Psst, want a smoke with that?

ThatUniStudent 8 April 2011 45

For all you hard core smokers out there who want a ciggie with your meal in Canberra you still can! Want to eat some food with your cigarette? Want a welcoming environment where the management will ignore those annoying non smokers? Want to be able to tell those annoying anti smokers to F off? Well, now you can!

Come to ANU and grab a table outside of the restaurant on the upper level near the Manning Clarke Centre. Not only will you get food service to your table, but you can smoke there and management will do nothing about it. Even when people raise it with the staff three times nothing will be done about it. No smoking signs? Not at these tables. Yes, you can see them at tables closer to the restaurant, but not these ones.

No ashtrays? No worries! You can dump your buts on the ground and leave your cigarette packets on the table. They’ll still be there in the morning waiting for you.

Forgive the sarcasm, but it is beginning to get tiresome dealing with the staff of a particular restaurant at ANU who seems to have opened an unofficial Designated Outdoor Smoking Area on campus. Three times I’ve raised the issue with them and three times I’ve been told that they will do something about it. I’ve only just now realised that “something” was to ignore my complaint.

But seriously, if you do want a smoke with your meal, they will welcome you there, even if you do tell other people to F off when they tell you that it is illegal to smoke at restaurants in the ACT.

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45 Responses to Psst, want a smoke with that?
Lazy I Lazy I 9:55 am 11 Apr 11

colourful sydney racing identity said :

PBO said :

Tooks said :

Try smoking near me at a restaurant and see how long it stays lit.

Whilst i respect your stance and you should enjoy clean air if you want, I have had this happen to me where someone has taken it upon themselves to put out my ciggy without my permission. They got spat (warm loogie) in the face followed by my question of: which is worse? second hand smoke or spit?

They stood there in shock and disbelief and i grinned like a spastic. It worked that time, but it wont work everytime.

Of course you did Arnie.


EvanJames EvanJames 12:24 pm 11 Apr 11

PBO said :

They got spat in the face and copped a smart arse one liner. how is that so hard to comprehend?

The bit you added on later was the good bit though, that you copped a flogging as a result.

Now they’ve prevented smokers from polluting the airspace of people who can’t get away from it, maybe they’ll do something about people who drench themselves in perfume and proceed to stink out entire rooms, not to mention footpaths. These people seem to see their mission as Air-Wicking the entire planet.

ThatUniStudent ThatUniStudent 1:34 pm 11 Apr 11

vg said :

“Wow VG, way to promote the peaceful nature of the police. Have you never spat in someones face? Or do you just beat them with phonebooks while they have handcuffs on? “

Have I ever spat in someone’s face……err no

Phonebooks with handcuffs on………errr no either

Your story is bollocks, but everyone’s 6’2″ and 100kg on the internet.

Anyone who spits in people’s faces, or purports to, is a piece of human refuse

I agree, well said there.

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 2:16 pm 11 Apr 11

PBO said :

What i am saying is that i have spat in someones face before in that situation and it pissed me off that they had the gall to come up to a complete stranger and take the cigarette from my mouth and put it out. They got spat in the face and copped a smart arse one liner. how is that so hard to comprehend?

The thing that makes it hard to comprehend is that you thought it was appropriate to spit in another persons face.

hank2604 hank2604 5:30 pm 14 Jun 11

Wow OP, you deserve a medal. Fighting the good fight against the most evil people in the world: smokers. They have no souls and are clearly the worst people on the planet. Forgive the sarcasm but you, sir, are an imbecile. It is people like you who have ruined what was once an upbeat street culture. It is people like you who are instrumental in imposing your pathetic do-gooder beliefs on the rest of us in the form of liquor-licensing restrictions, smoking bans and more. You’re a uni student? Why are you carrying on like a grandmother with a bee in her bonnet. You know what’s more painful that trying to eat with smoke being puffed in your face? Trying to eat amid the smug attitudes of Canberra’s Orwellian left wing hippy-brigade. You are as important to this world as the ash at the end of my cigarette.

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