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Rally against the clean feed!

By johnboy 9 December 2008 134

Still waiting for the final details, but if you feel strongly about the Rudd Government’s plans to apply arbitrary censorship to the internet while failing to block access to illegal material, you’ll want to pencil this one in.

There’s going to be a rally this Saturday against the so-called “clean feed”.

More details on Facebook with the location apparently a bit wobbly but we’ll fill you in when we hear.

UPDATED: The following note has been added:

    Hey everyone,

    Sorry, due to a conflict, we have had to change the location to City Walk in Civic (near the fountain outside of the Canberra Centre). Please let anyone you have forwarded information to know.

    This issue will affect us all, and the scary thing is that most Australians have never even heard of it. Pass on this event, send an email, mention it to everyone you know. If they are unaware and concerned, send them to so they can learn more.


    If anyone has any free time over the next few days please contact me. We are behind the eight ball in that ACT only just got organisers, while the other states have been planning their events for weeks, if not months.

    We mainly need help getting the word out there. The Christmas shopping rush gives us a great opportunity to hand out flyers outside of the malls and raise awareness of this issue and the rally.

    We also have many other jobs that could desperately use an extra hand (marshalls, sign makers and posters, performers, media and guest speaker liasons etc.).

    Little or lot, we will happily take whatever you can offer!

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Rally against the clean feed!
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harvyk1 10:17 am 11 Dec 08

They certainlly do, however it’s not an overly good one which can be by-passed in about 10 minutes by any semi-tech-savvy teenanger who has instructions on how to do it.

Considering this, this is why I have such little faith in the Gov’t rolling out clean-feed across the country.

ant 9:28 am 11 Dec 08

Doesn’t the government already offer a free net filter to parents who want one? Net Alert?

harvyk1 9:17 am 11 Dec 08

A couple of hundred dollars, if that.

There are some good filter products which can be installed on the end computer which work quite well.

Alternatively, run the kids internet through your computer (or if you don’t have one, by a second hand machine which sits in the corner, it doesn’t cost much), set yours up as a proxy and buy a second network card ($15). Install one of the many free proxies available on the internet. Only downside is that your computer needs to be switched on for them to be able to use the net, however they will not be able to get around it, they will not be able to disable it, and if they do disable it, it’ll stop them accessing the web period.

dexi 9:04 am 11 Dec 08

For reference how much would it cost to have a clean feed installed in a house?

Equipment cost.
Expected hardware life.

Is there any room for a system like Foxtel employs, to its adult channels, by the ISP’s?

nathan 10:26 pm 10 Dec 08

dexi, I concede that when I build a firewall there may be some way for information to transit it in a way that I can’t control, in the same way that Mr T may just rock up to my house next Wednesday and congratulate me on being such a hard man. But as harveyk implies, if I have control of the demarc, I know what’s going in and out – it’s just a bunch of 0s and 1s.

Having that knowledge, it’s a matter of parenting.

There seems to be a lot of “think of the children!” type arguments here, which miss the point. Nobody’s arguing in favour of kiddy porn. Rather, most critics are somewhat offended that so much effort is being put into what is known to be an ineffective… um, I’m lost for words, ordinarily I’d say solution, except it obviously isn’t one.

This isn’t a fight between perverts and right-minded Australians. The controls for both acceptable pornography and illegal (yes, lest we forget, kiddy porn is already illegal!) material exist, are well-defined & effective and are accepted by the community. The proposed filter is none of those things.

(And FFS, who do you think polices & enforces the rule that children aren’t allowed into sex shops? Hint: it’s not a computer.)

Deadmandrinking 3:20 pm 10 Dec 08

p1 said :

Actually, I think that is the sort of pr0n they will block…

Yeah, but they won’t.

Woe betide nature show websites though…

p1 2:48 pm 10 Dec 08

Actually, I think that is the sort of pr0n they will block…

dexi 2:46 pm 10 Dec 08

“When did sex become a bad thing? Did I miss a meeting?”

Yes you missed the meeting when we discussed what the nice young lady was doing to the donkey.

p1 2:32 pm 10 Dec 08

Before the internet, people used to find porn in the woods.

Yup, I remember finding a substantial Cache of pr0n in the woods one time. Whenever I drive past that bit of Canberra bushland I remember…

There is always the option of a portable device and someone’s unsecured wireless network. Didn’t exist when I was 16, but if I was 16 now I’m damn sure I would have worked it out.

justbands 2:26 pm 10 Dec 08

Hehe…Jim Jones is on fire. 🙂

“What came first…the hard-on or the Madonna video?” – Bill Hicks, again.

Jim Jones 2:25 pm 10 Dec 08

… and if we remove all the pr0n from the internet, all that will be left is Star Trek trivia, and no-one wants that.

Cameron 2:21 pm 10 Dec 08

dexi said :

In a porn shop printed pornography has to be restricted from view . Under 18 are not allowed on the premises and ID is required. Yet the internet only requires a click for verification. If an Australian site that displays porn, has an underage viewer, can’t they be prosecuted for not taking reasonable steps to verify the age of the viewer.

The problem with that is, all the site would need to do to get around the law is host the site offshore and run it through an offshore company. Still accessible to Australian users.

Jim Jones 2:17 pm 10 Dec 08

justbands said :

> I for one think that the 16 year old boys need access to some porn. I remember the days when I had to make do with FHM…but I’ve said too much.

Agreed. There’s a reason there’s so much porn about…it’s ’cause we like it, teenaged boys in particular like it. “When did sex become a bad thing? Did I miss a meeting?” – Hicks.

Before the internet, people used to find porn in the woods.

God knows how it got there … maybe left by older boys to keep the proud tradition of ‘woods’ porn.

justbands 2:12 pm 10 Dec 08

(although FHM didn’t exist when I was 16!)


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