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Okay. So we’ve discussed politics, social issues, the arts, universities, crime, and other interesting and sometimes off key issues, so now I think we should see what RA readers are made of when it comes to poetry.

Who knows, maybe if there’s enough stuff we can publish under a fake name, nom de plume, pseudonym, and flog it off to some arty wanker that thinks he’s found some new and great hidden talent.

Which of course, will not be me.

However, I shall start the ball rolling (stop laughing you in the corner).

And thus ladies and gentlemen, I give you….

To Remember You

To remember you with a summer’s breeze,
warm on my face as it blows,
caress the flowers that sway in your path,
waves of grass green in motion.

To remember you as autumn leaves fall,
delicate and fragile in their beauty,
falling to nestle one with the earth,
a single leaf so unique.

To remember you on a winter morn,
warming sun melts mist and fog,
life to take in the weak heat,
crisp and clear, ice crystal shimmer.

To remember you with the birth in spring,
rose buds bloom and flower,
a world awkens from a frozen slumber,
to live, to love, to laugh again.

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10 Responses to Poetry
LurkerGal LurkerGal 2:31 pm 09 Jun 05

thumper, no, it is spoken, with great feeling and depth.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 12:47 pm 09 Jun 05

This is a weird one I wrote AGES ago….. the rythmic patterns are all over the shop – it was more of a writing jam with myself on word (how nerdy!!) but anyway its kind of pseudolefty/nihlistic rubbish

The balance of life

Forces our hand

I call it nature,
You call it karma
We call it life

For What you take out
You must put back in

For what you give
Will You receive?

There is no indemnity
There is no reprieve
From oblique social standards
Derelicted by our decree

Let the bastards fall
So the mongrels can rise
The plebs will stand tall
The lines will be blurred

Cycles and balance
Entrap us in their web
When it bounces back to hit you
Will you ride the wave
Will you be the slave
To your own petty weakness
Will your weaknesses grow
From strength to strength
Or will you be caught
As the cycle turns
And as it turns
Tumbles and spins
What was flesh
Will be bone
And Bone
Will be skin
It has turned from without
And is now within
What you take out
You must put back in

Thumper Thumper 12:14 pm 09 Jun 05

Is that sung to the tune of ‘Oh Christmas Tree’?

As in ‘Whacking day’….

LurkerGal LurkerGal 11:58 am 09 Jun 05

Here’s mine.

Ode to a blog that isn’t really a blog

O’ RiotACT,
You double edged sword
How you inform me on community issues
Helping me in my work

O’ RiotACT
How you entertain me with your wit
And make me consider important issues
Such as housing, politics and Hayley Jensen

O’ RiotACT
How your contributors frustrate me
With their ignorance and small mindedness
And sometimes they inform and educate me
But usually not

O’ RiotACT
Fuck you
You arrogant bastards.

RandomGit RandomGit 11:54 am 09 Jun 05

Ode to Hoff shortly.

First, something thats been in my head for weeks. More of a lyric than a poem, but whats the difference eh?


Sleight of hand upon my mind
Steps in kind with love in time
You take the very best of me
Make it yours for all to see
You love no one but yourself
But I love no one but your self

Battled bed and sorrowed sleep
word for word not cheek to cheek
See you come but not for me
Tag along just so I keep
You love no one but yourself
See me love no one but your self

Step to arms just cause they are
They won’t last with you for far
I scream upon your towered wall
See me scuttle see me fall
You love no one but yourself
Break for my love of your self

Truth to me it has been found
I bury me down under ground
I take you too you failed to see

You could not stop
What you made your self not see

You loved no one but yourself
You saw no one but yourself
I take down love and all your self
At the last I won all of your self.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 10:38 am 09 Jun 05


This is a piece I performed at a spoken word thingy

Spiderman, Spiderman
Radioactive Spiderman
Spiderman, Spiderman
He Can do anything a spider can,
Is he tough,
Listen Bud
He’s got radioactive blood,
Lookout here comes the spiderman

When I get inspired I may actually write something of my own

Canberra_unsung_hero Canberra_unsung_hero 10:25 am 09 Jun 05

Here’s MY contribution —

Dan,Dan, the garbageman,
Stole a can and away he ran !

LurkerGal LurkerGal 10:16 am 09 Jun 05

Hey Thumper, that’s awesome!

I do, however, demand Random write and “Ode to Hoff”. Come on random, you know you want to do it.

Ralph Ralph 10:10 am 09 Jun 05

Ohhh that’s beautiful mate!

che che 10:08 am 09 Jun 05

Thanks for that Thumper, JB has put up a few bits of poetry on the old site as can be seen here.

Feel free to have a look back through the archives to see whats gone before

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