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Porritt family assaulted by 6 camera men @Supreme Court

By FG - 7 February 2008 68

Blocking their path forward and lying on the ground to film up the two passing daughter’s dresses were tactics used to incite the Porritt family as they exited the Supreme Court.

The Porritt’s were shielding their faces with umbrellas. When Mr Porritt’s unmbrella touched a blocking camera a call went out “Right buddy, that’s assault”.  Promptly Mr Porritt was knocked to the ground by the press to trigger a series of compromising photos.

Is this civilised?

[Ed. FG sent in a previous artcile here. Proving however that there are two sides to every set of events, ABC Online have this angle on Keith Porritt attacking a Cameramen with an umbrella.]

What’s Your opinion?

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68 Responses to
Porritt family assaulted by 6 camera men @Supreme Court
BenMac 10:26 am 07 Feb 08

Hingo, you beat me to it. Oh well, your’s is set out better anyway.

BenMac 10:25 am 07 Feb 08

Footage available here:

It looks like the photographer was trying to get a low shot of the family, but didn’t lying on the ground to film up the two passing daughter’s dresses as FG indicates.

But to say that the cameramen incided what happened is crap. Keith Porritt tried to kick the photographer, then kicked and hit the cameraman with his umbrella. It’s looks as though Keith fell over by him self.

S4anta 10:13 am 07 Feb 08

@ Daman;
I prefer the term ‘The Duke of Ebola’.

hingo 10:08 am 07 Feb 08

The video can be found here:

To me it appears Mr Porritt runs towards a cameraman, tries to kick him, then charges at another with his umbrella but falls on his arse in the process. Probably emarassed of making a dick of himself, he runs away.

The upskirting claim is just plain ridiculous. You obviously think that all cameramen should be standing perfectly upright when taking photos.

Danman 10:06 am 07 Feb 08


pierce 10:01 am 07 Feb 08

I didn’t see the footage but is it possible that it was selectively cut to push the media’s side of the story?

I’ve seen some horrendous behaviour by camera crews in the past – although the upskirting claim seems a little hard to swallow.

jenben 10:00 am 07 Feb 08

You have to wonder about this family. She may well have been seriously misguided in the way she thought she could achieve “wanting to make the children strong and robust and to toughen them up”, but surely he could have had a say in whether she was overstepping the mark (ie rubbing compost in the daughter’s face until her nose bled)? They are his children too and it saddens me that the children thought that neither parent was providing a safe, caring or nurturing environment. If he couldn’t answer if she loved them or not, he should have had grave concerns for their wellbeing years ago. Tragic for all involved here.

S4anta 9:44 am 07 Feb 08

“Mr Porritt said his wife wanted to make their children strong and robust, and to toughen them up.

He said the actions she took were out of love but said he could not answer when asked if she loved them or not.”

My question is just what is to be made of the information between the lines here?

wishuwell 9:40 am 07 Feb 08

It looked to me that Mr Porrit walked into something (wall/pillar) because of an umbrella obscuring his line of sight. Having said that I would be a bit pissed off myself if I was in his situation.

Thumper 9:36 am 07 Feb 08

This is one seriously odd family…

FC 9:33 am 07 Feb 08

I saw the footage on the news last night too – and it looked like it was the camerman who knocked Porrit Snr to the ground. As I said on my post on the other thread – you even hear the camera man apologise to Porrit Snr for it..
What footage are you referring to Sammy?

S4anta 9:29 am 07 Feb 08

camera men and up-skirt shots for the news. Gotta love creative license.

hingo 9:24 am 07 Feb 08

Wow, who is the source of this information? FG, you wouldn’t happen to be trying to defend the Porritt family by any chance?

Sammy 9:18 am 07 Feb 08

And given the whole thing went down around the side/rear of the court, it seems obvious that Porritt Sr was pissed off that the media had caught wind of their intention to decamp from the court building via a side exit.

Sammy 9:16 am 07 Feb 08

What a load of shite. Having viewed the footage on the news of last evening, I can safely say that Porritt Sr was the instigator and agitator in the chain of events involving the media outside the court.

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