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Police to increase weekend patrols

By Thumper - 30 January 2008 66

It appears that in response to the apparent wave of criminal violence sweeping the city, and the CM’s subsequent bizarre calls for calm, the AFP have established new rosters.

Frankly the police are playing against a card shark with a marked deck whilst they shift the deckchairs on the starboard viewing area.

I will ask, Mr Stanhope, why is the ACT 40 officers per 100,000 people below the national average?

What’s Your opinion?

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66 Responses to
Police to increase weekend patrols
Duke 9:54 am 31 Jan 08

No problem, Thumper – but if you’re not getting a cheque from Zed every week, you should be!

Thumper 8:54 am 31 Jan 08



Deadmandrinking 1:57 pm 30 Jan 08

I’m seeing it now you mentioned bath.

Danman 1:55 pm 30 Jan 08

Its called Plesantville DMD, if you have seen that movie 🙂

The bath scene rocks 😛

Deadmandrinking 1:22 pm 30 Jan 08

You’d be hard-pressed finding a city where every square meter is safe 24/7. There’ll always be some people who are assholes everywhere.

Danman 1:02 pm 30 Jan 08

NRA stats would barely be reliable. Whatever they say will be pro guns and their figures would reflect that. Maybe a UN study would prove to be more reliable in their demographical sample group and reporting of statistics.

I also agree that crime can only be analysed on information available…Canberra is safe, but I still would not do Glebe Park early AM like I used to frequent when I was younger (Circa 1995)

Deadmandrinking 12:56 pm 30 Jan 08

We’d lose against Western Sydney.

Australia does have a high rate of crime as per our methods of counting. I remember reading an article about the NRA in the US carrying on about our victimization rate being 33% – the highest in the western world. They claimed it’s because of our gun-bans – but that is complete BS. I think it’s due to the fact that we didn’t have that massive segregation thing that basically repeated itself via people moving to the suburbs. That means that our society is more mixed socio-economic wise and hence the victims of criminals will be more varied. We have nowhere that can match South Central L.A.

Also, Crime statistics are more a measure of how much police are involved, not how many crimes are committed. The more police attend crime and the more it’s reported, the higher the crime stats will go.

Australia’s still a reasonably safe country and Canberra is still one of it’s safest cities. You must remember it’s 300,000 people too.

caf 11:41 am 30 Jan 08

I would have thought having a significantly higher population density than the other states and territories would account for part of it. How do we compare with, say, the numbers for the greater Sydney and Melbourne areas?

barking toad 10:58 am 30 Jan 08

Duke, the reason Thumper and others give it to nohope is because nohope is an incompetent dickhead deserving derision from all quarters.

Tempestas 10:53 am 30 Jan 08

“Why is the ACT 40 officers per 100,000 people below the national average?”

Is it really that bad – I had no idea – what are your sources Thumper?

I’d imagine Canberra’s unique geographical layout would make the level of resourcing needed for a similar level of services required a higher than average rate.

Of course given the narrow tax base in the ACT its difficult to find the $. (Of course if all commercial leases were converted back to 25 years we could do something about that)

Mælinar 10:41 am 30 Jan 08

Duke – AFAIK Thumper’s not a liberal party member, and I would be incredibly surprised as a reasonably close mate if he was, cause I reckon I know the colour of his tune.

He follows the Chaser response: Naturally, the parody/jokes focus more on the government of the day, because they are doing more. If a Liberal party were in power, the commentary would swing that direction.

Naturally, I have changed Labour to Liberal for the purposes of this conversation, as the Chaser comment was in response to the Liberals criticism of their ‘vendetta’ against them.

dalryk 10:14 am 30 Jan 08

I don’t think one has to be a Liberal supporter to take a swipe at our jokes of an elected parliament. In reality both sides are as bad as each other.

In this case, Stanhope’s astonishing assertion that more police isn’t the solution to anti-social and criminal behaviour in public deserves all the ridicule one can heap upon it. Regardless of your political leanings.

Skidbladnir 10:12 am 30 Jan 08

So, despite him holding public office, and being responsible for decisions which affect both the content and direction of the community in which we as Canberrans live, criticising or scrutinising Stanhope is a luxury available only to Liberal-affiliated Canberrans?

chester 10:00 am 30 Jan 08

Do you have any work/membership affiliation with the Labor Party Duke?

How would one ever know either way? For anybody with affiliations to any political party/cause, manipulating discussions on this site would be as easy as falling off or log. Or, to be more specific, as easy as registering through an IP address that couldn’t be linked back to their real identity.

Duke 9:42 am 30 Jan 08

Do you have any work/membership affiliation with the Liberal Party Thumper?

If you do I think you should disclose it in your daily anti-Stanhope crusade.

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