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Police Wrap – 21 January

By johnboy 21 January 2009 53

These first two are old news now but I think we all wanted to see what the police had to say:

1. Operation Caprae brings peace to strife torn Tuggeranong:

    ACT Policing has arrested three male youths as part of Operation Caprae, currently targeting a string of aggravated robberies in the Tuggeranong area.

    Around 10pm on Friday (January 16) a 16-year-old male youth was walking with friends along Downard Street, Calwell, when a vehicle containing four males stopped and three of the males got out. The friends ran from the area while the 16-year-old male victim was grabbed. The alleged offenders demanded the victim’s wallet and phone. When he did not give them up they punched him in the face repeatedly. The assault stopped when a witness yelled at the offenders and they fled in the vehicle without taking any property. A member of the public provided police with an accurate registration plate for the suspect’s vehicle. The victim sustained bruising and swelling to the face. ACT Ambulance Services attended the scene but the victim was not conveyed to hospital.

    Numerous police officers were on the scene within minutes and thoroughly searched the area for the surrounding vehicle. A short time later, members of Operation Caprae stopped the white Proton sedan in Sturdee Crescent, Monash, and the 17-year-old driver from Monash was arrested.

    Following extensive investigations, around 3am yesterday (Saturday, January 17) officers from Operation Caprae attended the homes of the three alleged co-offenders and arrested two of them, a 16-year-old from Wanniassa and a 16-year-old from Theodore. Further charges are pending for the fourth alleged offender aged 15 from Calwell.

    All three alleged offenders were conveyed to the Regional Watch House and charged with attempted aggravated robbery. The driver was also charged with possession of a prohibited substance and the 16-year-old from Theodore was also charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm. They will appear before the ACT Children’s Court this week.

    Superintendent Matt Varley says the arrests represent a coordinated effort across ACT Policing.

    “The response to this incident and the subsequent arrest of these offenders was made possible due to assistance from the public and a collaborative effort between General Duties patrols, the Territory Investigations Group (TIG) and Operation Caprae officers,” Supt Varley said.

    “These arrests clearly demonstrate that we mean business and that time is running out for other thugs who think they can continue committing assaults and robberies across Tuggeranong.”

    Operation Caprae will continue to target offenders in the Tuggeranong area.

2. The palm tree torchers feel the long arm of the law:

    ACT Policing has arrested two females and two males following an arson attack on a palm tree in Richardson last night (Saturday, January 17).

    Around midnight the alleged offenders were seen setting fire to a tree in Twamley Crescent before fleeing the scene. ACT Fire Brigade quickly attended and extinguished the fire. Officers from ACT Policing’s Territory Investigations Group (TIG) then intercepted the alleged offender’s vehicle on Kellett Street, Fadden.

    The arrests follow a string of attacks in the Deakin, Red Hill, McKellar, Yarralumla and Queanbeyan areas. The most recent occurred around midnight the previous night (Friday, January 16) when police were called to Dumas Street, McKellar, where several palm trees were on fire. ACT Fire Brigade again attended and extinguished the fire.

    Acting Superintendent David Harrison says the arrests are a result of careful coordination across ACT Policing.

    “These arrests were made possible through information obtained from ACT Policing’s Intelligence teams,” A/Supt Harrison said.

    “Detectives were able to quickly locate the alleged offenders after they had lit the fire.”

    All four of the alleged offenders have been charged with causing a bush fire. One of the males aged 13 from Deakin was bailed from the Regional Watch House to appear before the ACT Children’s Court at a later date. The other male aged 15 from Rivett and one of the females aged 17 also from Rivett will appear before the ACT Children’s Court tomorrow (Monday, January 19). The other female aged 18 from Duffy will appear before the ACT Magistrate’s Court tomorrow (Monday, January 19).

    In the ACT the charge of causing a bush fire carries a maximum sentence of 15 years imprisonment.

What’s Your opinion?

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53 Responses to
Police Wrap – 21 January
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ant 9:37 am 22 Jan 09

They do need to suffer consequences for what they’re doing. There’s too much of this goin gon, we all see it around us on a daily basis. Rotten, lazy parents who have inflicted dangerous kids on society.

We expect something to be done to express how we feel to these nasty creatures, and some kind of deterrent enacted to make them understand that if they do bad thigns, bad things will happen back to them. It will always be an uphill battle because their early upbringing will dictate how they are for the rest of their lives.

But letting them get away with a stern talking to will NOT change their foul outlook on life or their attitudes to the rest of us.

