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Rally against the clean feed!

By johnboy - 9 December 2008 134

Still waiting for the final details, but if you feel strongly about the Rudd Government’s plans to apply arbitrary censorship to the internet while failing to block access to illegal material, you’ll want to pencil this one in.

There’s going to be a rally this Saturday against the so-called “clean feed”.

More details on Facebook with the location apparently a bit wobbly but we’ll fill you in when we hear.

UPDATED: The following note has been added:

    Hey everyone,

    Sorry, due to a conflict, we have had to change the location to City Walk in Civic (near the fountain outside of the Canberra Centre). Please let anyone you have forwarded information to know.

    This issue will affect us all, and the scary thing is that most Australians have never even heard of it. Pass on this event, send an email, mention it to everyone you know. If they are unaware and concerned, send them to so they can learn more.


    If anyone has any free time over the next few days please contact me. We are behind the eight ball in that ACT only just got organisers, while the other states have been planning their events for weeks, if not months.

    We mainly need help getting the word out there. The Christmas shopping rush gives us a great opportunity to hand out flyers outside of the malls and raise awareness of this issue and the rally.

    We also have many other jobs that could desperately use an extra hand (marshalls, sign makers and posters, performers, media and guest speaker liasons etc.).

    Little or lot, we will happily take whatever you can offer!

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134 Responses to
Rally against the clean feed!
H1NG0 2:35 pm 09 Dec 08

Does this mean that my dial up connection in Ngunnawal will drop to half the speed again? If they are going to implement this sh!t, surely they should get their broadband network off the ground first. It is rediculous that in Australia’s capital city, there are still broadband black holes. Instead that little slipepry prick would rather focus his attention on blocknig content. I have explored every avenue to get broadband and it is useless.

moff 2:31 pm 09 Dec 08

Am I the only one here who believes that the internet was going to be regulated at some time?

If you do not participate in downright despicaable things on the internet (ie. child porn, illegal money ventures, and hate crime), you HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.

Who gives a flaming hoot that your download speed is going to be a affected marginally – the internet is already ten times faster than it was five years ago, and it’s getting faster.

The government is not going to take away your right to free speech – get over it!

Instead of viewing this as some sort of affront against ‘your rights as an internet user’, perhaps you should think about what this new system is really trying to acheive – think about who they really want to catch and who they really want to protect.

Cameron 2:22 pm 09 Dec 08

Frankly it amazes me that it has all got this far. I keep thinking that surely at some point someone in the government will turn around and point out that in addition to being technically difficult and completely impractical, this type of censorship is completely against the principles on which Australia is based is basically opening up the pandora’s box of censorship.

The fact it has got this far leads me to believe that no one in the government has that much common sense.

Nonetheless, I keep thinking that before it gets off the ground, or almost immediately after it does get off the ground, someone will realise how ridiculous it is and sort it out.

Mr Evil 2:20 pm 09 Dec 08

And some thought it was the Liberal/National coalition that was all about stifling freedoms.

Conroy should go and join his idiot collegue James “The recession is a sign that the end times are a coming – Jesus said so!” Bidgood, and soak his head in a bucket of sh1t!

Thumper 2:13 pm 09 Dec 08

True hingo, but Rudd is an expert at making himself a small target which is why he’s happy to let others do the running for him.

H1NG0 2:04 pm 09 Dec 08

So true ant. Rudd is out of touch, or maybe this is part of his plans to be more like China where no site goes unfiltered.

ant 2:00 pm 09 Dec 08

This stupid filter will be a disaster for all net users. What’s the point of throwing all that money at Broadband and Fibre To Thuh Node etc if they’re going to choke it with this useless white elephant? Plus the gov’t will be able to censor access to any issues or info they decide to. Euthanasia discussions, for instance.

They’d better come up with a decently-communicated venue for the protest pretty soon, or half the people won’t know it’s on.

GottaLoveCanberra 1:52 pm 09 Dec 08

“I’d be there if i wasn’t already otherwise occupied… this ‘filtering’ is a farce”

See this is the problem with Australians today, we’re all too busy to stand up for our freedoms. Unless it affects us straight away the majority just don’t want to do anything.

God help me if I ever meet Conroy in person, I’d lack the self restraint to hold my tongue.

jakez 1:35 pm 09 Dec 08

The LDP should go and hand out flyers…but they won’t.

Could be a fun day out.

Claine 1:26 pm 09 Dec 08
Blamemonkey 1:26 pm 09 Dec 08


I am not sure what i fear more, the fact that this can be done or the actual cost of implementation.

Thumper 12:41 pm 09 Dec 08

Did I read somewhere that in britain the government has managed to filter Wikipaedia out?

Dante 12:37 pm 09 Dec 08

I’d be there if i wasn’t already otherwise occupied… this ‘filtering’ is a farce.

DarkLadyWolfMother 11:42 am 09 Dec 08

Cool. I’ve been asking around if there was going to be one.

I’d organise it myself except it seems I can’t even organise a piss-up in a brewery.

Ozhair 11:19 am 09 Dec 08

Had Conroy in our studio a couple of hours ago. REALLY had to bite my tongue to prevent myself asking him what the hell he’s thinking.

But I like getting my pay-cheque every fortnight, so I kept my trap shut 😛

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