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Pleasing architecture?

Thumper 24 October 2005 20

As JB has decided to go out and hunt down the very worst of Canberra architecture, I believe that we should have some balance and submit what we believe to be asthetically pleasing as well.

I would instantly say Old Parliament House but thats a bit of a cop out.

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20 Responses to Pleasing architecture?
bulldog 1:19 pm 27 Oct 05

Fair call about the foreshore Thumper, can we nominate the whole area?

Mael, I’ve hear conflicting reports on the correct pronunciation of Manuka; what’s your take.

AD; that would be the French and/or Spanish habit of turning the double L into a Y. More power, but I won’t do it just because the architect was ethnic.

bonfire 1:06 pm 27 Oct 05

plenty of those phallic comms towers around, you cant miss them when you travel.

my faves are the ‘asparagus’ tower in berlin which apropo the thread on east german architecture, is an east german architectural miracle as berlin is largely a reclaimed swamp with sandy soil. i do not know how deep they sunk the base or how much concrete they used, but its a bloody nice design. i recommend a trip up to the silver ball – a majestic view.

my other fave is in Prague. Its a regular design, but teh czechs realised it needed a spruce up. they engaged some artist who ummed and ahhed and designed giant fibreglass crawling babies affixed to the sides, as if they are crawling up and down the tower. it makes a bland design stand out.

a rotating restaraunt really just doesnt impress me that much.

Thumper 12:52 pm 27 Oct 05

Actually, the Southern foreshore in the Parliamentary triangle is a superb study in a cultural, architectural landscape

Thumper 12:49 pm 27 Oct 05


we are the only city on earth to have an oversized hyperdermic needle on a mountain.

Actually I reckon it looks cool at night, or when there’s cloud around the mountain and it kind of looms out.


Maelinar 12:34 pm 27 Oct 05

I like the Telstra tower, it makes Canberra unique

Absent Diane 12:14 pm 27 Oct 05

Another bloke I work with pronounces it carrion

seepi 5:57 pm 25 Oct 05

I like the Canberra Centre extension – so light and sunny and a nice view of hte mountain at the end.
I like the Melbourne and Sydney buidings too, even if they could do with some paint. And Blundell’s cottage is cute.

ssanta 1:34 pm 25 Oct 05

Marrakai St in hawker has some awesome houses up there. Went for an oopen house the other day and it was great. Lots of $$ however.

The worst, have a look at the top of Issacs. We need another straffing run by Alexander the Great (or who ever it was) to get rid of those parthenon-esque pieces of sh*t.

Maelinar 1:31 pm 25 Oct 05

I have one word to say to you bulldog, Manuka.

bulldog 12:30 pm 25 Oct 05

Really? The why do we pronounce it with an I? Just as you can have silent letters, can you have invisible ones? We’re not French, so I’ll continue to spell things more or less fone-et-ik-lee.

Absent Diane 11:43 am 25 Oct 05

Hey just a little off topic I had an arguement with a colleague regarding the spelling of the ‘Carillion’… she assured me that it was actually ‘Carillon’ with no ‘i’… I looked it up and sure enough it was spelt ‘Carillon’

Poindexter 9:12 am 25 Oct 05

I really like both the Dickson Library, and the Apostolic Nunciature in Red Hill — both of which were designed by Enrico Taglietti, who as far as I know still lives in Canberra.

He also designed the War Memorial Annexe in Mitchell, and the Center Cinema in Bunda St.

His designs aren’t for everyone, but they really grab me.

Thumper 7:55 am 25 Oct 05

St John’s Schoolhouse is a little gem hidden away from the public view. Okay, its nothing flash, but quaint and interesting.

blossy 7:05 am 25 Oct 05

Gorman House and the Carillion are both good. I like New Parliament House and always have. St John’s in Reid is beautiful. I think The Tank at the ANU is kinda cool.

Sikkukkut 5:58 pm 24 Oct 05

Gorman House, University House and Olims. All about of an age, or at least they look it, all with a very comfortable, low-key elegance. Some summer evening take a wander through the grassed courtyards at Gorman House, or along the University House colonnade by the fishpond, and see what I mean.

bulldog 5:02 pm 24 Oct 05

Carillion? Unusual design, but it works for me.

St Stephens or St Christophers? Without getting into a theological debate, the architecture and structure is pretty good.

bonfire 4:30 pm 24 Oct 05

I like the national gallery except for the botched entrance/exit.

NO ONE ever visits from the High Court.

Benjamin Offices. Outstanding design. Seperates foot traffic from car traffic. Unique internal layout.

Slinky the Shocker 3:59 pm 24 Oct 05

I might be caned for it, but the Red Arch and the whole front of the National Museum are great…

Smackbang 2:08 pm 24 Oct 05

The National Library is one of my favourite buildings in Canberra.

Notable mentions: The Shine Dome (Academy of Science), The Hyatt Hotel, the Carillon.

Mr Evil 1:55 pm 24 Oct 05

Canberra School of Art (ex-Canberra High) is a good example of Art Deco in town: it’s just a pity about some of the stuff inside.

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