Rare footage of Tony Hawk skateboarding at Canberra park drops online

Damien Larkins 16 December 2021 83
Tony Hawk professional skateboarder at San Jose in California

Tony Hawk (seen here, not at Woden) has been a force in skateboarding for over three decades. Photo: Flickr, Victor Solanoy.

Never-before-seen video of US professional skateboarder Tony Hawk at Woden Skate Park in 1988 has been discovered and shared online.

The footage, posted by Hawk on his Instagram page, shows him performing a range of tricks on the halfpipe in front of a huge, captivated crowd of Canberrans.

An internationally renowned skater and entrepreneur, the now 53-year-old Hawk turned pro at just 14. In 1999, he was the first person to successfully pull off a 900-degree aerial spin.

His influence extends to a hugely popular billion-dollar skateboarding video game franchise, clothing line, sporting goods and toys.

The Canberra appearance, part of the 1988 Bones Brigade Tour, was a significant win for local skaters and drew international coverage.

Hawk says he’s never seen the new footage before.

“I saw this footage today for the first time ever thanks to [Mark Weatherstone] and I barely remember any of it,” he wrote on the post.

“Here are some highlights of my odd trick selection: fast plant varial, invert varial to fakie, a sloppy Christ Air, egg to fakie, frigid Madonna and the most desperate 720 I’ve ever seen.”

The video has been watched over 220,000 times at the time of publishing.

The man behind the video, Mark Weatherstone, responded to the post saying how much Hawk’s visit meant to locals.

“Glad to jog your memory [Tony Hawk],” he wrote. “It’s a day us Canberran skaters will never forget … in fact, we still talk about it.”

Were you there when Tony Hawk skated in Canberra? Let us know in the comments.

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83 Responses to Rare footage of Tony Hawk skateboarding at Canberra park drops online
Sophie Brissenden Sophie Brissenden 9:11 am 22 Dec 21

Ollie Brisso cbr proud rn

Miguel Scanchez Miguel Scanchez 8:34 am 21 Dec 21

I was there too. I think it was in November on a Melbourne Cup day

Craig Heran Craig Heran 12:00 am 21 Dec 21

Belle Gordon we were there. Will never forget that day

Nick Miller Nick Miller 9:31 pm 20 Dec 21

Matt Wood were you too young to be there?

    Matt Wood Matt Wood 10:53 pm 20 Dec 21

    Nick Miller I definitely wasn’t there that day which is a real bummer but being 9 I’d say it might have been a year before I was allowed to go there. I tried to drop into that half pipe once and crashed hard.

Mark Boland Mark Boland 6:21 pm 20 Dec 21

I was there mate. Even managed to get a poster signed by the entire bones brigade. If only I still had it. God knows what happened to it

Caleb Rapley Caleb Rapley 8:13 pm 19 Dec 21

Tom Cummins watch the 720 at the end

Woody Brenden Woody Brenden 8:04 pm 19 Dec 21

He skated at Erindale Brick Banks too

Adrian King Adrian King 7:20 pm 19 Dec 21

I wagged school to go watch him and the Bones Brigade tear it up at our local 👌🏼

Julian Hayes Julian Hayes 6:38 pm 19 Dec 21

*Woden bowl

Elly Bird Elly Bird 5:07 pm 19 Dec 21

Ilsa Maree here’s one for Jett

Ryne Bowden Ryne Bowden 4:13 pm 19 Dec 21

Lee Boswell were you there??

Steve Luby Steve Luby 3:34 pm 19 Dec 21

I was their that day

Jacqui Murkins Jacqui Murkins 3:30 pm 19 Dec 21

Connie for Ollie

Pay Powell Pay Powell 3:20 pm 19 Dec 21

John Etminan ... were you there??

    John Etminan John Etminan 10:25 pm 19 Dec 21

    Pay Powell indeed I was. Was very fortunate to spend the whole day with them, skating and touring in their van and had dinner with the guys too. Was probably my favourite day ever as a kid!

    Pay Powell Pay Powell 8:04 am 20 Dec 21

    John Etminan so you were up on the ramp skating too?

    John Etminan John Etminan 2:01 pm 20 Dec 21

    Pay Powell Yup. Hard to see me but I am the tiny guy with a red helmet on the right hand platform

    Pay Powell Pay Powell 2:16 pm 20 Dec 21

    John Etminan there goes my hero!!

    John Etminan John Etminan 2:24 pm 20 Dec 21

    Pay Powell here is a photo where you can see me

Willie Fangaiuiha Willie Fangaiuiha 3:10 pm 19 Dec 21

Sheeeshhh 🔥 Zac Buchanan

Chris Olsen Chris Olsen 1:06 pm 19 Dec 21

Iain Huntley you were there from memory, I drove past with my Mum? 🤘🏻

    Iain Huntley Iain Huntley 5:59 pm 19 Dec 21

    I wasn't there that day. I wasn't allowed to go. 😭

    Chris Olsen Chris Olsen 7:44 pm 19 Dec 21

    Iain Huntley Tragic, do you remember why not?

    Iain Huntley Iain Huntley 10:20 pm 19 Dec 21

    I was considered too young to go on such a trip by myself.

Marty Livingstone Marty Livingstone 12:56 pm 19 Dec 21

Matty Phillips Lee Cannon were you there?

    Matty Phillips Matty Phillips 1:09 pm 19 Dec 21

    Marty Livingstone don’t think so. I was there when Lee left some of his face in the bowl though!

    Marty Livingstone Marty Livingstone 1:15 pm 19 Dec 21

    Matty Phillips hazardous sport. How about half his shin on the wall at Weston Creek High?!

    Lee Cannon Lee Cannon 9:05 am 20 Dec 21

    Marty Livingstone no I wasn’t

Tracey Backhouse Tracey Backhouse 10:55 am 19 Dec 21

Amy southside rulez 😉

Adam Brzozowski Adam Brzozowski 10:55 am 19 Dec 21

Robert Gowland III did you go to this, great day! Precursor played a few skate park shows

    Robert Gowland III Robert Gowland III 11:09 am 19 Dec 21

    Adam Brzozowski yeah man, I was actually allowed to have the day off by my olds 👍

    Robert Gowland III Robert Gowland III 12:21 pm 19 Dec 21

    Adam Brzozowski Seeing those tricks in real life fully blew my mind!!

    Adam Brzozowski Adam Brzozowski 12:23 pm 19 Dec 21

    Robert Gowland III bloody amazing, we we’re lucky

Megan Weingarth Megan Weingarth 10:20 am 19 Dec 21

Penny - for Hunter

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