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Police Wrap – 9 March

johnboy 9 March 2009 13

1. Chisholm mugging:

    ACT Policing is investigating an aggravated robbery at the Chisholm Shopping Centre which occurred about 5.55pm on March 5.

    During the incident, a 17-year-old male youth was approached by an unknown man whilst withdrawing money from an automatic teller machine (ATM). The offender verbally threatened the youth, and after walking him a short distance away from the ATM, produced a knife and demanded money.

    The offender then concealed the knife and left the area with the money. The youth was not injured during the incident.

    The offender is described as Caucasian, with a short light coloured beard and extremely short light brown hair, about 5’7” (170cm) tall, of medium build and aged between 35 and 45. He was wearing a large baggy purple shirt with white stripes along the left sleeve, dark baggy jeans and a dark blue bumbag with a Nike logo printed on the front. He was also sporting bruising around his left eye.

2. Drive-by shooting on the Monaro Highway:

    ACT Policing is investigating an incident which occurred on the Monaro Highway about 12.10pm on March 8, during which a shot was fired from a moving vehicle.

    A cyclist riding his bicycle in the north bound lane of the Monaro Highway, about 500 metres south of Royalla Drive, observed a passenger in a passing vehicle raise a rifle inside the car, and let off one shot out the passenger side window, whilst angling the weapon upwards.

    Police investigations to date show nothing to suggest that the shot was aimed at the cyclist or that he was the intended target.

    The vehicle is described as an older model (1980’s to 1990’s) white four-wheel-drive single cab utility with a tray back and fold down sides. The vehicle had wide, four-wheel-drive tyres, and possibly mag wheels or white rims. Two people were seen inside the vehicle.

    The cyclist was wearing a bright yellow long sleeved T-shirt, black lycra shorts, a grey and black backpack and a red, white and gold helmet. He was riding a grey road bike.

    At the time the shot was fired, two vehicles were travelling in front of the vehicle described, whilst two vehicles were also travelling close behind.

3. Taxi Terror comes to Downer:

    ACT Policing is investigating the circumstances of an overnight vehicle collision that saw a Canberra taxi crash through the front window of a house in Atherton Street, Downer.

    The incident, which occurred about 3.00am (March 9), resulted in significant structural damage to the brick house, with the taxi embedded into the master bedroom up to the windscreen. The occupants of the house were not home at the time.

    The three passengers in the taxi were conveyed to The Canberra Hospital suffering minor injuries, whilst police have indentified the driver of the taxi as currently holding a suspended drivers licence. He will be charged in relation to that offence.

    The ACT Policing Collision Investigation and Reconstruction Team will attend the scene today to conduct further inquiries.

If you can help police contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or

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13 Responses to Police Wrap – 9 March
Jivrashia Jivrashia 3:02 pm 10 Mar 09

Pommy Bastard wrote…

Pommy bastard said :

how are we to guarantee the driver is a legal and responsible one?

You don’t English’s Illegitimate Son, you don’t, other than to get down on your knees and pray.

Once in a blue moon you will get a driver who is completely high on something. You will see your life flash before you eyes as the driver ‘negotiates'(that is, attempt to turn everything in his path into a roadkill) his way to your destination. And of course you won’t bother reporting his excellent-driving-skills-under-the-circumstance-that-he-is-totally-#$%^ed to the taxi company or anyone else because he knows where you live.

harvyk1 harvyk1 2:51 pm 10 Mar 09

Devil_n_Disquiz, actually I think the dents where already there in the taxi driver when the police arrived.

MissPeaches MissPeaches 1:41 pm 10 Mar 09

“The offender is described as Caucasian, with a short light coloured beard and extremely short light brown hair, about 5’7” (170cm) tall, of medium build and aged between 35 and 45.”

Looks like the hooligans in Thuggeranong are now extending their membership to people above the age of 20!

Devil_n_Disquiz Devil_n_Disquiz 8:00 am 10 Mar 09

‘police have indentified the driver of the taxi…’

How did they do this ? Police brutality ??


–verb (used with object)
1. to dent; press in so as to form a dent: to indent a pattern on metal.
2. to make or form a dent in: The wooden stairs had been indented by horses’ hooves.

threepaws threepaws 9:06 pm 09 Mar 09

I prefer bicyclist.

bigfeet bigfeet 8:54 pm 09 Mar 09

Well I suppose he could have been riding someone elses bicycle.

Or he could have been riding a unicyle, or a tricycle.

RatsNest RatsNest 8:17 pm 09 Mar 09

“A cyclist riding his bicycle “

as opposed to a cyclist riding a horse?

threepaws threepaws 7:10 pm 09 Mar 09

His description may trigger something in someone else’s memory (Pardon the pun)

caf caf 5:13 pm 09 Mar 09

I’m wondering why the cyclist’s appearance was relevant, considering he was the witness.

harvyk1 harvyk1 4:55 pm 09 Mar 09

PB, it’s the risk you have getting into any taxi. But I don’t think that is as much of a risk as ensuring that the taxi driver can actually drive (and if your in a different city, be in the knowledge that they really are taking you the fastest way).

I have been in quite a few taxi’s that I swore people who get their license out of cerial boxes could drive better.

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 2:18 pm 09 Mar 09

Rely man, rely!

She doesn’t need any bloody excuse to reply!!!

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 2:10 pm 09 Mar 09

I think that’s a very important question. My elderly mother in law often has to reply on taxis, how are we to guarantee the driver is a legal and responsible one?

Rawhide Kid No 2 Rawhide Kid No 2 11:46 am 09 Mar 09

“Taxi Terror comes to Downer”
“police have indentified the driver of the taxi as currently holding a suspended drivers licence.”

How are we to know if the TAXI were riding in, the driver has a current license to drive?

(Exuse grammar..too many VB’s)

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