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PM called a disgrace by Canberran

By Thumper - 23 October 2007 83

The Prime Minister, according to the Herald Sun, while on his usual morning walk, was called a ‘disgrace’, and ‘a bad economic manager’.

Okay, which one of you guys did it?

Or is the Chaser in town?

[Update: PM hasseled again this morning in SA]

John Howard has been heckled for the second day running during his early morning walk when a middle aged man called him a ‘bloody arsehole’ while walking along the banks of the River Torrens.

No originality these South Australians.

And love or hate Howard, I think one needs to respect the position of PM.

What’s Your opinion?

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83 Responses to
PM called a disgrace by Canberran
MrMagoo 11:59 am 22 Oct 07

Um last time I checked neither Howard nor Keating before him set the interest rates it is the RBA, now I’m no PhD, but its about time everyone acknowledged that neither Keating or Howard ‘set’ interest rates. Yes, their economic policies and management of the Australian economy impacts on it, but THEY DON’T ACTUALLY SET THE RATE.

Ralph 11:42 am 22 Oct 07

Ah ha!

The highest yield on an overnight bank bill occurred in 1974 when the overnight bank bill rate reached 21.75 per cent, under the Whitlam Government.

But to be fair, this ocurred again during the first energy crisis and spiralling oil prices.

barking toad 11:38 am 22 Oct 07

Don’t pick on the kiddies Ralph

la mente torbida 11:20 am 22 Oct 07

If I remember correctly mortgages were capped at around 13% but only for pre-existing loans.

Ralph 11:12 am 22 Oct 07

Don’t try and argue this point with an economics PhD. You’re up for a right flogging.

Firstly, your link between fiscal management and interest rates is tenous at best.

Second, the overnight bank bill rate, which was 22 per cent, was due to skyrocketing inflation, 1970s oil price shocks.

You’re so conveniently forgetting Keating’s 17 per cent mortgage interest rates, unemployment over 10 per cent, and the “recession we had to have”. You were probably in nappies then anyway.

Ingeegoodbee 11:08 am 22 Oct 07

Foget mortgage rates Ralph, by any objective assessment 22% interest rates are a damning indictment of the mans inability to properly grasp fiscal managment.

Whats fallatious is for Howard to try and associate himself with this current phase of economic growth as if he actually had somthing to do with it.

Mr Evil 11:04 am 22 Oct 07

“Dont forget Howard inherited a crap economy from Whitlam.”

Yes, but Gough brought the troops home from Vietnam, found a cure for Smallpox, and discovered the theory of relativity.

Ralph 10:56 am 22 Oct 07

Also note that the 22 per cent interest rate claim is completely fallatious.

This refers to the overnight bank bill rate. At that time, the late 1970s, mortgage interest rates were capped.

Maelinar 10:52 am 22 Oct 07

And your point is ?

He’s had over a decade to sort it out, any legacy issues should be long gone by now if they had any fiscal credentials.

Avacry 10:49 am 22 Oct 07

Dont forget Howard inherited a crap economy from Whitlam.

Ingeegoodbee 10:41 am 22 Oct 07

I still haven’t forgiven Howard for 22% interest rates … but alas it wasn’t me.

Absent Diane 10:38 am 22 Oct 07

haha lol at un-australian..

Ralph 10:29 am 22 Oct 07

Howard’s record speaks for itself.

Don’t be so, un-Australian.

Absent Diane 10:26 am 22 Oct 07

its amazing how truth can stir the pot so much.

Mr Evil 10:17 am 22 Oct 07


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