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Police Wrap – 7 October 2010

By johnboy 7 October 2010 32

1. Rapid Results:

A total of 469 unregistered and/or uninsured vehicles were detected on Canberra’s roads during the first three months of operation by ACT Policing’s specialist RAPID (Recognition and Analysis of Plates IDentified) team.

Since officially beginning operations on July 1, the high-visibility three-car RAPID team also detected 147 unlicensed drivers, 69 suspended drivers and 22 disqualified drivers.

In addition, nine warrants were executed during the period, three stolen cars recovered, and with the assistance of ACT RTA vehicle inspectors, over 2000 vehicles inspected. More than 500 cars were found to have minor and major defects.

The establishment of the specialist RAPID team, consisting of three Falcon XR6 vehicles with eye-catching signage and “viper” paintwork, received a specific funding allocation in the ACT Government’s May 2010 Budget.

Acting Deputy Chief Police Officer Mark Colbran said the team, led by experienced Traffic Operations Sergeant Andrew Warry, was delivering on expectations but said that the success of the program reflected on the attitudes by some ACT motorists toward complying with the law.

Of concern to police is that despite the high visibility enforcement activities, too many motorists are continuing to drive whilst unlicensed or disqualified, or simply ignore the requirement to register their car. This attitude appears span all income groups, as two of the more recent cars detected by the system were brand new: a Honda Accord and a Mercedes-Benz 350 CLK sports coupe.

“There’s some clear proof to us that some motorists are taking a deliberate economic decision not to register their car or take out CTP (Compulsory Third Party) insurance, and that has implications for all Canberra’s road users,” a/DCPO Colbran said.

“Unregistered and unlicensed/suspended/disqualified drivers are significantly over-represented in serious and fatal collisions so RAPID’s role will continue over the summer months to make our roads safer.”

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Police Wrap – 7 October 2010
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Thumper 10:37 am 13 Oct 10

It’s funny that most of the crashes and fatalities in the ACT involved Unregistered and unlicensed drivers


Hells_Bells74 10:27 am 13 Oct 10

What gives you that impression pete? If that were the case would there be as many insurance claims as there no doubt are? You certainly don’t get far getting anything if those three conditions you mentioned are in question..

pete74au 9:25 am 13 Oct 10

It’s funny that most of the crashes and fatalities in the ACT involved Unregistered and unlicensed drivers. Followed closely by alcohol impaired drivers (not much on drugs and speed).

So why are we pissing money up against the wall on socalled safety cameras as they will not treat these causes of crashes.

KB1971 9:12 am 08 Oct 10

john87_no1 said :

KB1971 said :

john87_no1 said :

I wonder how much revenue in total that is?

Whats that got to do with it?

Dont you want safer roads or would you prefers speed cameras?

KB1971 I usually only explain myself to people that weren’t around for the cold war…. but here you go.

I would like safer roads. However roads arent unsafe because people forget or don’t pay rego. They are unsafe because people are generally impatient and inconsiderate. Safer roads don’t come from a police camera that traps 1000’s of motorists everyday and sends out 1000’s of fines a month.

Actively and aggressively impounding and crushing cars would push people to be safer more responsible car owners/drivers.

Ok, so one of these drivers runs into you because he had bald tyres & no rego (read the whole thing), makes you a quadriplegic. Who are you going to sue for compensation because he has no TPI & no assets?

So you think the police presence doesnt make a difference?

If you do you are wrong, this is what the roads need more of regardless of what they are doing. If they are out there then people will take notice. Not every body but that is a fact of life.

farnarkler 11:14 pm 07 Oct 10

John87_no1 police cameras don’t trap people. If someone is travelling faster than the posted speed limit and get detected by a speed camera it’s not being trapped, it’s suck sh*t for being stupid and disobeying the speed limit.

Spideydog 9:42 pm 07 Oct 10

Pork Hunt said :

Do the Cops have a till and eftpos on the side of the road?

It’s called 132281 canberra connect.

Pork Hunt 9:23 pm 07 Oct 10

Do the Cops have a till and eftpos on the side of the road?

screaming banshee 8:48 pm 07 Oct 10

Pork Hunt said :

Did they kidnap you? Who wouldn’t let you leave? Fill us in…

I would imagine they were not allowed to drive away in an unregistered vehicle…who would’ve thought. They could have walked away, but I’m pretty sure its also illegal to leave an unregistered vehicle on public land. Probably should have made sure it was registered before they left home.

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