Raiders go down, SMH agrees that they were ripped off

Thumper 2 July 2007 6

The SMH has a very good article on the Raiders versus Tigers match, played in sub zero temperatures at Bruce (sorry, canberra) stadium yesterday afternoon.

The Raiders went down 22-16 but were bizarrely denied what looked a certain try to fullback William Zillman that would have, at the time tied the scores. Two other Raiders tries were alo denied by the video referee.

This is the third week in a row that the Raiders have had something to gripe about. Versus Newcastle Alan Tongue scored a certain try, only to be denied by the video referee. Against the Cowboys the raiders were hammering the tryline when a ball hit a Cowboys players legs, bounced to another Cowboys player in an off side position, who then ran the length of the field to score the winning points.

And now the Tigers match.

Surely their luck must change soon.

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6 Responses to Raiders go down, SMH agrees that they were ripped off
bd84 bd84 9:13 pm 02 Jul 07

Sorry, all you one eyed Raiders supporters out there. Having no interest in either side and being there watching the game, there were just as many bad calls both ways. The home crowd we booing for the hell of it a couple of times, although some may have been correct. Both forward passes were correctly called, I could even see how forward the 2nd pass was sitting down field on an angle. The Raiders also got a “kinda, maybe, almost looked like a try so we will give it anyway” benefit of the doubt (dodgy) try, and the penalty to the Raiders for their own player playing the ball incorrectly, wtf?. The Tigers played the better game, had the better defence and the Raiders ruined most of their chances. Give it up! Even though you will whinge anyway for the fact you are Raiders fans and your team lost lol

Stung Stung 3:22 pm 02 Jul 07

I think it’s disgraceful what’s happening to the Raiders, and I’m a Dragons fan! I think maybe because the Raiders aren’t one of the ‘glamour’ clubs with big sponsors and big crowds, the refs don’t feel they need to officiate their games fairly, or they know that there won’t be too much backlash if they screw them out of a few decisions. Once or twice is just bad luck, but three games in a row and the League needs to take a look at itself. Narrow losses against Newcastle, Cowboys and Tigers have all been lost not on “contentious” but totally INCORRECT referee rulings. The Raiders would be looking quite good on the ladder if it weren’t for these losses, and I would hate to see them fail to make the top eight due to corrupt referring when they are in really good form. Something has to give here… WTF NRL??

Mess Mess 2:16 pm 02 Jul 07

I’m sick of watching the Raiders losing their games because of bad referee decisions… The Raiders should have won both against the Tigers and Cowboys – but were reffed out of the game. Its just rediculous – Tigers spend alot of that game offside with the crowd booing loudly.. as soon as the Raiders were a milimetre offside – PENATLY. Great tries scored by the Raiders only to be disallowed by the video ref or a blind touchy who doesn’t know what the difference between forwards and backwards is.

I feel this is common practice for the Raiders.. they were good and strong and unbeatable at home, but they arent meant to be a team that wins much in the eyes of others so now the ref’s are making sure they lose.. Its DISGRACEFUL!!!!

Ralph Ralph 11:22 am 02 Jul 07

Indeed. The Raiders did have their opportunities though, and just some poor decisions like kicking for touch with 3 mins to go near the Tigers’ line.

Poor Weyman. He really needs to toss it in I think and get himself an apprenticeship. Very fragile for such a big man.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 10:59 am 02 Jul 07

it’s saying something when even the sydney papers notice AND care.

sb14 sb14 10:37 am 02 Jul 07

I don’t know why these calls keep going against us. Just bad luck? Full moon? Conspiracy theory? Todd Carney hit on the teenage daughter of the referees boss? Who knows. One thing I do know… its bloody frustrating.

In saying that, the Raiders had ample opportunity to win all three games in the past three weeks, and failed to capitalise. Poor decisions from the officials (especially the video ref), make it just that little more bitter.

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