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Porritt family assaulted by 6 camera men @Supreme Court

By FG 7 February 2008 68

Blocking their path forward and lying on the ground to film up the two passing daughter’s dresses were tactics used to incite the Porritt family as they exited the Supreme Court.

The Porritt’s were shielding their faces with umbrellas. When Mr Porritt’s unmbrella touched a blocking camera a call went out “Right buddy, that’s assault”.  Promptly Mr Porritt was knocked to the ground by the press to trigger a series of compromising photos.

Is this civilised?

[Ed. FG sent in a previous artcile here. Proving however that there are two sides to every set of events, ABC Online have this angle on Keith Porritt attacking a Cameramen with an umbrella.]

What’s Your opinion?

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68 Responses to
Porritt family assaulted by 6 camera men @Supreme Court
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Thumper 8:28 pm 09 Feb 08

Kevin07 will apologise for all.

Kevin is sorry. Kevin is a god.

VicePope 7:23 pm 09 Feb 08

On this, I have to have the last word (or, rather, few words):
Apologise? To whom? For what?

el ......VNBerlinaV8 7:17 pm 09 Feb 08

I guess there won’t be an apology then.

Now here, have the last word:

VicePope 7:11 pm 09 Feb 08

Yet still no argument for the media position? I must have missed my last subtle cheap shot – but I apparently launched one. Perhaps the eye of the beholder ….

el ......VNBerlinaV8 6:26 pm 09 Feb 08

A subtle cheap shot is still a cheap shot VP. Thanks for not disappointing with yet another. Oh to be so witty and intellectual like yourself! You must be a blast at parties.

VicePope 6:16 pm 09 Feb 08

And here, VNBetc, was I thinking that you got words. Live and learn. Our media treats us as dumb, by showing us stock pictures (eg, a picture of a house for a story about interest rates, a dry farm on a cloudless day for a story about drought) or types of picture (grieving/angry relatives of a dead person) when we all know perfectly well what those things look like. Shaun Micallef subverted this in Newstopia by cutaways to a shot of a line of cocaine being prepared.

When we are continually exposed to this level of dumbing down, we start to expect it, and then to accept it as normal. Are you suggesting that we, or some of us, really need it? My point in saying that I could understand words as well as pictures was to elicit the response that so can everybody else – and if we all can, we don’t need the visual aids of limited value and relevance that TV news offers. Even if we did, that is no reason for the media to take an obtrusive interest in a family to whom a bad thing happened.

I can think of no earthly reason the general public of Canberra need to know either what the surviving members of the Porritt family look like or how they react when provoked. If you can see a reason for it, I would appreciate whatever insight you may have. Otherwise, I have no problem with your withdrawal from this exchange.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 5:23 pm 09 Feb 08

I write as one who can understand words as well as pictures.

There’s the arrogance. Your words VP, not mine.

And basically, you feel that you can speak for the public, and what constitutes ‘public interest’, but I can’t. Gotcha. There’s no point in me continuing to converse with you.

Enjoy the view from your high horse.

DJ 3:53 pm 09 Feb 08

FC “As far as my previous post goes – I was told that that was the case that there wasn’t any evidence (at that stage) and believed that was the case.”

Who told you? The tooth fairy? Did you honestly think that charges would be laid without any evidence and Police were just speculating? Seems to me to be a clear case where the facts were not publicly known (and rightly so) however some people are ready to cast the actions of Police in doubt anyway.

Credit where it’s due. Yes this is a tragic case for the family who appear to have deep issues but the actions of Police who come under the expertise scrutiny of RA all the time have again been spotless.

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