FC 9:32 am 22 Jan 09

So where is the evidence that these children grew up with no discipline?
They could equally have been brought up with harsh physical disciple, which could be why they think that violence is okay.
HOWEVER – my comment said nothing about children not being disciplined. It was about the hypocricy of punishing something for voilence, with voilence.
Also – how can you say that “obviously have no fear of getting into trouble” they may have great fear – but just never expected to get caught.
And bringing back the cane – what, because that prevented children from the last generation from growing up to be criminals/thugs.
So many assumptions being made…

Timberwolf65 9:20 am 22 Jan 09

FC said :

“This is bloody terrible, these kids need a good belting.”

“Name and shame the parents.. then beat the kids without mercy”

“Offenders like this should be given physical punishment”

So we’re shocked at their voilence yet we want to punish them with… voilence.
Great lesson they’ll learn :-\

Well, look what no discipline does to kids, they end up having no respect for anything, anyone. They seem to think they have the right to go out and gang bash innocent people for their phones or wallets.

They obviously have no fear of getting into trouble, no respect for authority and don’t care that what they are doing is wrong.

They need to bring back the cane in schools, the kid will learn to respect, and learn. If they want to muck up and do the wrong thing they have made that choice and they will get the cane.

I’m not talking about bashing them senseless for no reason. Just a good smack when they need it.

FC 8:16 am 22 Jan 09

“This is bloody terrible, these kids need a good belting.”

“Name and shame the parents.. then beat the kids without mercy”

“Offenders like this should be given physical punishment”

So we’re shocked at their voilence yet we want to punish them with… voilence.
Great lesson they’ll learn :-\

farnarkler 8:01 am 22 Jan 09

Offenders like this should be given physical punishment whether it be caning like the American 16 yr old caned for vandalism in Singapore or being put in a chain gang. The problem is that any incoming party which would permit such punishment would face lawsuits galore.

Swaggie 1:44 pm 21 Jan 09

So you’re mid teens, life is too comfortable, too easy, Mum and Dad have been abject failures at raising you with any moral standards and you think it’s acceptable to hunt innocent people as part of a gang……

The reality is they need yanking out from their suburban comfort zone and given a short sharp, harsh lesson in the realities of life. Sadly our pathetic excuse for a judicial system will only encourage them to re offend rather then make them realise they have to respect the law and other people.

p1 1:35 pm 21 Jan 09

Don’t we have anti-terrorism laws for this kind of thing?

peterh 1:32 pm 21 Jan 09

ant said :

They should be extradited to Queanbeyan for burning public trees. The Qbn courts don’t muck around. no slap on teh wrist for them.

maybe, they were trying to get to the new mitchell youth facility. a dip in a pool in the middle of summer sounds like a good thing.

ant 12:44 pm 21 Jan 09

They should be extradited to Queanbeyan for burning public trees. The Qbn courts don’t muck around. no slap on teh wrist for them.

Pommy bastard 12:19 pm 21 Jan 09

The trouble is we have a “second chance” fixation here.

These tw@t’s should be given an immediate custodial sentence, a couple of years or more. May make them think twice about doing it again.

stray 11:51 am 21 Jan 09

two girls, two guys…hell of a double date! 😉

MrMagoo 11:35 am 21 Jan 09

Kizzle said :

Name and shame the parents.. then beat the kids without mercy.

Couldn’t agree more. But we all know some pea hearted Magistrate will listen to some cock and bull story about what a tragic life they have had and they’ll get a slap on the wrist and told to be good boys.

tylersmayhem 11:32 am 21 Jan 09

Operation Caprae brings peace to strife torn Tuggeranong:

Where the f**k are these children’s parents – and will THEY be held accountable?

Vic Bitterman 11:31 am 21 Jan 09

Well said guys, I agree with your comments.

dexi 11:06 am 21 Jan 09

Good role models have a greater effect than parents (good parental role models are the best). I’m not sure what kind of role model would beat children into submission. Maybe the role models their parents had might.

Looks like some good work by the cops on this.

ant 11:01 am 21 Jan 09

Chain gangs. Pink overalls. If the parents won’t raise their kids properly, the state can do it for them.

Kizzle 10:54 am 21 Jan 09

Name and shame the parents.. then beat the kids without mercy.

Timberwolf65 10:23 am 21 Jan 09

This is bloody terrible, these kids need a good belting.

How dare these kids take away peoples freedom to walk the streets at night, what can I say we are to blame for this, there is no discipline, there is no respect.

ant 10:07 am 21 Jan 09

If they go to Children’s Court, and get fined, do their parents have to pay the fine?

Looking at these incidents, the term “children’s court” looks rather silly.


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