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Police Powers – up for discussion

By johnboy 15 May 2010 26

Simon Corbell has announced the release of a discussion paper: Review of Police Criminal Investigative Powers.

The Review of Police Criminal Investigative Powers Discussion Paper considers a broad range of police powers and advocates the modernisation and consolidation of those powers into a single piece of legislation.

“The aim of these proposals is to provide the courts, legal practitioners and the community with a single source of legislation for all police criminal investigative powers.

The discussion paper deals with police powers like arrest procedures, search provisions, protections and safeguards for those in custody and how police treat those in custody.”

They’re open for submissions until 30 June.

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Police Powers – up for discussion
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Pork Hunt 6:31 pm 17 May 10

Spideydog said :

Isn’t that the reason for this discussion ….. to make sure Police powers are up to date with modern times and technology ???

Perhaps I need to clarify my comments. I believe that we don’t need any more NEW laws regarding powers of arrest or carrying out searches with or without warrants etc.

Tinkering with CURRENT laws for technological reasons or new drugs etc should be carried out for sure.

Deadmandrinking 12:49 pm 17 May 10

Spideydog said :

Pork Hunt said :

The only things that might need tinkering with from time to time is to make allowances for new technology (for e.g. the Internet)or when some bonehead invents a new drug which is then added to the naughty list.

Isn’t that the reason for this discussion ….. to make sure Police powers are up to date with modern times and technology ???

DMD – 2 years is excessive m8. By the time the two years are up, they will have lost interest. It’s not that “glamorous” of a job, for people to wait 2 years for 🙂

What if you were paid the same as doctors? Would that be worth 2 years? There needs to be more training for police in areas like mental health, which they’ll come across quite frequently in the line of duty. Perhaps if police had a better understanding of certain mental disorders, there’d be less disasters and less of a need for their firearms (I’m mostly speaking in terms of NSW and VIC here).

EandIprefix said :

These police are not using their existing powers inappropriately: last weekend just because I was driving a sports car I was followed by an unmarked police brand new Toyota Landcruiser from my street corner to my destination at a church carpark ( a distance of 15 kilomatres including turning into many different streets ) where the vehicle following me did a u-turn next to my car in the carpark then left me alone. My workplace has a number of independent expert witnesses have also been discussing an unmarked utility being used to catch-out drivers.

I really doubt the police would spend this amount of time unless there was a very good reason.

Spideydog 11:13 am 17 May 10

Yeah, I should have said that as well, but I was thinking more along the lines of that person being “followed”. Not saying that that vehicle was not an unmarked police vehicle. I was just putting out more possibilities than the apparent obvious.

p1 10:41 am 17 May 10

You are aware that quite a few people do try and impersonate or look like police vehicles don’t you, by installing multiple aerials and lookalike internal lights ??

You are aware of course, that many people these days have extra areials on their cars for mobile phones and radios?

p1 10:13 am 17 May 10

That’s so scarey! If that had happened to me I’d be phoning the police to report a stalker who followed me to Church and apparently knew where to find me!

Really? I’d make random turns to see if they were following me, then engage in intentionally suspicious activity to see if they were genuinely interested, then park somewhere and wander over and ask how they were doing.

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