to run a business and keep customers. The coffee shop/pizza shop was never open when I wanted coffee (in the morning), the range of sweet things to have with coffee was very limited (and once mouldy) it was a strange little establishment but it did have a nice outlook so I perservered thinking my custom would help, their customer base seemed to be increasing but then the shop began to open sporadically, then shut. The Greek patisserie didnt seem to have any customers, I waited and called out for someone to serve me there for 15 minutes, the owner then enquired about my marital status in a way that made me feel uncomfortable, so I didnt return to his shop. We popped into the Chinese restaurant a few months ago for dinner before working a late shift, there was one other table occupied, our order was taken, after quite a while the waiter advised both myself and the other table that the chef had gone out for a while and would be back soonish (I suspect to buy supplies?) and meals would take a while. I love the op shop at Scullin shops, they are friendly and it is extremely cheap, the op shop is what draws me to the centre, but I find the foyer it shares with the doctor and hairdresser is smelly, I suspect because of whatever is in the wheelie bins in the foyer area. Not sure what is happening with the ‘coffee roasting shop’ or the ‘patisserie’, can just see untidiness through their dusty windows. I have tried to support Scullin shops and would be a frequent customer if they were actually open, gave good service and looked clean and welcoming, but they arent and that does not encourage me to spend my money there, I now drive to Florey or Hawker for convenience items.

roccon roccon 11:06 am 12 Aug 11

the shops are in a really poor state, I thought ACTGOV was going to to a refurb of the carpark/amenities etc. to brighten the place up ?
Anyway, have shopped there a few times recently, but not hugely impressed. maybe if the remaining shops got together and tried to improve the presentation of the shops and maybe organised some activities with the local charities/schools on the weekends, people would come back ?

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