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Police need a heart and are there any good doctors open on Good Friday?

By nyssa76 21 March 2008 69

We all know (well the older RA’s do) that I am not a fan of the police.

A victim of domestic violence (close to me) was asked “Are you happy now?” with the fact that her husband, who had assaulted her, was going to the watch house.

This woman was thrown around the room and has bruises on her chest and back as well as stiffness in her neck and shoulders.

“There are conflicting stories” – she was told. “He’ll sign an undertaking to stay away from you but we won’t remove him from the house. If he breaches the undertaking (by coming near you) he will be arrested.” (Children are in the house btw)

Hubby breaches it within 20-30 mins and throws a bottle at her to boot.

“You brought us out for this?” and “We’re not here to sort out your childish problems”.

Yes, ACT Policing at it’s finest.

Now, does anyone know of a good doctor that is open Good Friday to have her injuries recorded? It seems that only medical evidence can persuade the copper to take it seriously.

I expect flamage, but I don’t care. She needed help and was treated like crap. It’s unacceptable.

What’s Your opinion?

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69 Responses to
Police need a heart and are there any good doctors open on Good Friday?
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Swaggie 4:06 pm 22 Mar 08

There can’t have been too many police called to a Domestic in the time frame indicated by the OP so it can’t be too hard for the full story to come out in the fullness of time. Some cops may be below the standard we expect and I hope they get a kick up the backside if so but elsewhere on this site is a story about the cops nicking a low life for thieving $100,000 of consumer goods so kudos to those responsible. (No doubt the courts will let him off with a suspended sentence though.)

Absent Diane 3:37 pm 22 Mar 08

I agree with your your first paragraph but you haven’t provided any facts in your second paragraph so therefore your first is redundant.

vandam 3:01 pm 22 Mar 08

absent Dianne,

I don’t think this is about which side your batting for. I along with other people are happy to critise the cops if they do a bad job, but on a topic where there are no facts, and certainly nothing in the media, how can people go about abusing the cops. I would expect that if people starting abusing you or the job you do, you wouldn’t be happy without some form of facts.

At the end of the day, This story is a load of crap started by someone who’s a pathetic cop hater. I just hope with a stupid thread like this, that the next time Nyssa needs the cops they turn around and give him/her the attention he/she deserves…….Nothing!

Mr Evil 2:10 pm 22 Mar 08

“No, the font’s different!”

Hey, that’s my line – get your own! 🙂

123qwe 12:37 pm 22 Mar 08

If the ‘story’ posted by Nyssa76 were true, I would not be surprised to hear of it being discussed heavily in the media. This would be a gold mine for the folks at CT.

Today is Saturday, plenty of time to pick up the phone and really whip this story up into a frenzy. Happy enough to post it on RA; therefore probably willing to go to the media with this gem.

I would expect to read or hear about this by Sunday at the latest.

That’s if it’s true.

I wait with bated breath……….

ant 12:24 pm 22 Mar 08

Hmm. All these aggressive, slightly abusive posts from members with the appellation “newbie”. clue time people. When you start spraying abuse, you’ve already lost the argument.

el 11:40 am 22 Mar 08

No, the font’s different!

freddie281 9:44 am 22 Mar 08

I called the cops out last night for an assault complaint against a neighbour. One of the cops called me a girl and another spat in my face. He knocked my coffee cup out of my hand and smashed it on the ground. Then one of them threatened to assault me by asking me if I would like a face full of spray, they both then left laughing as they spun the car wheels on the grass at the front of my property……….

Did all this really happen? Nope… I made it all up, but…if I didn’t add this last paragraph how many Rioters would immediately form a crap opinion of the AFP and jump on the cop bashing bandwagon? People really should not be passing judgement on an incident that they were not there for, especially based on the rantings of a self confessed cop hater in Nyssa76. These guys have it hard enough..give em a break.

thecman 9:43 am 22 Mar 08

Even taking into account the one-sided, anti-Police and emotional account provided by Nyssa it is obvious that there is a lot more to this story then we are being told. If the cops did call the alleged victim in this matter childish then perhaps there was a very good reason for doing so. I would like to see Nyssa go back to her friend and get a complete and factual account of what occurred and then come back to us. I don’t expect this to occur though because the facts probably don’t match the version of events Nyssa is trying to sell.

