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Private rental and Landlord’s rights?

By Thumper - 18 May 2005 17

Although not news, I think this is pertinant to RA being that it is about ACT private rental properties.

I have recently had a look at the ACT CanberraConnect site with regards to Landlords rights and it would seem that everything is geared towards the tenant.

Given that this site is frequented by a rather eclectic bunch of people from all walks of life, is there anything out there that pertains to the rights of the landlord?

What’s Your opinion?

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17 Responses to
Private rental and Landlord’s rights?
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Thumper 9:19 am 19 May 05


Thanks mate…


RandomGit 9:17 am 19 May 05

The laws are geared towards someone with little getting kicked out on the street or someone with something losing some money.

Which causes more REAL harm?

Jazz 9:02 am 19 May 05

thats crap david. people with money– are you advocating evicting people from their homes because their circumstances change??

Evictor 8:45 am 19 May 05

I’d tell her to look on the Tenancy Tribunal website
Bucketload of information there which isn’t slanted either way. I’ve had friends from both sides of the fence (landlord and tenant) deal with them over the phone and they’ve both said that they got the basic information they were looking for fairly quickly. I’d give Canberra Connect a miss totally – they are really just a portal whose information rarely gets updated.

Thumper 8:21 am 19 May 05

Well she is high profile, does earn a decent wage, and should be fundamentally against people with money taking up vital public housing.

Double standard? Or new Greens policy?

Canberra_unsung_hero 8:14 am 19 May 05

A little old lady rang Mike Welsh yesterday ( on 2CC of course ) and accused him of singling Deb Foskey out.

Thumper 8:11 am 19 May 05

Frankly I don’t care which side of politics it came from.

Anyway, best action as this stage appears to be the 4 weeks notice as a close family friend with a kid is in dire need of housing, which is the truth.

I can see this going to the tenant’s tribunal…


Ralph 7:48 am 19 May 05

The current Residential Tenancies Act is a product of the Carnell Government.

johnboy 12:06 am 19 May 05

The Carnell Government created an unforgettable rental apocalypse trying to give tenants more “rights” landlords fled the market and rents skyrocketed.

Can’t say i noticed an improvement in my real renting conditions.

Vic Bitterman 9:17 pm 18 May 05

I don’t think it’s totally correct to say that the Canberra Connect website is geared towards the tenant. Their information is an attempt to cover both sides of the fence, and clearly spell out each parties obligations.

I’ve only rented one property in Canberra between about 1996 and 2001, managed by the owner, and he was the nicest bloke you could come across, and the rent never increased once at all!

In 2001 I bought my own place, so my experience renting finished.

In 2003 I bought an investment unit, which I manage myself, and I found the information on the Canberra Connect website to be very useful. Touch wood, I have an honest, conscientous long term tenant (been there for years renting prior to my purchase) and the tenant plans to stay on. Lucky me.

If anyone is interested, check out the forums at Deals with Australian property investment, Mainly (ok, probably 100%) biased from an investors point of view, but an interesting read all the same.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 3:44 pm 18 May 05

The sides of the fence feed Today Tonight and A Current Affair…rental problems = TV Ratings…yay


Thumper 3:30 pm 18 May 05


yeah I agree. Horror stories from both sides of the fence.


Thumper 3:28 pm 18 May 05

Not my property, I’m not a big enough capitalist, yet….

A friend of mine is having problems with a tenant and the ACT government can’t seem to make up their mind about who or what to do except for saying, ‘on our website…’

I must add that she’s been exceptionally reasonable with the tenants but is basically being treated like dirt.

bonfire 3:06 pm 18 May 05

i had a landlord who tried to not pay my bond back because i removed my own pot plants from the garden when i moved on. Fortunately i had photos of the bare patch of dirt that existed the day i moved in.

Ari 2:45 pm 18 May 05

When I was renting, I found the landlord’s agent and body corporate (dominated by owner-occupiers) treated all tenants in our block like dirt, while sucking a huge rental out of us all the time.

But when matters came to a head and we got to actually speak to the landlord, he was quite reasonable. He had just been letting the agent do all the communicating and was not happy with the end result of her extreme aggression (lost tenants and threats of court action).

hash 2:17 pm 18 May 05

Wanting to evict someone?

che 2:16 pm 18 May 05

As with anything you will get horror stories from both sides of the fence.

From owners who drop around and make changes while you are out (including destroying your stuff while they are at it) to the tenants who haven’t paid rent in six months and you cannot get them out and they won’t turn up to court and the courts won’t do anything to them anyways.

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