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By threeze 15 August 2007 50

I noticed a bunch of protesters on Canberra Ave this afternoon all holding up (badly drawn) banners with “HONK IF YOU HATE PORN” and “PORN IS HATE SPEECH” and “CLOSE DOWN PORNBERRA”.

I can only imagine it has something to do with this, but does anyone know any more?

Seems a bit far-fetched to me to blame indigenous child abuse entirely on porn. Have there been similar protests at Lion Nathan or Carlton breweries?

What’s Your opinion?

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Mr Evil 10:12 am 20 Aug 07

Kevin .07?

Thumper 8:00 am 20 Aug 07

Well, at least we now know that Kevin Rudd will have no problems with living in the lodge.

After all, Mitchell is not that far away.

PaulM 2:23 pm 19 Aug 07

I saw ’em on the news. The interviewed the learder breifly and whaddaya know! American accent!

I have *got* to write the legislative assembly and tell them that I – for one – do not appreciate american chistians coming over here and telling us how to live.

asp 6:29 pm 18 Aug 07

Someone told me that a few years back, one of the top 10 search terms on Google for a couple of days was “Lisa simpson porn”. Interesting.

Vic Bitterman 11:29 pm 17 Aug 07

I love porn. More power to it.

Giddy up.

boomacat 5:39 pm 17 Aug 07

What about a Pampalona (sorry if that’s not how it’s spelled, can’t be bothered googling it) style lion run in Canberra? Not restricted to Christians but a general lion run?

Could help to get all those overweight/obese children in Canberra that the commercial news networks were going on about this week.

I occasionally watch question time in parliament on the telly. It escalates my desire to make snide, argumentative comments and show no interest in achieving any useful outcome.

Mr Evil 10:11 am 17 Aug 07

I think it’s time to bring back Christians vs Lions on a Sunday afternoon. A fun afternoon that the whole family can enjoy.

Manuka Oval would be a good venue.

Ben H 9:59 am 17 Aug 07

“Jim Wallace, the managing director from the Australian Christian Lobby, earlier said the myth that pornography didn’t harm society was a lie”

What bothers me is how people use the term “myth” to describe a thing that some people think. A myth is a really old story, usually about some dude slaying a magic thing with a sword or a rock. And they’re never true so saying “the myth is a lie” is sort of stupid.

asp 9:45 am 17 Aug 07

alephnull, you idiot.
There is plenty of evidence supporting this “hypothesis”.,,1121315,00.html

I and the evidence are not saying that modern media causes these people to commit violent and/or sexual crimes. But it is arguably making them more likely to actually move from fantasy to reality and actually do these things, and it may very well be making crimes more serious. Just look at all the recent gang rapes that have occurred and being taped on mobile phones for distribution among groups of people, or even worse, on video sharing sites such as YouTube. One would have to wonder whether these crimes would have kept on occurring if not for “modern media”

alephnull 1:56 am 17 Aug 07

one has to realise though that viewing such material “fuels” their “sickness” and gives them “ideas” even. And when they get ideas and see people doing such things, it would encourage them do act on those ideas and urges.

This is equivalent to claiming that there was no child abuse or serial killing before the advent of modern media. I’m pretty sure there’s very little scientific proof for this hypothesis.

It seems much more plausible to me that some people are copping out and blaming society to distract from their own lack of responsibility. And a group of people with an agenda to change society to how they think it should be are believing and repeating it for no other reason than it aligning with their agenda.

Growling Ferret 8:54 pm 16 Aug 07

For ASP etc, violent porn is unavailable legally in Australia.

You can get it on the internet, but not at a DVD shop in Fyshwick or Mitchell…

asp 6:11 pm 16 Aug 07

astrojax, one has to realise though that viewing such material “fuels” their “sickness” and gives them “ideas” even. And when they get ideas and see people doing such things, it would encourage them do act on those ideas and urges.

And it goes beyond child abusers and kiddie porn. As aiden said, Ted Bundy apparently escalated his offending after viewing violent porn.

And the nuts who shot up Columbine High in the United States, watched a large amount of violent films and played violent computer games.

Of course, viewing content in any case does not in itself cause someone to act like what they have seen. I takes a lot more, it takes a sick mind to do that stuff.

aidan 5:21 pm 16 Aug 07

Ted Bundy claimed that the consumption of violent pornography escalated his offending. See

Mr Evil 4:51 pm 16 Aug 07

I say ban born-again-Christians – especially the ones who join half-baked American fundamentalist religions.

astrojax 4:12 pm 16 Aug 07

asp wrote: -By porn, I assume you mean LEGAL porn. Because recent studies in the United States found 70% of “kiddie fiddlers” regularly accessed illegal child pornography

but it still says nothing about ‘encouraging’ them to do anything – i’m sure >70% of theives drank milk and ate cake as a child. does that make milk and cake likely to encourage theft?

saying a group does one thing already biases the statistic ’cause you’ve already found a commonality to link them together as a group, but now seek to exploit similarities as somehow necessarily significant. we must be very vigilant not to fall into simple traps like this.

Thumper 3:49 pm 16 Aug 07

Yeah, I know what you mean asp and I’m not disagreeing with you.

Hypocritical to say the least from those priests who commit those crimes

asp 3:33 pm 16 Aug 07

thumper, I know there are warped peds in all walks of life. But my point was that priests, who make a living preaching morals and values should know better. It is hypocritically of the church to lecture people who view pornography that in no way harms anyone when inside there own organisation, they not only have perverted things occurring, but in many cases, try to hush it up or even make excuses for it.

justbands 2:12 pm 16 Aug 07

You can tune it up to run rich…too much petrol for it to burn all at once & it ends up as fumes.

boomacat 2:11 pm 16 Aug 07

I like your inhaling carbon monoxide idea s4anta, I am going to go burn some exhaust by them now. Anyone know how to make your car produce more carbon monoxide?

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