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Queanbeyan Drifting “Experts”

By squashee - 14 June 2011 23

Some extremely intelligent Queanbeyan boys have been recording themselves performing burnouts on a public road, and uploading the incriminating video to Youtube.  They have chosen to include clear footage of one of their faces, as well as the number plate.

Hopefully, the Police will soon catch these idiots before they take out another innocent motorist on Queanbeyan roads.

It looks like a NSW number plate on a Ford FG Falcon XR6. 

ford drifting

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23 Responses to
Queanbeyan Drifting “Experts”
Holden Caulfield 12:52 pm 14 Jun 11

I can see where Eppo is coming from. When I was on my Ps and living in country NSW I learnt more about basic car control on the surrounding dirt roads than I ever did in a text book or official “learn how to drive” lessons. These are great for road rules, but don’t offer much in terms of practical application if it all turns to shit.

Eppo 12:43 pm 14 Jun 11

I’m probably going to get shot down in flames on this overly conservative, public servant dominated forum – but I don’t actually have a problem with this.

A bunch of idiots no doubt, but they’ve had the sense to do this away from everyone else and have only damaged their own car. If it were a hire, I’m sure the hire place would have noticed some excessive rear tire wear & pulled them up on it.

XO_VSOP 12:14 pm 14 Jun 11

Looks like a hire care to me also! these loons should be off the road or made to work on it!

davecdp 11:03 am 14 Jun 11

He has his fog lights on too, big surprise there……..

ThatUniStudent 10:50 am 14 Jun 11

Hmm, at 0:49 the rego would be BI 86 AH ?
And at 0:41 we get a picture of the guy filming it.
What’s the bet he says “eh bru” a lot?

djk 10:43 am 14 Jun 11

The geniuses may also like to know that doing a burnout and spinning a car around is not drifting, it is just a burnout.

Number plate appears to be BI 86 AH.

Classified 10:40 am 14 Jun 11

Daddy will be very cranky when he sees what happened to his car!

The Frots 10:39 am 14 Jun 11

KB1971 said :

Captain RAAF said :

Thrashing a hire car maybe?

Hire cars can do things no other cars can do…………

Especially if their ‘red’ it seems!

KB1971 10:25 am 14 Jun 11

Captain RAAF said :

Thrashing a hire car maybe?

Hire cars can do things no other cars can do…………

Antagonist 10:24 am 14 Jun 11

KB1971 said :

Kudos, pretty good driving IMHO!!!!!

I love a good burn-out as much as the next bogan, but this guys driving skills suck ass. He had both rear wheels off the road and into the gravel more than once when he tried to do some donuts (AKA heli’s). Abject failure. Not even a bogans asshole.

Captain RAAF 10:14 am 14 Jun 11

Thrashing a hire car maybe?

KB1971 10:11 am 14 Jun 11

Kudos, pretty good driving IMHO!!!!!

Mysteryman 10:07 am 14 Jun 11

Stupid people are always going to do stupid things. At least these ones had the sense to do it on a seemingly abandoned stretch of road.

Holden Caulfield 10:03 am 14 Jun 11

Lucky it’s not in Victoria or they would get done for swearing too, haha.

Solidarity 9:41 am 14 Jun 11

At least they’re somewhere remote I guess, might even be a private driveway

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