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Raider implicated in All Bar Nun fight Sunday night

By Thumper - 23 July 2008 159

[First filed: July 22, 2008 @ 08:57
Second filing: July 22, 2008 @ 16:45]

Nothing online as yet but Raiders players, Bronx Goodwin and someone else, were allegedly involved in a scuffle at the All Bar Nun last night at around midnight. The allegations are that Goodwin king hit a patron who was attempting to alleviate the situation by leaving.

Let’s see if this gets pushed under the carpet.

[ED – The Herald Sun has more here]

UPDATED The Canberra Times is reporting that Carney and Goodwin have both been stood down pending an investigation. Way to ruin a season.

ANOTHER UPDATE: ABC radio is reporting that Todd Carney allegedly urinated on another patron of the bar.

Further Update: Bronx has apparently been charged with two counts of assault. Todd Carney has not been charged with any crime. Both players remain suspended until the board meets over the weekend. ABC has the report.

Apparently this is all a media beat-up according to Raider’s chairman John McIntyre. In turn he says the beatup is a testament to the popularity of Rugby League.

What’s Your opinion?

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159 Responses to
Raider implicated in All Bar Nun fight Sunday night
Thumper 1:04 pm 22 Jul 08



Swaggie 12:46 pm 22 Jul 08

I’ve never really thought of All Bar Nun as a Nightclub before, something doesn’t stack up in the Herald Story.

Thumper, I can only assume your bed is up alongside a wall then : )

Thumper 12:21 pm 22 Jul 08


I must have got out on the cynical side of bed this morning 😉

Mr Evil 11:12 am 22 Jul 08

Roadrage77 said :

Are Mr & Doctor Evil related? And who is the more evil of the two?

Oh, I’m much nicer than the Evil Doctor! 🙂

justbands 10:59 am 22 Jul 08

> patrons of all bar – save your local, should just be a union bar….

Hehe…how true! A Gentlemens sport.

p.s. We gave you Wests lads a hiding the other week!

Roadrage77 10:48 am 22 Jul 08

Are Mr & Doctor Evil related? And who is the more evil of the two?

peterh 10:47 am 22 Jul 08

watch all bar go the way of bobby mcgees – that was the way they started to go when the ARL football heads took it over….

patrons of all bar – save your local, should just be a union bar….

Mr Evil 10:36 am 22 Jul 08

Give the guy a break – gotta celebrate two wins in a row somehow!

Roadrage77 10:22 am 22 Jul 08

All bar used to be a decent pub before all the popped-collar footy heads started making it their base.

Beserk Warrior 10:20 am 22 Jul 08

The old “just trying to break up a fight” standard defense. Its amazing ow many drunk rugby league players have a good samaritan side. Johnathon Thurston seems to be breaking up fights every weekend. What a great guy.

Doctor Evil 10:00 am 22 Jul 08

“Goodwin faces the sack if he is charged by police.”

Yep, unless you’re the expensive star halfback, even a minor indiscretion will probably get you punted……..

johnboy 9:55 am 22 Jul 08

If he did it Danman, if he did it.

Danman 9:52 am 22 Jul 08

He has a face that looks like he has done a bit of boxing in his time.
Maybe he enjoys getting fisted in the “ring”

Raiders aren’t even D grade celebs anymore – they have sucked since the early 90’s

Nevertheless, punching someone when they are on their way out is pretty low.

DJ 9:42 am 22 Jul 08

A cynical start to the day Thumper! Pushed under the carpet by whom? One thing I have noted with things like this is that if there is no complaint of assault then no action against the alleged offender is taken, therefore the public don’t see what they believe to be a fair outcome.

Sounds like plenty of witnesses and not the kind of situation where it was an amicable fight – if you can believe the media. I guess this is another incident to tarnish the already low reputation of Rubgy League players *throws out fishing line and waits*

Deadmandrinking 9:11 am 22 Jul 08

Damn, he should have done it at 7:30 or so when I went to the shops. Living up the road from that joint, I haven’t seen any if it’s famed evening entertainment on my smoke runs so far 🙁

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