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Thumper’s inaugural ghost tour

By Thumper - 5 January 2009 121

[ED – RiotACT would like to make it very clear that we are not associated nor affiliated with this activity and take no responsibility or care for it]

Okay folks,

I was hoping that someone else would organise this. However, I’m keen to get something up and going at sometime soon.

First of all I can’t, due to various other engagements and responsibilities, put forward a date as yet although I was thinking of a Monday night or a Friday night. Secondly, I’d like to finish off somewhere near a pub so i can have a beer.

Thirdly, below are the sites I have in mind. Some we can visit, others we’ll just have to look at or hang around outside. No matter, as some of the places simply look spectacular anyway. Also, a few of the places may be difficult to access and I’m not even sure if some places are haunted or not although I’m sure they will give some people the heebee geebees.

Thus, the sites are:

St Johns Church and grounds, Reid (Old church and graveyard, but maybe not accessible after hours)
All Saints Church, Ainslie (As above, but we could stand out the front and check it out)
Weetangera Cemetary, Higgins/ Hawker (Private property but who cares and easy access)
St Paul’s cemetary, Evatt (Easy access)
Air Disaster memorial, Fairbairn ? (Access is difficult, i think you have to walk there now)
Gold Creek gallery, Gold Creek (Private gallery but owner says it is haunted)
Schrivener dam (not really haunted, but spooky anyway)
Old Parliament House (We can walk around it at night)
Old Brickworks, Yarralumbla (Not sure if we could get access)
Blundell’s Cottage (Again, access but certainly can wander around it)
Duffy Creek, Duffy (Not sure about this one, easy access but haunted?)

Any other places that can be added?

I would suggest at this stage something like this;

All Saints Church
Blundells Cottage
Scrivener Dam
Weetangera Cemetary

(Pot Belly, or other establishment)

Feel free to put out obviously flaws, etc, or better ideas.

What’s Your opinion?

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121 Responses to
Thumper’s inaugural ghost tour
Loose Brown2 4:35 pm 05 Jan 09

caf said :

BerraBoy: I’m guessing it’s headlines along the lines of “Local website in break and enter fury” that are the concern.

Ha ha, would be funny in the CT with no naming of the website concerned…

Overheard 4:18 pm 05 Jan 09

I’m the world’s biggest skeptic, but count me in. Sadly Mondays and Fridays are the worst for me. I was looking for last weekend’s DIY Wotz on Guide without success to announce that Trivia in the Trams at the Tradies does indeed return tonight.

BerraBoy68 4:13 pm 05 Jan 09

Cheers Skid.

peterh 4:07 pm 05 Jan 09

I am in, mrs peterh is complaining i spend too much time at home, these days…

Granny 4:05 pm 05 Jan 09

Aren’t you going to come and get arrested with us?

Skidbladnir 4:00 pm 05 Jan 09

Just as RiotACT Pty Ltd (the entity) didn’t encourage anybody to actually go and investigate\vandalise the Michelago House, they’re possibly not encouraging anybody to enter private property, even if it is ‘easy access’…
The liability of an owner is covered by negligence\duty of care, but putting written statements of “who cares?” on an invitation to tresspass on private property might be useful in any civil proceedings.

The point being you can get arrested with or without RiotACT Pty Ltd. 😐

PM 3:59 pm 05 Jan 09

If I’m free, I’m in no matter what, but I don’t drive. I’m sure something can be arranged.

I like the Pot Belly suggestion. Come to think of it, it’s a good spot to go after ghost hunting – a few bar staff over the years have seen a black cat running through the place as they’re closing up, but have never cornered it, seen it walk through a door, etc. It’s been put down to the lateness of the evening, but some aren’t so sure.

Granny 3:59 pm 05 Jan 09

I can come on Mondays or Fridays as long as Overheard’s Trivia at the Tradies hasn’t started back on Mondays. Otherwise I shall be on the horns of a dilemma.

But it does indeed sound like a good night!

I am dining at ye olde wicked and fallen nunnery this Saturday, so I will let you know if anyone transparent shows up!


BerraBoy68 3:59 pm 05 Jan 09

caf said :

BerraBoy: I’m guessing it’s headlines along the lines of “Local website in break and enter fury” that are the concern.

LOL! Thanks.

CleptaK 3:58 pm 05 Jan 09

Great idea, Thumper – count me in! I second Screensound. The Hyatt and the Sri Lankan High Commission are also suggestions. As for the pub, what about a more central location (thinking of us Southsiders…)? The Wig and Pen is always good.

caf 3:44 pm 05 Jan 09

BerraBoy: I’m guessing it’s headlines along the lines of “Local website in break and enter fury” that are the concern.

caf 3:43 pm 05 Jan 09

I heard that you have to go through the paintball field to get to the Air Disaster Memorial now – not sure about the truth of that.

You could also go by Screensound.

BerraBoy68 3:43 pm 05 Jan 09

Johnboy – just curious but whay has RA distanced intself from thie endeavour? Is a legal thing or one of credibility? I’m not having dig – serioulsy. I’m just curious.

Thumper, a Monday would be best for me but I’ll just fit in. Oh, and please don’t do this between 16 and 26 Jan! It’s the only time I’m planning to be away (Brouleee!)

Danman 3:37 pm 05 Jan 09

Sounds good – if you need a man and DSLR let me know 🙂 Keen as always

niftydog 3:23 pm 05 Jan 09

Intrigued… but expect me to hassle you about urbexing!

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