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Proposal for Free Morning Bus Travel

By Kramer - 25 September 2007 56

I briefly heard on the news this morning (although there’s nothing online yet) there is a proposal to make travel on Action buses free before 7 am. This would encourage more people to take the bus, and reduce the peak morning loads on the bus network (is there ever a peak load on Action buses?).

So would this encourage you to take the bus to work? or do we need a decent bus service first?

What’s Your opinion?

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56 Responses to
Proposal for Free Morning Bus Travel
sepi 3:50 pm 25 Sep 07

3.00 a ride is not cheap, and in some suburbs Action is not available – eg Chifley.

I live close to a bus route, which is great, but services drop back to nothing after about 6.00.

One area ACTion really needs to improve is the late night services on Friday and Saturday nights. Young people can’t afford 50.00 taxi fares, and should be able to bus to their interchange and taxi from there.

Morgan 3:44 pm 25 Sep 07

I think all the people who say Action buses aren’t convenient are a bit confused about public transport. Canberra is really well serviced by public transport, it is hard to walk more than a kilometre in most suburbs and not find a bus route to take you into town. It is cheaper and more available than in Sydney or Melbourne. I find it really hard to believe than anyone would think it takes 2 hrs to get from Holt to Barton, thats just what people tell themselves to justify their commute.

Maelinar 3:40 pm 25 Sep 07

And this begs the question – why are busses running at 7am ?

Ample parking for those idiotic enough to be awake at that hour, and open roads all the way into work. Busses are not necessary so early.

sepi 3:35 pm 25 Sep 07

There is definitely a peak hour here on the busses – you don’t get a seat on the bus I used to catch, at either 8.15, or 5.30 coming home.

Spectra 3:06 pm 25 Sep 07

Obviously the only fair way to do it would be to pay people who rode at those times with monthly/weekly passes 🙂

josh 3:04 pm 25 Sep 07

They just introduced a similar thing in Melbourne. I’m rarely awake before 7am, let alone arriving at work by 7am. Insane.

Mr Evil 3:01 pm 25 Sep 07

If you were only paying for one journey/day, then you wouldn’t buy a weekly or monthly; you’d buy a Faresaver 10 ticket instead.

asp 2:58 pm 25 Sep 07

am I missing something. Your not paying the same, your saving half because you only pay one way, as opposed to paying for the bus both ways.

Deano 2:56 pm 25 Sep 07

But if I get free travel in the morning, I still have to pay to get home; which means I have to buy weekly or monthly tickets I can only use one way. The net result is that it costs the same and there is no saving to be had. I can see how that will work.

Jonathon Reynolds 2:49 pm 25 Sep 07,21985,22442692-661,00.html

The Melbourne proposal is being put up to lessen the rush-hour crush rather than encourage greater use of public transport.

The problem we have in the ACT is that the bus service simply doesn’t perform well. Even if you made the service free 24/7 I doubt that there would be serious adoption of buses.

Maelinar 2:44 pm 25 Sep 07

7am in Holt means I will get to work by 8:30 – 9am in Barton. The problem is not the cost, it’s the hour and a half to do a trip that takes 15mins by car.

asp 2:39 pm 25 Sep 07

Nice idea, but too early. And if they make it later, too many people will make use of it and that means loss of revenue.
This is a bit silly now. First they cut and change service because ACTION can’t make back the money it costs, then they re implement them, now they want to give us free travel.
Aside from people in certain professions, who leaves for work at 7am?

shanefos 2:20 pm 25 Sep 07

Agree with you Mr Evil – Action would have to run more services before 7am for this to be viable.

Mr Evil 2:13 pm 25 Sep 07

7am is too early – make it 8am.

niftydog 2:05 pm 25 Sep 07

There’s only one route per day that goes anywhere near my house at that time of day. What about people who buy monthly passes? This proposal would do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to encourage regular commuters.

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