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By threeze - 15 August 2007 50

I noticed a bunch of protesters on Canberra Ave this afternoon all holding up (badly drawn) banners with “HONK IF YOU HATE PORN” and “PORN IS HATE SPEECH” and “CLOSE DOWN PORNBERRA”.

I can only imagine it has something to do with this, but does anyone know any more?

Seems a bit far-fetched to me to blame indigenous child abuse entirely on porn. Have there been similar protests at Lion Nathan or Carlton breweries?

What’s Your opinion?

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boomacat 8:12 am 16 Aug 07

Asp, yes naturally I mean only LEGAL porn, consenting adults performing in films to be watched by adults.

I’m not surprised that “kiddie fiddlers” are found to possess child pornography, but I doubt that there is a causative relationship here (ie that watching kiddie porn induced them to abuse children).

There is a really interesting book entitled “snatched: sex and censorship in Australia” by Helen Vnuk, which explodes a lot of myths about porn (that it leads to criminal sexual behaviours, is an assault against women etc). I commend it to you.

Thumper 7:59 am 16 Aug 07

“It sounds like they are campaigning to have the ACT banned.”

An interesting concept….

andy 7:22 am 16 Aug 07

tell me – did you notice anyone actually honking at them ?

asp 11:32 pm 15 Aug 07

Perhaps Penn and Teller have something relevant to say?

asp 11:30 pm 15 Aug 07

“no one has ever proved the case that porn encourages people to commit sexual assault”
-By porn, I assume you mean LEGAL porn. Because recent studies in the United States found 70% of “kiddie fiddlers” regularly accessed illegal child pornography.

Okay, I am neither “against” nor am I ‘for” porn, though I lean to the latter if one is over the legal age to view and purchase such material. But, I really am getting sick of these stereotypical church extremists.
Have you actually read the bible? Any one here work shifts on the sabbath (Sunday)? Or play football using an authentic pigskin footy? Well, it says that I should stone you. So, let’s all meet in Petrie Plaza with a few buckets of pebbles and dish out some justice to you “scum” who work on Sundays.

But further to this, could someone please tell me where in the bible it says porn is a sin? Specifically? And where does it draw the line between a sin and art for example? Does the bible specifically say X rated videos and DVDs are a sin? Does it say that only X rated programs are sins, and that the R rated S&M in Eyes Wide Shut -Directors Cut.. are okay?

Well, I have to run now. My dad was wearing a pig leather jacket today and there’s a piece of limestone with his name on it. But I leave you with this question, if the bible/church has such a dim view of X rated pornography (which is still just acting for a camera), what does the bible/church say about priests fiddling with little boys who are meant to be in their duty of care?

Woody Mann-Caruso 10:48 pm 15 Aug 07

Much better to have the kiddies read the Bible. They can learn all about Absalom and Reuben banging their dads’ concubines, people cutting each other’s dicks off, Lot doing both his daughters, and get some scatology thrown in for good measure. HAWT INCE$T $HITEATING ACTION HALLEL00yer!1!

boomacat 7:37 pm 15 Aug 07

Agreed Ruby, the only effective way to protect children from internet nasties is supervision by adults.

I recall my niece setting up the Netnanny filter for my sister, because my sister couldn’t work it out. Hardly effective! That’s why they have the computer in the living room, so they can supervise her properly.

boomacat 7:34 pm 15 Aug 07

And how about those idiots employ a proof reader, it’s almost impossible to make any sense of that article. It sounds like they are campaigning to have the ACT banned. Luddites.

Ruby Wednesday 7:33 pm 15 Aug 07

Spectra, I’m also a cold-hearted witch. I don’t have children precisely so I don’t have to think about them. 😉 If the ISP-level filtering goes ahead and my internet speed suffers as a because parents are too lazy to monitor internet usage or install NetNanny, I’m going to riot. But you’re right, it’s an entirely emotion-centered argument, which makes it difficult to counter with logic. You just get the refrain of ‘Why do you hate the children?’

Spectra 7:33 pm 15 Aug 07

boomcat: *HONK*

boomacat 7:30 pm 15 Aug 07

Despite god botherers such as this lot, no one has ever proved the case that porn encourages people to commit sexual assault, of children or otherwise.

What about “honk if you respect my right as a law abiding adult to consume pornography”?

Spectra 7:28 pm 15 Aug 07

Ruby: Not wrong at all. It suggests that people are trying to appeal to emotional, rather than rational arguments for something. That either means they don’t have any actual rational arguments (a pretty good reason to be against them) or that they don’t think enough of us to bother putting those forward first. Either way, it ain’t swaying my view.

Ruby Wednesday 7:08 pm 15 Aug 07

Is it wrong to automatically be against anything someone suggests we do ‘for the sake of the children’? Because I’m starting to feel that way. Perhaps if people spent less time thinking about ‘the children’ as an abstract concept and more time supervising their own child(ren), they’d not be exposed to things like harmful pictures of boobs on the internet (which, as Growling Ferret points out, is the most accessible point for porn).

pierce 6:38 pm 15 Aug 07

What’s the opposite of honking your horn?

Growling Ferret 6:10 pm 15 Aug 07

Bunch of god bothering whackos. Have they not heard of the internet which makes porn far easier to access than mail order dvd’s?

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