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POTUS road closures

By johnboy 15 November 2011 54

ACT Policing is advising the public that as an operational security measure for the President of the United States’ (POTUS) visit, access to Glenora Drive in Pialligo will be restricted from 6am Wednesday, November 16 until 2pm Thursday, November 17.

Other restrictions will apply to all access roads to Parliament Drive, including the access ramps leading to and from Commonwealth Avenue, Melbourne Avenue, and Kings Avenue. Parliament House staff have been advised of these restrictions.

Vehicle access to Federation Mall will be restricted from midnight on Tuesday, November 15, until noon on Thursday, November 17.

Under the ACT Major Events Security legislation enacted for the POTUS visit to the Australian War Memorial on Thursday, November 17, there will be no vehicle access to Treloar Crescent, in Campbell, on that day.

Road users may be inconvenienced for short periods of time as the motorcade moves through the city and its environs.

Road users are reminded that all traffic direction provided by the ACT Policing motorcade security team must be strictly obeyed.

[Courtesy ACT Policing]

UPDATE: Parliament House have also produced a circular on their road closures.

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POTUS road closures
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dungfungus 8:40 am 16 Nov 11

We may well talk about the POTUS road closures but if TAMS don’t get off their collective arses there will be some POTHOLE road closures in the Territory soon. Don’t these people drive cars themselves? Some are so large that one has to flash the car lights when driving out.
Who does one send the bill to for a tyre shredded by one of these “speed traps”?

EvanJames 8:17 am 16 Nov 11

I came in early just in case the police got a bit over-zealous. They’re already camped out on the Fairbairn access road with cones and flashy blinky lights. That will get interesting later, quite a bit of worker traffic goes in there. There was a toyota troop carrier parked just in Beltana Rd, with a cop standing around smoking, suddenly the back doors opened and a bunch of them scurried out (I expect they were finishing off their McDonalds inside), and commenced combing the weeds for bombs. Which suggests that they are bringing him out via Fairbairn and Pialligo, rather than the back way they used for Bush.

creative_canberran 12:53 am 16 Nov 11

Far south of Canberra and the choppers have buzzed over a few times already, nice.

For those after some comic relief as noisy excess screams overhead costing $60,000/hr per Super Hornet:

kakosi 11:06 pm 15 Nov 11

Hmm, since America is broke you’d think they couldn’t afford all this international travel. Perhaps they’re here to ask for a loan?

EvanJames 10:50 pm 15 Nov 11

grunge_hippy said :

does anyone know when AF1 lands? I love watching 747’s try to pull up in time before they hit the fence.

Heh. It’s meant to be half past 3, which means it probably won’t be. I’m interested in watching the landing, especially as we have incoming weather and so there might be wind and even squalls, which will mean a high-power landing. Add that to a 747 and a short runway, and you have fun.

p1 9:57 pm 15 Nov 11

grunge_hippy said :

does anyone know when AF1 lands? I love watching 747’s try to pull up in time before they hit the fence.

+1 I would love to find somewhere with a good shot ermmm, view of the arrival.

Wily_Bear 9:09 pm 15 Nov 11

Well I for one welcome our star spangled overlord

grunge_hippy 9:08 pm 15 Nov 11

does anyone know when AF1 lands? I love watching 747’s try to pull up in time before they hit the fence.

I-filed 8:23 pm 15 Nov 11

What a shame the hebe planters up Anzac Parade are (disgracefully) still empty. What happened to the promised January 2011 report on progress regarding these? FAIL!

farnarkler 8:03 pm 15 Nov 11

The septics love to make a big show of everything. I wonder if James Cameron isn’t in charge of the whole production, running it from a script by Robert Ludlum.

vg 6:54 pm 15 Nov 11

Some people clearly think Hollywood action movies are documentaries, and have fervent imaginations when they gaze skywards

LSWCHP 6:49 pm 15 Nov 11

Jungle Jim said :

johnboy said :

Has there ever been a presidential assassination where the killer was not also an american?

Not according to wiki, but there’s been attempts by non-US parties:

April 13, 1993: Sixteen men in the employ of Saddam Hussein smuggled a car bomb into Kuwait with the intent of killing Bush [George H. W.] as he spoke at Kuwait University. The plot was foiled when Kuwaiti officials found the bomb and arrested the suspected assassins. Bush had left office in January 1993. The Iraqi Intelligence Service, particularly Directorate 14, was proven to be behind the plot.

Also, an attempt on Bill Clinton in Manila in 1996, where the mastermind was allegedly Osama bin Laden.

A couple of Puerto Rican dudes tried to bump off Harry Truman back in the 50’s. There was a mighty, mighty gunfight and a cop was killed, along with one of the villains. The details of the fight are fascinating, but I won’t go into that here.

LSWCHP 6:38 pm 15 Nov 11

amarooresident3 said :

dvaey said :

amarooresident3 said :

There is nothing so predictable as people who winge about some minor inconvenience when a head of state visits. Will it really ruin your life that much?

Im whinging about why the US head of state is more deserving of special laws and protection than our own?

Or do you believe that Australia should treat the US head of state in a higher regard than our own?

The same head-of-state who has flip-flopped on whether he can even be bothered coming here.. 3 times now..

All visiting heads of state (including our own) should be treated as the risk and threat assessments dictate. It’s not a matter of regard.

I find it funny that we get ‘visits’ from our head of state.

I find it tragic, shameful, appalling, disgraceful and a whole lot of other adjectives. But funny? No.

harvyk1 4:52 pm 15 Nov 11

Pork Hunt said :

If you are a Costco member and are followed by ASIO, just go shopping. Those nazis at the door will stop anyone…

Your making the assumption that ASIO has not already brought a Costco membership for just the reason you mention…

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