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Protest outside AFP HQ today.

By Thumper - 15 February 2008 64 has a short article about a bunch of civil libertarians who will protest outside the Australian Federal Police headquarters in Canberra today to call for the sacking of police chief Mick Keelty.

The group, which says it is campaigning to recover liberties lost under the Howard Government, describes the event as a SpeakOut.

If anyone knows what time this is supposed to happen can they post it here and I will go and have a look at the protest before reporting back.

What’s Your opinion?

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64 Responses to
Protest outside AFP HQ today.
Thumper 12:03 pm 15 Feb 08

Now now, its not -good- leadership, its New Leadership on Spin Cycle.

Comment by Skidbladnir — 15 February, 2008

Now that is a definite tagline!

Skidbladnir 11:57 am 15 Feb 08

Now now, its not -good- leadership, its New Leadership on Spin Cycle.

Thumper 11:46 am 15 Feb 08

And besides, he’s in ET telling the rebels to surrender.

I’m thinking that they are quaking in their boots now that Tin Tin is in country.

pierce 11:42 am 15 Feb 08

Rudd doesn’t have the numbers in the Senate to do anything major – let’s try to keep that in mind.

Ralph 11:37 am 15 Feb 08

A thawrted attempt by a bunch of Islamics to blow up trains and people at AFL games, and this bunch of lunatics want to yammer outside the AFP headquarters that our civil liberties are being threated.

Ohh yes there’s a threat out there, and it’s not the anit-terror legislation.

VYBerlinaV8 11:29 am 15 Feb 08

Rudd seems good at smiling for the cameras, but we need to see him actually do something useful before we can really judge. I agree with Hingo, symbolic gestures are nice and all, but let’s see some hard decisions…

hingo 11:18 am 15 Feb 08

Rudd is just trying to be a bloody poster boy. Symbolic gestures don’t cut it as far as I’m concerned. For the numb minded Labor voters, this appears to be good leadership.

Thumper 10:54 am 15 Feb 08

I know Skid.

it’s not as if he’s had any time to do anything.

smiling politely 10:54 am 15 Feb 08

So how’s that “white man suppression” going Ralphie-malphie? Still feeling oppressed by civil libertarians, welfare recipients and other general left wing ratbag do-gooders?

Skidbladnir 10:48 am 15 Feb 08

Rudd has had two actual days of parliament and two months of flitting about playing gloaty victory politics, instead of prepping for Government.
I say we wait until we get thing worthwhile before we use the phrases like “Rudd has done more in X than Y did in Z”.

Thumper 10:45 am 15 Feb 08

Rudd has done more in 2 months than Howard did in his last 2 terms

Frankly Rudd has done nothing as yet.

Except for a symbolic apology and chasing japanese whalers, who, incidentally, should be sunk by exocet missiles.

barking toad 10:38 am 15 Feb 08

Oh come on Mael, kev07’s done nothing apart from symbolic gestures.

But Mick should get the arse because he’s turned into a dunderhead. The mouth speaks before the brain kicks in.

Mælinar 10:30 am 15 Feb 08

So Ralph, what part of the ‘me too’ campaign policy was hard for you to understand ?

Notwithstanding that little gem, Rudd has done more in 2 months than Howard did in his last 2 terms.

Go back to stacking your CD cases, fool.

hingo 10:16 am 15 Feb 08


Ralph 10:13 am 15 Feb 08

These snivel libertarians are doing the bidding for terrorists.

News flash. Labor won’t be unwinding any of the terror laws.

ha ha ha ha losers.

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