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Queanbeyan Spivs Squeal about reduction in trough size – Defence HQ downsized

By johnboy 7 October 2005 16

Two days ago the Minister for Defence announced that the proposed Headquarters Joint Operations Command (HQJOC) facility near Bungendore wasn’t going to be as big as they had previously thought.

ABC Online is reporting at the squeals of outrage from the Queanbeyan white shoe brigade who had, it would seem, already place orders for new jaguars on the basis of hypothecated pork.

Building an operational HQ that serves it’s function in the defence of the nation is just a teensy bit more important than keeping these buggers high on the hog. I wish local media (particularly WIN News which I was just watching) could be a little less trusting when reporting on these things.

What’s Your opinion?

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16 Responses to
Queanbeyan Spivs Squeal about reduction in trough size – Defence HQ downsized
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peterh 10:46 am 03 Aug 09

Thumper said :

I used to be able to carry almost my own weight for days on end. Strangely, my back is absolutely buggered now as well 😉

my back is knackered too, but it always was dodgy after being a blue grunt.

OT, the move to bungendore was a great idea – not for ant and their neighbors, but from a perspective that it is now closer to nowra and sydney, and behind a large ridge from canberra.

maelinar is partially right, but the focus is the other part of the ACT, down huskisson way. Where our port is.

Thumper 10:08 am 03 Aug 09

I used to be able to carry almost my own weight for days on end. Strangely, my back is absolutely buggered now as well 😉

kieran AP 9:59 am 03 Aug 09

to Ant #7 (how do they carry all that stuff?)

The human bodies’ ability to physical adapt is remarkable. When I first joined a 15kg pack hurt and the 6kg rifle was a nightmare…then 20kg pack, 10kg webbing and occasionally a 10kg machine gun etc. Ended up carrying total combat load of 85kg when I weighed 80kg. Had to use trees etc to stand not very tactical but I could carry the load for days on end once standing…no different to a marathon runner that starts off walking around the block and builds up to doing a 42km race I suppose.

Now got crook knees and a busted back…and struggle to carry a 2 year old on my shoulders for more than an hour at a time :).

No where have I indicated I am particularly smart… but I could lift heavy things at one time 🙂 and most combat soldiers have a significant incentive to be ‘combat ready’ as much as possible…

Thumper 8:28 am 03 Aug 09

And tonight, there’s a line of big fires down on the paddock behind the facility, on the back entrance (which no one’s meant to use),

If there are fires then the grunts are not tac. They’re probably just hoofing out a 10 or 20 km stomp in battle order.

Anna Key 7:19 am 03 Aug 09

Seems a bit odd to have fully equipped soldiers wandering around on a public road at night. Apart from their safety, it could be bit of a cause of panic just seeing them out of the blue (or green)like that.

ant 10:09 pm 02 Aug 09

Yeah, but no one here or surrounding here wanted it! That said, the projected traffic problems seem to be a total non event. You see a lot of cars with uniforms in them heading up in the morning, but it’s really nothing terrible.

I am puzzled by what their manouvres were tonight though. Only one fire is still going. But it was all systems go there for a while, I’ve never seen anything like it. No one is meant to use that back road, other than the bi-annual security practise and I’m sure this wasn’t it. This looked like a full-on excercise, as-did the hapless couple of green mules on the road tonight.

That cammo is effective, I didn’t see them until I almost clipped one.

housebound 9:41 pm 02 Aug 09

Settng aside the merits of election promises – political parties really should be made to keep them, or otherwise be liable under the Trade Practices Act.

A lot of election promises are ridiculous, but politicians get elected on them and so they should be made to deliver the promises product.

Deckard 9:00 pm 02 Aug 09

Cleaning up a crashed spaceship?

Pandy 8:57 pm 02 Aug 09

Stabbing a pig. Beating a drum.

What boys (and girls with cojones) do.

ant 8:44 pm 02 Aug 09

This is the only HQ JOC topic I could find (there must be more?).

Well, they’re Up To Something tonight. At nightfall a couple of soldiers in full kit (how do they carry all that stuff?) and guns were trudging along the Captains Flat Road. And tonight, there’s a line of big fires down on the paddock behind the facility, on the back entrance (which no one’s meant to use), and car headlights at very regular intervals, coming to the fires (from inside the fence), and then heading out the back way (through Molonglo estate). Lots of headlights (also regularly spaced) out on Captains Flat road, too. I wonder what on earth they’re up to?

bonfire 11:40 am 10 Oct 05

umm – bureaucracy reduced in size.

yeah, this is a bad thing.

the evolution of the adf has been towards a one service upper echelon for over 15 years. soon it will resemble that.

Maelinar 9:28 am 10 Oct 05

Defence believe it or not, has had a huge impact on building this town (need a lazy occupant for an apartment in Gungahlin anybody?), although when you move DHQ out to Bungendore, they will begin to drift that way, so there will be a population shift slowly but surely away from Canberra and Queanbeyan anyway (as the old and crusty fall off the defence payroll). I can tell you for sure that as an ex defence member looking at a posting to Bungendore, I wouldn’t be heading inland for my housing, so Batemans Bay and surrounding regions better look out, cause that’s where the cashed up Major’s etc are going to be heading.

There will of course be a benefit to Canberrans, a few drink drivers, a few just plain idiots, and the windy road to Batemans will be straightened out and the trip will be shortened for us through to the coast on behalf of our Defence mates.

johnboy 10:09 am 09 Oct 05

Most of the brass live in Canberra or have lived here.

they’d all be planning on living in Canberra and commuting.

rubmyglands 11:20 pm 08 Oct 05

Election promise in a marginal seat, good for a headline or two. Now that some money has been spent on feasibility studies the higher ups in Garden Island are probably getting nervous that the Govt might be serious about moving them down. Expect the pressure to be on to dump the proposal or just move some local noddies from Russell Offices. After all, what self respecting General/Admiral/Air Marshal would want to move from a choice office overlooking Sydney Harbour (and a nice home in Rushcutters Bay) to work in Bungendore.

johnboy 11:00 am 08 Oct 05

Some things are more important.

Getting defence HQ’s right is one of them.

Everything changes.

yakz 10:18 am 08 Oct 05

Leaving aside all the get-rich-quick group desires, the Defence HQ was made during an election campaign in a marginal seat, not as a normal matter of government business. One assumes that therefore it is a non core promise (a lot of election promises seem to go that way) and any changes are part of the ongoing budgetary and operational assessments.
Not that I am cyncial about government pronouncements or flying pigs.

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