Proposal for Free Morning Bus Travel

Kramer 25 September 2007 56

I briefly heard on the news this morning (although there’s nothing online yet) there is a proposal to make travel on Action buses free before 7 am. This would encourage more people to take the bus, and reduce the peak morning loads on the bus network (is there ever a peak load on Action buses?).

So would this encourage you to take the bus to work? or do we need a decent bus service first?

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56 Responses to Proposal for Free Morning Bus Travel
noodle noodle 9:42 pm 26 Sep 07

“driving them (kids) to school is poor parenting”

bonfire, I agree if we all lived in a small country town or if all schools were within walking distance from people’s homes then taking them by car everyday would indeed be a lazy choice.

But in Canberra things are never that simple. I drive my kids to school every day (all under 8) because the government primary school they go to is two suburbs away from our house. It’s too far to walk and I wouldn’t let them get at least two buses each way and go through an interchange by themselves. You still reckon that’s bad parenting?

asp asp 5:43 pm 26 Sep 07

Sorry about the missing characters. Should actually proof posts. It’s the keyboard on these Sony laptops. You can strike a key and sometime, it won’t register. Other times, the slightly larger than normal keys also allow you bump a near by key too easily.

Danman, I call a truce.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 el ......VNBerlinaV8 3:27 pm 26 Sep 07

Errr asp – Danman has been here (and contributed) for quite a while (and that would make it ‘quite a while’ longer than yourself, in fact).

And just to veer further off-topic – any chance you could buy a new keyboard? Your posts/comments are often difficult to read due to missing characters.

barney barney 3:15 pm 26 Sep 07

Work doesn’t open ’til 8:30am 🙁

asp asp 2:50 pm 26 Sep 07

the term draconian, comes to mind.
How have you fallen over today? by making more than one formal reply to ach topic? Lighten up a bit. When iPrime comes online and people have to choose between The floor of the Draconian and iPrime Free Speech (just don’t bach Prime), I think they’ll choose the latter.

Danman Danman 2:34 pm 26 Sep 07

Besides I would rather have quality of contributions – not quantity – but in that regard i have really fallen over today eh ?

asp asp 2:29 pm 26 Sep 07

okay, just checking.

Danman Danman 2:15 pm 26 Sep 07

Well seeing as you do not know me – I would have to say its just you…

asp asp 2:07 pm 26 Sep 07

Is it just me or is Danman a bit up himselfm at least for someone who doesn’t seem to cntibute that often.

Danman Danman 2:02 pm 26 Sep 07

o0o big words – Boney – I dub thee a retard because fighting on the internet is like winning gold at the special olympics – you’re still a retard aren’t you.

I be you dont know the meaning of hippopotomonstrosesquipedalianism – yep thats right its a word that indicates ones love for long words…….I can pre google my posts and look like a pompous arse hat as well – just I chose to not*

*not too often at least

bonfire bonfire 1:21 pm 26 Sep 07

ask your 4 year old.

you nake three stops ? are the other two also similarly required to have mummy hold their hand while crossing roads ?

kids should walk or ride a bike to school every day. a bus shoudl be the final option.

driving them every day is poor parenting.

boneymaloney boneymaloney 1:17 pm 26 Sep 07

Oh, I just realised: “no one is suggesting you try to drop off three kids at different places and then get to work on the bus, or make your 4yo walk across Drakeford Drive.” And I should learn to read?

boneymaloney boneymaloney 1:15 pm 26 Sep 07

Nyssa76 – “Defensive about my car my arse.” Defensive about everything, it seems. Ad hominem attacks are a sure sign of mental weakness. It’s ok, we’ll wait while you look it up.

MrMagoo MrMagoo 12:46 pm 26 Sep 07

On reflection and after listening to John the Tea Totler’s interview, my stance is that ‘they’ve got nothing’ in the qay of ideas or notions to do something positve with ACTION an dht eradio interview was a plea for someone with more intelligence than they come and fix the problem. When I first moved here 17 years ago, ACTION never seemed to receive anywhere as much criticism as it does now and the buses were well used back then too.

I think the balls have been tossed in the air and someone is hoping that one of them is caught be someone with a lightglobe in their head.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 12:05 pm 26 Sep 07

Putting on my Edward de Bono ‘seems like a stupid idea that just might work’ hat: steal the supermarket servo model.

Open small stores in bus exchanges owned and operated by Action – about the size of a small servo.

In the morning, they do breakfast – egg and bacon muffin, tea and coffee, fruit, muesli bars, juice, that sort of thing. All day, they sell convenience groceries – magazines, papers, cigarettes, bread, milk, gum, phone recharges etc.

Make bus tickets redeemable toward your purchase – people duck in for brekkie in the morning and grab a paper. On the way home they grab a few essentials. Alternatively / in addition, sell a package eg a Brekky+Bus deal for $6.

Your customers are still a revenue stream, but not for one costly, inefficient product. The stores make catching the bus more attractive, increasing total revenue.

sepi sepi 10:15 am 26 Sep 07

Swiss studies have shown that public transport running late was the main deterrent to people catching it. So they allowed a bit longer for all their routes, and ensured that the busses arrived at each stop on time. Patronage went way up. I”m sure it would help here too – waiting at the bus stop in the early morning in the middle of a frosty winter is pretty miserable.

I’ve heard that rumour about Sydney train tix costing more to print and distribute than they recoup, but I don’t know if it is true.

bourke bourke 10:08 am 26 Sep 07

I catch the bus probably 50% of work days, and drive the rest, usually out of laziness. Even making ALL buses free wouldn’t be enough incentive for me – it’s not the cost that’s prohibitive (driving is, obviously, more expensive). The things that would get me on the bus on those other days would be if buses were more frequent, reliably showing up, reliably on time, and less crowded during peak times.

Apparently in some cities in the world (help me out here if you know which ones – I can’t remember!) where bus travel is free all the time, the bus companies are actually financially better off, because the fares collected didn’t even cover the cost of collecting them. Interesting thought anyway…

andy andy 9:40 am 26 Sep 07

maelinar, admittedly, it does depend on the route.
if you got the 243, for instance, it’s probably alot quicker.. (at the right time)
12 minutes or so to belco, another 13-15 to the city, then through russel and i beleive it goes on to barton after that ?

Maelinar Maelinar 9:18 am 26 Sep 07

Thanks to all for the defence of my statement that Holt to Barton will take 2hrs on my behalf.

It’s funny how the ‘experts’ are willing to come out of the woodwork and make assertions about how long the trip will take without actually having any actual experience with that route.

I have a tard brush, and I’m ready to paint.

Thumper Thumper 8:56 am 26 Sep 07

Of course they don’t give a shit about the airport. Terry Snow and the current government are not at all friendly, therefore the constituents miss out all because of a petty fued between government and airport.

Pathetic and juvenile, but not surprising really.

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