Absent Diane – I don’t think anyone is saying we should not be able to criticise Police, but when we do it should be based on fact and it should be objective. As you would expect and hope criticism to be if it was directed at you. The weakest link comment is spot on and applies equally to the rantings of people like Nyssa on RA as it does to organisations like the Police.

Thumper 9:29 am 22 Mar 08

Chill people.

Ask yourself, would you be a cop in todays society?

Not this little black duck I can tell you that.

Absent Diane 9:14 am 22 Mar 08

what gets me is the people that stand up for the coppers in these kinds of posts. No-one knows what actually happened, worst case yep the coppers were cnts, best case a case of exaggeration due to heightened emotion. However i do not see why it is the end of the world when someone criticises cops. If there is a public perception that cops are fcked then maybe the police need to look into changing that. There needs to be some sort of openess to criticism. And you have to remember (and this applies to a lot of things in life) you are only as good as your weakest link.

barney 8:45 am 22 Mar 08

Happy Easter everyone!

Special G 7:05 am 22 Mar 08

Got to love a story that starts with “We all know (well the older RA’s do) that I am not a fan of the police.”

After comments like that you have to take the rest of the article with a grain of salt.

If she needed to see a Doctor so badly there are two large institutions called hospitals – one Northside and one Southside. If she didnt go there then she wasn’t concerned enough about her injuries.

If she was still scared of hubby after the Police left then why did she stay? People need to take action for their own safety before relying on other people.

Headbonius 6:17 am 22 Mar 08

DJ, you are wrong. Nyssa needs help and lots of it. Ingee you pole smoker. This story is crap and a beat up. Nyssa provide some facts or shut the hell up.

DJ 3:42 am 22 Mar 08

Sorry for the double post…

Nyssa76, your friend obviously needs help not this post….. what were you hoping to gain?

DJ 3:39 am 22 Mar 08


Honestly, are you felling better now? A swipe at Police based on one side of an event that you were not at? You got all emotional over something you heard from somebody close which I understand but to post the dribble above that isn’t based on anything but one side of a story mixed with a one eyed view of Police wont help anything.

You think there might be more to this that your friend hasn’t told you. erhaps she isn’t willing to tell you everything (I am NOT suggesting she might in some way be to blame) cause she might be seen in another light by you. Knowing the full story may open your other eye.

“She needed help and was treated like crap” – how would you know.

Police don’t act like this – end of story. People make this kind of stuff up because they are unhappy after not getting what they believe is justice and you are a fool for posting it without the full facts.

vandam 11:31 pm 21 Mar 08


Yes you would like to think so indeed. Unfortuantly though there are some people out there that are missing that part in their brain. They find the need to base their opinions on what ever is written by the CT and anybody who makes a almost believable story.

AnD besides why is their a thread on this, when there are no facts and all the information is third hand.

I might as well say ‘The cops came around to my house tonight because my dog was barking. They threatened to spray me and the dog if i didn’t shut it up’

No doubt their will some narrow minded people on here that would believe such a story even though it didn’t happen.

Cameron 10:15 pm 21 Mar 08

Would everyone feel better if people prefaced their comments with: “If this story is accurate…” or “If a situation like this did occur…”

Of course people are basing their comments on what has been mentioned here on RA. I would like to think that most of the commentators are smart enough to realise that we are in fact hearing limited information from a third hand source and that it more than likely isn’t the whole story.

HA 9:18 pm 21 Mar 08

The key here is we’re only getting one side of the story. Nyssa76 has presented pure heresay. Further, we don’t know the history of this clearly troubled relationship. It sounds to me like this poor woman ahs been the victim of family violence more than once before this [alleged] incident. So it is quite possible there is a lot more we have not been told in this one-sided rant. There is no excuse for violence; there is equally no excuse for poor service from our police. But I am not going to accept this one-sided rant as being the full story, let alone fact, and in the meantime, I would strongly recommend the rest of you don’t either.

In the meantime get the victim to medical attention asap.

imhotep 8:31 pm 21 Mar 08

Ingeegoodbee (on the police) -j’umped up little butt-maggots, under skilled, overpaid twats’
ant – ‘disgusting!!!!!!Disgraceful.’
el -‘complete disregard for the victim from the officers”

All this venom over a one-sided story heard second hand? The story told in the original post doesn’t even make sense, yet this doesn’t stop these message board heroes slipping the boot into plod. Who’d be a copper? You have to deal with domestics AND attitudes like this.

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