Rates to rise again. Stanhope says we need it.

Thumper 20 July 2007 13

This was recently sent to me by a friend in the property renovation business.

Allhomes is reporting that, according to Richard Mulcahy home rates will increase an extra $145 per year over the next year.

Chief Minister Jon Stanhope has defended rate increases as needed to pay for better services and says the average rate increase is not as much as stated by Mulcahy.

I would have to ask, where is all this money going? Afterall, we had a huge rate increase only 12 months ago.

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13 Responses to Rates to rise again. Stanhope says we need it.
andy andy 11:26 am 21 Jul 07

what VY said 😛
the increase in rates is needed to pay for the TV, tellin us how well they are spending our money..

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 12:00 am 21 Jul 07

Naturally I will be passing these price increases on to my tenants.

teddy bear teddy bear 9:00 pm 20 Jul 07

The Stanhope Government is responsible for a huge amount of money wastage and cost over-runs going back well before the millions spent on appealing the Coroner’s Report.

We have the Rhodium fiasco, the Eastman legal expenses, the social justice expenditures on legislation for things like gay marriages, the blunders on plantings in catchment areas, the arboretum, the long-stay caravan park, the new gaol, the Firelink fiasco, the “Live in Canberra” promotion, the jaunts to India and China, the hospital parking fiasco, Grassby’s statue, salary increases for politicians and judges, etc, etc.

The list goes on and on. As the ACT has little industry and natural resources, it is the taxpayer who has to put up with the ever increasing range of taxes, charges and levies to fund these extravagances.

Canberra voters put these politicians in. It is time they made them accountable and responsible for the wasteful expenditures and the myriad economic and financial blunders.

Unfortunately, I have never seen such a bunch of lazy, disinterested and apathetic citizens as those in Canberra. They deserve the politicians (of all persuasions) they voted in!

el el 8:28 pm 20 Jul 07

More likely cause they’re allowed to up it by 10% each year.

mojo filter mojo filter 4:54 pm 20 Jul 07

It seems caf has not yet figured out why his rent increased. Now could it be that the landlord was passing on Stanhope’s rate increases ……?

caf caf 4:45 pm 20 Jul 07

If a $2.80/week rise is that big to you, you’re obviously lucky enough not to be renting. Our last rent rise was by more than 10 times that.

Joker Joker 4:24 pm 20 Jul 07

One of the latest increases from passed on from ACTEW is the utilities tax and wait till they start building the water recycling plant $$$$$!

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 4:13 pm 20 Jul 07

Your rates increase will no doubt go towards the kickbacks to developers promising more affordable housing. Make housing cheap, then make it too expensive to live in…

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:06 pm 20 Jul 07

The money is being spent on consultants who advise the Govt on issues like how many more schools to close, how to pretend that health services in Canberra are okay, to write reports about the rise of violence in schools, and how to fark around with the Emergency Services for the umpteenth time.

barking toad barking toad 4:04 pm 20 Jul 07

What bonfire said.

And trips to China, India etc.

Add goals, bureaucratic nonsense like bills if rights etc.

All the stamp duty collections are gone so next rates must rise. Water rates too because usage has dropped and hence revenue.

flyingblind flyingblind 3:52 pm 20 Jul 07

Methinks it might be time for our family to seriously think about packing up stumps and looking across the border, this town is pricing it self out of the market!

bonfire bonfire 3:37 pm 20 Jul 07

al grassbys statue

Jazz Jazz 3:36 pm 20 Jul 07

Ha! what better services?

I can hardly tell what i pay rates for at the moment. Can anyone tell me what i get other than my garbage collected for the exhorbitant rates i currently pay?

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