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Public Art….it’s a Hoot!! (Belconnen gets an owl)

By Br1anL - 12 May 2011 100

giant owl

I support the ‘warming’ and ‘personalisaiton’  of Canberra through public art projects…. but in case case I have to say…..WTF!!!

What’s Your opinion?

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100 Responses to
Public Art….it’s a Hoot!! (Belconnen gets an owl)
EvanJames 2:15 pm 12 May 11

It’s about time they gave people a say in this. It’s not as though these items cost a few hundred bucks, it’s “Art” (with a capital F) which means it is expensive.

it would be nice if they had a publicised website, where they hoisted up pictures (and the price) of stuff they were thinking of buying, and let the citizens vote on it.

Crappy Owl: 0
Windmill-thing: 0
Bent Girders: 0
Sheep: 1000

If they were worried about one kind of Art dominating, they could have a number of different classifications the choices were grouped in. However if all the choices in “abstract, metal or other malleable medium” were horrible, the citizens would have the option of rejecting it all and compelling the government’s art wankers to go off and find better stuff.

housebound 2:09 pm 12 May 11

Saw this yesterday from the lake side, and couldn’t work out whether it is Stanhope giving Belco the finger as a parting gift, or some other body part …

Whoever approved this one should be forced to pay to move it to Stanhope’s back yard.

Onceler 2:05 pm 12 May 11

I really hope the eyes light up at night. That would be cool. Or maybe shoot laser beams…

Thumper 2:04 pm 12 May 11

A giant white zombie owl.

Now that is something you don’t see every day.

alaninoz 1:58 pm 12 May 11

Moose said :

It’s looks like a big white penis. So so SO wrong!!

And what’s wrong with a big white penis?

It’s better than most of the public art that’s been inflicted on us, though I still object to paying for it without having a say in the matter.

neanderthalsis 1:49 pm 12 May 11

joingler said :

Where abouts is this?

Looks like the intersection of Belconnen Way and Benjamin

Holden Caulfield 1:46 pm 12 May 11

I think it would be better if it was closer to Parliament House.

luther_bendross 1:46 pm 12 May 11

Stanhope you peanut, that is abysmal. Don’t get me wrong, I like art, but sweet jesus stop pumping so much money into utter s*** like this. Hopefully Gallagher halves the budget for this tripe.

ABC are covering it too.

Thumper 1:45 pm 12 May 11

F*** me! A giant zombie owl!

Now that’s something you don’t see every day!

Gungahlin Al 1:23 pm 12 May 11

Holy mackeral. That is … huge.

I don’t want this to be taken the wrong way, but when we briefed about the bunyip, we said we wanted it located where people could engage with it, of a scale that could be engaged with, where people could touch it, kids hold its hand. Not something that you look at for 10 seconds from afar then move on. And not in a major intersection where people should be concentrating on other things.

Everything this piece isn’t.

joingler 1:22 pm 12 May 11

Where abouts is this?

EvanJames 1:08 pm 12 May 11

What is that, a zombie owl? A bad ghost? Couldn’t they afford to put a BEAK on it?

Moose 1:06 pm 12 May 11

It’s looks like a big white penis. So so SO wrong!!

shanefos 12:43 pm 12 May 11

What are you talking about? That’s fantastic!

Felix the Cat 12:30 pm 12 May 11

I saw this yesterday on the way home and thought exactly the same thing! Makes the “train wreck” on GDE look like value for money.

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