Quamby to be the new nuthouse?

johnboy 4 February 2009 44

The ABC reports that the shut down youth detention facility of Quamby is now a political football with world+dog having ideas about what it should be used for.

I was particularly struck by this idea:

    But Greens MLA Amanda Bresnan has suggested the former Quamby site be used as an interim forensic mental health facility once the new jail opens.

    “That should be considered by the Government particularly because we don’t have a time frame or an exact time frame for when the forensic mental health facility will be built and completed,” she said.

    “We think that’s something which should be considered because obviously facilities for forensic mental health patients are inadequate at the moment.”

Mental health appears to have come full circle.

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44 Responses to Quamby to be the new nuthouse?
Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 8:46 am 08 Feb 09

Why not keep your obsessions out of what was a reasonable debate?

Oh, and before deciding to prescribe surgical procedures for people, at least learn how to spell them, (or at least learn to spell.)

Granny Granny 12:01 am 08 Feb 09

Rose1, people are found guilty of crimes they are innocent of all the time. Look at Lindy Chamberlain – great for her kids if they’d whipped her in for a lobotomy.

The legal process we have isn’t perfect, but it’s better than most places in the world, and I like it.

rose1 rose1 11:37 pm 07 Feb 09

Of course there would be not doubt that they were guilty, rockspiders are sick people, I have never heard of them turning there lives around, once they get out of prison they reafend, psychos who are violent should have a labotomie, they are born that way, you will find through the years when growing up they have had a violent temper

swamiOFswank swamiOFswank 9:48 am 07 Feb 09

And Rose1 those are pretty sweeping statements “can not [sic] be rehabilitated” is a fallacy (unless of course you can produce evidence proving your statement).

In terms of your statement about “psychos”, there but for the grace of providence go thee. Beware.

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 9:39 am 07 Feb 09

Why the hell introduce the subject of “rockspiders” into this debate?

Granny Granny 9:22 am 07 Feb 09

Well, Rose1, what if they’re not guilty? Whoops, too late …! Sorry about your testicles and brain and stuff ….

rose1 rose1 1:25 am 07 Feb 09

Hi! I think all rockspiders should have a labotomie and castrated, as they can not be rehabilated, as for psycho’s they should also have a a labotomie, unlike Frances Farmer she was a victim and was totally wrong what they did to her, she did not need a labotomie, it distroyed an highly intelligent human being.

gun street girl gun street girl 9:27 am 06 Feb 09

The Calvary unit probably feels friendlier because it only keeps voluntary patients (or used to; not sure about these days). PSU has a casemix of higher acuity patients, and is more edgy as a result.

I wouldn’t pay much heed to the “broken biscuits” conspiracy. They all come from the same tea trolleys that roam around the hospital. I really don’t think the tea ladies deliberately save up all the broken ones to hand out to the psyche patients (or any other patients, for that matter).

housebound housebound 9:08 am 06 Feb 09

7B was really, really horrible. So was 12 B for that matter. Actually, so is PSU, but for different reasons. As soon as they’re out of the locked ward, I’d always wrangle permission to take people out for a coffee (Cafe Hoz if not allowed to leave the grounds) and a walk. 5A at Calvary (and whatever its replacement is called) is much friendlier.

When you think about it, they really haven’t managed to treat psych patients too well at Woden, not if facilities are anything to go by. A friend tells me the broken biscuits always ended up in psych (12B at the time). We think it was based on the theory that no one would be well enough to notice or care. They were, and they did.

Quokka Quokka 7:59 am 06 Feb 09

Yeah 7B was the psych ward for a while but there are obvious problems with having a psych unit 7 storeys up…

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 7:44 pm 05 Feb 09

Granny said :

People who have been diagnosed with mental illness are listened to or believed even less than children. The scope for abuse is huge.

Who by?

gun street girl gun street girl 6:48 pm 05 Feb 09

Quokka said :

GSG – 12B is now the rehab ward but used to be the psych unit before the current unit was built (maybe 15 years ago).

Yeah, I know. I was just pointing out that the current 12B shouldn’t be confused with its previous incarnation (nor should 7B – I think that served as the psyche ward for a while in the past, too).

Quokka Quokka 6:17 pm 05 Feb 09

GSG – 12B is now the rehab ward but used to be the psych unit before the current unit was built (maybe 15 years ago).

Granny Granny 12:27 pm 05 Feb 09

People who have been diagnosed with mental illness are listened to or believed even less than children. The scope for abuse is huge.

Obviously some middle ground is needed, but certainly not a full swing of the pendulum.

Granny Granny 12:21 pm 05 Feb 09

Sorry, jimbocool, but Annie could be my sister. That may not be recent to you, but it is certainly not the dark ages. She is a living, breathing woman that I am in contact with. You can sneer, oh that was then, but I can tell you this very day that my third grade child has no communication system and no way of making her needs and desires heard.

Who knows what it’s like for these people? You are assuming they have communication systems. Assuming they are taught to read and spell. Think again. My nine-year-old is illiterate and silent.

In general, I would say that most parents are choosing to care for their children themselves these days rather than give them up and the increased support by government and society has been helpful in this decision.

jimbocool jimbocool 12:00 pm 05 Feb 09

“Annie’s coming out” was over thirty years ago, Granny! A time when it wasn’t understood that people with cerebral palsy could communicate and could lead relatively independent lives. Not a good comparison. Chelmsford too was over thirty years ago and was a private hospital and Dr Harry Bailey (who ran it) a criminal.
What we’re talking about here is the need for long term residential care for mentally ill adults – for people who cannot look after themselves. If it’s acceptable for our old people to go into residential care when they cannot look after themselves, why is it unaccepatble for the mentally ill?

Granny Granny 11:47 am 05 Feb 09

gun street girl said :

How many children are we still sending down into the pits?

That is because we have kept the new model of sending them to school though, perhaps, rather than the old model of sending them out to work instead ….

Whilst there may no longer be a need technologically for smaller people in mines, the kinds of work that would suit a five or six year old would be quite unskilled and still open to all kinds of human rights abuses I should think. The older model was reprehensible and people sensibly eschew it.

However, I do agree that something needs to be done, but under the older models they were locked away and if they complained to family or friends they were not believed because they were ‘insane’.

If you want to know about institutional life even in recent times, this is an excellent link.

gun street girl gun street girl 11:35 am 05 Feb 09

History also shows evolution, mostly for the better. For instance, how many lobotomies do you think are carried out on psyche patients these days? How many advocacy groups are there out there for psyche patients, compared to 20 years ago? How many children are we still sending down into the pits? Look, I’m not saying the system is perfect or not open to abuse – it’s still got a long way to go – but it’s also overly pessimistic to think it’ll inevitably swing back to the bad old days. Frankly, the present model ain’t working. It’s letting people down, and it’s exposing them to harm. We mightn’t be perpetuating hurt directly (as was done in days gone past), but we are administering it indirectly by upholding the system in its current form.

Granny Granny 11:29 am 05 Feb 09

Yet history shows exactly that. I would think it would have to be a different model altogether. The old institutions were appalling.

gun street girl gun street girl 11:26 am 05 Feb 09

Frances Farmer (will have her revenge of Seattle).

I don’t agree with citing past mistakes/unethical behaviour as a reason why we shouldn’t revisit old ideas. If anything, they should merely stand as a warning of what can go wrong if we are not vigilant. We are risking throwing the baby out with the bathwater if we are determined that we will inevitably repeat past wrongs.

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