RA ghost hunting trip?

Thumper 28 December 2008 94

From a previous thread

#195 posted by Disposable
07:56, 24 Dec 2008
Awesome thread!

I did the Screensound/NFSA tour years ago and it was fairly spooky. I have also done one of Tim the Yowie Man’s awesome weird Canberra tours, definitely recommended and a lot of fun.

Apart from the NFSA surely Canberra’s most haunted spot has to be the air disaster memorial?

These ones have always interested me and I was wondering if anyone has any more info on:

The 1800’s murder at Ginninderra creek?
The Yarralumla brickworks story?
Scrivener Dam stories?

Anyone else up for a RA ghost hunting trip?

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94 Responses to RA ghost hunting trip?
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cleo cleo 11:28 pm 24 Aug 10

Well when your all finished getting pic’s of ghosts or orbs, I hope you will share them on RA.

mzih8u mzih8u 10:31 am 04 Jun 09

its strange isnt it? yes i can make out the pink towards the top.
Monte Christo would be a great place to visit.

Timberwolf65 Timberwolf65 8:56 am 04 Jun 09

We got heaps of great pics at Monte, we even took this pic of a group of us standing out near the knot garden. When we looked at the pics later on the digital camera one of the people in the photo wasn’t there, it’s just black where he was standing, it’s like a shadow ghost was standing in front of him or something.
It is the only successful photo we managed to get in the knot garden, the others just didn’t work, the camera would shut down for no reason, they say a lot of children spirits hang out there, so they probably like to play a lot of tricks on you.

I have a really good pic of an orb in motion that was taken upstairs on the balcony, right near the spot where a maid jumped to her death or pushed! ( She was pregnant and it is thought Mr Crawley was the father ) The Orb has a slight yellowish pink aura around it, my friend that can see auras told me she thinks it could be a female, I told her nothing of what happened there.


here is the orb on the balcony, there were no lights on, the lens was clean, it wasn’t raining as the balcony was undercover anyway.


here is a close up, if you look carefully you can make out a slight tinge of color around the outside. I see yellowish pink.

hope the above links worked.

mzih8u mzih8u 10:53 am 03 Jun 09

i suppose its the energy generated from some of these places that would make some electronic devices go a bit haywire.
photos would be great to have a look at!

Danman Danman 10:26 am 03 Jun 09

If its what Granny is talking about, I take photos in supposed haunted places, so its more of a shutter lag night photo session more than a ghost hunting trip.

I wont deny though that weird things have happened with electronic devices like cameras, car alarms, locks, remote triggers etc.

Photos will be available for wider dissemination at a later date.

mzih8u mzih8u 9:44 am 03 Jun 09

Awesome picture Timber.
How the hunt go? or didnt you guys do it yet?

peterh peterh 3:33 pm 01 Jun 09

Granny said :

Thanks mutley, but peterh and I have discussed that issue at length and he of all people knows my innermost thoughts and feelings about it.

sometimes, my very black humor comes out. if my wife isn’t around to knock me into reality, it takes a while to go away…

danman, it was very immature of me, apologies. at the time, it sounded a bit funny. all super and natural… not something that springs to mind at weetangera cemetery.

and the final blow was the fb labor ward ref, where i thought granny was joining in to the joke.

and thumper, if you ever need a second proofer, let me know. love reading.

Mia80 Mia80 3:19 pm 01 Jun 09

I have been searching for a Ghost Hunting group in Canberra.
Is there one?
Did one start here?
How can I join?

Apparently there used to be a group at ANU, but that past into the pages of history a few years back… or so I heard.

Timberwolf65 Timberwolf65 7:18 am 31 May 09

It looks like it has worked here is the picture and i have put a circle around the image.

I hope this image is a bit bigger than the first one.

Sorry John for all the mucking around.


The link above should be a bigger version, sorry not use to posting links!

Timberwolf65 Timberwolf65 6:42 am 31 May 09

Ozhair said :

Hey Timber, any chance of seeing the Crawley pic? You can watermark the crap out of it for protection if you like 🙂

I’m from Wagga, and grew up knowing Monte Cristo (Junee is only 30km from Wagga) as a haunted house. Been there a few times.

Sure thing as soon as I learn to post the link

The link above ( If worked) is an image of what I think is Mr Crawley. You can see the beard, the white collar, his nose.

Ozhair Ozhair 9:06 am 27 May 09

Hey Timber, any chance of seeing the Crawley pic? You can watermark the crap out of it for protection if you like 🙂

I’m from Wagga, and grew up knowing Monte Cristo (Junee is only 30km from Wagga) as a haunted house. Been there a few times.

Timberwolf65 Timberwolf65 8:53 am 27 May 09

I just came across this post, Has the ghost hunt happened? don’t have time to read all the posts at the moment.

I have been to Monte Cristo homestead in Junee which was awesome, stayed over night, got some cool pics.

I also have been to Maitland Gaol and stayed over night there too, got some cool orb pics, also captured a pic of Mr Crawley at Monte Cristo sitting in a chair in The boys room, the room in which he died, due to an infection on his neck from starched collar.
recorded some cool EVP’s from there too.
Camera went spastic and we went through packet loads of brand new batteries.

I could talk on this all day…chow for now

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 7:38 am 27 May 09

Thumper said :

Um..The book is still very much in draft form…

I know that *rolls eyes* but the issues you raise are very interesting.

Granny Granny 11:59 pm 26 May 09

fabforty, it is totally awesome to hear from you lady!

Email me at granny1963@gmail.com and I’ll send you my real email.

I must warn you we go out late – round 10pm last time and got back maybe 2am. I think the spookiness factor will be reduced with the group, but the nice to be together factor will make up for that. Me and Dan only got scared once – that was in Weetangera – and I honestly don’t know if there’ll be anywhere that creepy again, but who knows?

And it depends on the weather also. I usually don’t know that we’re going out for a shoot until a couple of hours before although we do tee things up tentatively beforehand and kind of pencil them in.

Thumper Thumper 10:28 pm 26 May 09

Um..The book is still very much in draft form…

OzChick OzChick 10:03 pm 26 May 09

No thanks. I’d probably wet my pants or something. I am such a wuss.

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 9:46 pm 26 May 09

Thumper said :


email granny. looking at doing something this weekend.

i need some inspiration to finish my book 😉

Will do, Thumper! I love this stuff. BTW: a couple of ladies at work believe our building on Northbourne is haunted. Cooooool!

BTW: I read the stuff you forwarded on your book. I’m very impressed and you make some very good points I’d never considered before. Looking forward to discussing with you further.

fabforty fabforty 8:54 pm 26 May 09

What’s your e-mail Granny ? I am in !

Thumper Thumper 8:37 pm 26 May 09


email granny. looking at doing something this weekend.

i need some inspiration to finish my book 😉

Danman Danman 8:06 pm 26 May 09

err some people really need a cold shower…

You all sound like a bunch of bloody schoolkids, surprised you have not asked me if I got some yet… Jesus christ – grow up.

Whats wrong with being natural? not like i’m artificial ?


/end issue.

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